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Year 3

As part of Black History Month children will find out about the life of Barack Obama and his  importance in modern society.  


In Year three children start their chronological journey of English History by learning about the earliest civilisations through the topic ‘Different Ages’. They discover what life was like in Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age Britain, comparing similarities and differences in aspects of prehistoric daily life and settlements from these different periods.  


In the Spring Term children continue their chronological knowledge of British History by learning about the Roman Invasion and subsequent Romanisation of Britain. Children learn about life at that time as well as the legacy the Romans have had on us today.   A highlight of this topic for the children is a visit to Chester to enrich their learning. 


In the summer term children develop their knowledge of our local history by finding out about our village, Cronton. Children discover how aspects of the villages past life such as worship, employment, trade and schooling are still evident today, as well as finding out about  the significance of local landmarks.