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Year 6

As part of Black History Month Year 6 will learn about the life of  Martin Luther King and compare it to Nelson Mandela’s, whom they learnt about in Year 5. 


Children will continue to find out about significant periods of British History by learning about World War 1 and 2. During the topic ‘Britain at War’ children will look at the causes and end of both of the wars and some of the conditions and life during this time, including being in the trenches or an evacuee.  They will learn about some of the important events from the wars including the Christmas truce in the trenches and the Battle of Britain.


In the Spring Term, to further develop their knowledge of world history,  children in year 6 study the Mayan civilisation. They will learn where the Mayans lived and who they were. As this period of history is so vast and varied children’s learning will be based around life there circa 900AD. Children will compare and contrast such things as daily life, religious practices, written communication and cultural legacies with the other two ancient civilisations previously studied, that of Egypt and Greece.  


In the Summer Term children in Year 6 continue to expand their historical knowledge of our local area by moving onto learning about our nearest city, Liverpool.   They will find out about the slave trade and Liverpool’s role as a slave port. As their last historical topic at Cronton CE they will then have the opportunity to develop and combine all their research and presentation skills from previous years by carrying out their own research topic on an aspect of Liverpool’s history, developing their own question, researching it and presenting their findings.