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Our Summer 1 book is Wonder written by RJ Palacio. This amazing book

uncovers determination and strength from a young boy with a disability.

It help children understand about diversity and accepting people for who

they are and not what they look like. " In a world were you can be anything- be kind"

More discussion about migration and the reason people leave their country  told through the language of a parent to a young child. Another important story to help understand our multi cultural understanding.   We have also looked at the life of Bruce Lee

who became a famous actor and martial artist after he also left his country to live in America. 

Some of our Spring text have been really thought provoking and interesting.

We started with Other words for Home by Jasmine Warga. A story of a young

girl who is brought to America to escape the war in her country. The children

were amazing and showed the caring and values we would expect when

learning about how hard it was for her to learn a new language and become part of the new culture. 


More excellent reading Ninjas. Well done everyone. Your hard work has paid off by winning the reading trophy. 

Our Spring term book is A Boy in the Girl's Bathroom by Louis Sacher. We are so excited to be reading this amazing book, It already has us hooked in with chapter 1. 

More reading rewards. All our class are a reading Ninja now. Well done. Keep going and improve your belt. some of our children are on red belts for 100 reads.

Our Autumn 2 book was Rose Blanche. It is an amazing picture book with some poignant words regarding the Holocaust. The children were engrossed in the book and we all recognised the importance of the story. 

This week we started our new book Hana’s  Suitcase. This is a true story of a young girl and her family who lived in Checkoslovakia during the Second World War and the Holocaust. It a story of hope and resilience and a story to learn about the mistakes of the past so they can never be repeated. 

We predicted what might happen in the book from the front cover and then the blurb. 

Well done to our Ninja Readers who have earned their white and yellow belts for their reading at home.

We have looked at different War Poetry. We looked at the imagery and different poetic techniques, We discussed what the poet wanted to share in the poems. The poets include Wilfred Owen and John McCrae.

We have won back the Reading count Trophy. Well done Year 6 keep up the excellent reading.

We are continuing to read Tom's Midnight Garden by Phillipa Pearce. It is about a young boy who experiences a time slip into a garden frim the past. We have completed lots of comprehension looking at the different content domains. We will continue to read the story as part of our end of day story time to enjoy the story and find out what happens.


Look at the new book we are reading. We have already started reading the first chapter and can't wait to read the rest.   Follow the link to learn all about the author Phillipa Pearce. 


This week we have used our book to develop our comprehension skills as well as reading it during story time.  The children are enjoying the story so far and we are just getting to the part in the story when Tom finds the garden. I didn't mean to leave it on a cliff hanger but the children are waiting for the next part with anticipation. 

Well done to our first set of Ninja reading winners. This shows their dedication to home reading with 25 reads for a White Belt. Keep it up. That meant we kept our word cup Trophy for the second week. 

The children are really enjoying the book and have gave some great predictions. We have continued to look at the language and retrieved information about the trenches in World War 1. 

Our first Whole Class Reading book this term is "War Games" by Michael Foreman. The story takes place in the First World War and is the story of four friends who go to war and take part in the historical football game on Christmas day. Before we started reading the children wrote their predictions based on the front cover and blurb.