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"School governance is very strong. Governors’ knowledge and understanding of the school and how it can improve even further is exemplary."  Ofsted March 2013


Chair of Governors -  Mrs Deborah Doyle.  

Mrs Doyle can be contacted via the school office.

Governor Information 2023-2024

Governor Information 2022-2023

Cronton Terms of Reference

Local Governing Body Structure

(as reflected in the Scheme of Delegation)


School at the heart of each community

LDST preserves the local nature of its schools and their traditional place at the heart of each community.


Terms of Reference

School specific LGB ‘Terms of Reference‘ will be drawn up which seek to mirror as far as possible the previous Governing Body Instrument of Government.


Local Governing Body - delegated decision-making

The school is led by the local governing body (LGB) with delegated decision-making powers set out in LDST's Scheme of Delegation.  


  • LGB governors will formally be appointed by the LDST Board of Directors.


  • The LGB will include Parochial Church Council (PCC) representation, staff and parent representatives.


  • The  in each school will be responsible for the day-to-day operational matters.


  • The number of people who will sit on the Governing Body shall be not less than six, and ideally around twelve and should have the following members:


• A minimum of two LDST foundation governors including the incumbent/s of the linked church/es (in Church Schools) appointed by LDST

• A minimum of two parent governors elected by the parent body and appointed by LDST

• Two members of staff (including the Headteacher) recommended by the LGB and appointed by LDST

• A maximum of four members co-opted by the LGB and appointed by LDST


At any point the LGB must not have more than one third of the total number of its members who are employed at the school (including the Headteacher).


Appointment, term of office and resignation/removal

  • The qualifications for being eligible to sit on the LGB are as for the Directors and set out in the Articles of Association.
  • LDST will not appoint as governors of a LGB a previous Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher of the school in question, or anyone with a spouse, or close family member already on the LGB.
  • All LGB governors will be required to formally record their eligibility prior to appointment. Every LGB governor will be required to complete a LGB Governor Application or Nomination form and to undertake safeguarding checks including an enhanced DBS check prior to appointment.
  • The Board reserves the right to refuse the appointment of any LGB governors based on the outcome of the safeguarding checks or information disclosed on the nomination form.
  • The term of office for all governors will be four years and governors will serve a maximum of three consecutive terms, except for the Headteacher and Incumbent of the linked church/s who are ex officio members.
  • Following analysis of the annual skills audit, the LGB may, if needed, request an extension to a governor’s term in order to ensure that there are no gaps on the LGB. Directors will consider such requests so that LGBs have the skills and expertise needed to enable them to carry out their statutory roles.
  • Any LGB governor who is elected/appointed as a parent governor of the LGB and whose child leaves the school to move on to their next stage of education may serve out their term of office.
  • The Headteacher and staff LGB governor will relinquish their position when they cease to work at the school.
  • LGB Governors may be removed by the body that appointed them, which is in all cases, except for the Headteacher, the LDST Board of Directors.
  • The Board of Directors may remove any governor who, in its reasonable opinion, has become ineligible to sit on the LGB as set out in the Articles of Association or who has acted in a manner that breaches the Code of Conduct for Governance at LDST.


Delegated Powers

In line with LDST’s core values of collaboration, valuing the local, valuing difference and inclusion, schools will thrive under the leadership of Headteachers, supported and challenged by LGBs, and accountable to the Board of Directors, who have the ultimate responsibility for each school within LDST.