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Reading at home


    • the children are expected to read at home at least 3 - 5 times a week. Once the book is finished and the children's 'Book Review' at the front has been signed by me, they can quiz about it every Tuesday to Friday. In year 3, it is important that their reading journal is signed by a parent/guardian/grandparent (either every time they read or once a week), so that they can get awarded Ninja belts for every 25 reads. Please click here to read more about how to fill in the Reading Journal and how the process of assigning your child with a reading level work. 


    • Their Reading Journals will be checked and signatures counted every Thursday. If the children forget to get it signed that week, I will not be counting their entries at the back of the RJ that week. Once they manage to get it signed, the next time I am checking the RJ, I will be able to count these towards the Ninja belts. 
    • The children need to bring their Reading Journal and book everyday to school. Due to current circumstances, they will not be able to get a spare book out during the time allocated to AR. If they forget their book or RJ, they will be given time the next day during break to access the quizzing platform and change books, so that they can continue their reading practice.