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Year 1

They build on their understanding gained in EYFS  that they are similar to others but everyone is unique learn and they about Rosa Parks in Black history month and start their knowledge of historical inequality of  black rights They know that some people treat (treated)  others in ways that are not kind because of the way the look. 


As part of the Gunpowder plot topic,  they will learn to recognise The Houses of Parliament and why they are important to us today. They will learn about the events associated with the Gunpowder Plot and understand why we celebrate bonfire night. 


When they study ‘Toys through time’, children will discover what a timeline is and how it can be used to show chronology. They will then be able to make comparisons between how their toys are played with similar or different to a different generation. 


In the Spring term during their history  topic, children will  learn about our monarchy today and how a new monarch is selected,  when the current ruler dies. They will then learn about the events related to the Battle of Hastings  and how this led to the building of many castles in England.  They will learn about life in a Norman castle which will be enhanced by a visit to Beeston Castle. 


In the Summer term, children will continue to develop their understanding of timelines through the topic 'Transport Through Time.' They will compare how different types of transport has changed over the past 100 years. They will also learn about how a local event, the Rainhill Trials, was of significant national importance. They will look again at the importance of local rail links in KS2 in relation to trade.