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Week ending 18.12.2020


Our last class blog in the mad year 2020! What a year it has been! Firstly, let's have a look at this week's learning and extra-curricular activities that have been taking place! 


On Monday, we concluded our learning about the Geology of the Earth by Working Scientifically lesson. This is an important part of the children's primary education and allows us and the children to recognise if and how they can conduct experiments, if they know what to measure, whether they can improve their accuracy by repeating readings and how they record the data in their books; definitely great to see the children in year 5 applying all their learning of place value, statistics, units of measurement and conversion between those from Maths!


Last week, the children have also been able to take home their sarcophagi - with a 'mummy' inside (think chocolate and a frog!wink). See below for the whole process of designing their product, using a net to try and construct a cuboid as a prototype and then making their final product!
On Wednesday, the long-awaited Christmas party day came! Kicking it off with a Maths mystery investigation (whose present got lost?!) and continuing with writing our Christmas poems, the children had a delicious Christmas dinner to get all the energy needed for their party in our classrooms! I have to say, it was wonderful to see the children enjoy themselves and have a little party in their 'bubble', with all the birthday parties etc. currently restricted due to COVID. Furthermore, I have heard that there were a few special visitors angel!
Friday was full of awards, surprises and some signing singing! What would the final day before Christmas be without the 12 Days of Christmas?! 

Finally, I want to say great thank you for this term to all the parents and guardians; your support, communication with you and trust that you put into me means a lot and the children would not have had such a successful term without you! 

I hope you all have a great break, filled with peace, joy from little miracles and health and you and your families will start the year with a lot of energy, determination and positivity! 


All the best,


Mrs Musil

Week ending 11.12.

I cannot believe we only have one week to go before Christmas! 


First of all, I want to say how proud I am of the children; they have truly embraced this new way of teaching and found new independence - I am so pleased. This week, we have really got into the swing of how to do things so that they are the most effective and I am so grateful that I can still play this major part in your children's lives; taking them on their learning journeys and supporting and encouraging them while still finding opportunities to have a laugh! (I found bonus filters on zoom that allow me to suddenly grow a moustache:D). 


On Monday, the children showed great comprehension skills and their ambitious nature when they conducted research on volcanoes. Look at some of the examples of their fantastic double-page spreads! 

This week in Geography, we researched some of the Texas' cities and compared them to our life in the UK! Specifically, the children focus don El Paso - why don't you ask them about what have they found it has in common with Liverpool and what is completely different?


For independent write, I had a bit of a special task; to write the Christmas story from the point of view of the sheep that were sleeping in the fields while the angels told the shepherds the joyful news, as described in Luke's gospel. I  am sort of excited for marking these, not only for the different take on the traditional nativity story but also because the children are now really getting good at using the success criteria well to improve their writing, uplevel their sentences and develop themselves as writers! Their work is a joy to read!


On Friday, we have had a lot of excitement; first, the raffle winners were announced, then, we had our Daily mile Santa Dash (and it is rumoured that Mrs Thomson was to be seen around the school with a hat and VERY fancy glasses and nose!) and finally, we got to spend the half the afternoon discussing how are the Christmas story and the beliefs reflected in the way we celebrate Christmas. The other half saw the children editing and finishing their vlog, using iMovie - it was great to see how helpful they were as some of them already had experience using the app and some did not! 



There was also a lot of Star badge and Ninja readers certificates! Don't forget, the children can now also read on MyOn as their weekend treat (alongside their books, not instead it), and it is their homework this week - so get reading! (Find more information here or ask your children - I went through it with them).


We also found out who had won the competition for a design of a Road Safety reflective back pack - here he is, one happy elf!

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone! Let it be a weekend full of anticipation and joy from little happy moments!


Mrs Musil

Week ending 4.12.2020


If I thought in July when we broke up for summer holidays that that was the most unusual academic year of my teaching done, this week has really shown me how wrong I was! Welcome to distant teaching and learning! 


Throughout the week, we have had a lot of work and adjusting to do; I think the children realised that now is really time to take real ownership of their work (like I have been telling them since September) and show everyone that they are ready to be members of the Upper Key Stage 2 Club! As we get more and more used to this, I am sure we will smoothen out all the little things; I am already seeing children become more independent and make decisions on their own rather than relying on me all the time, while I can still support them and they are quite happy to come close to the camera and chat to me! 


We kicked off the week by celebrating St Andrew's Day - look how fantastic our blue team looked!


On Monday, we had continued looking at the geography of our Earth and the anatomy of earthquakes; it is wonderful to see how the children are synthesising all their learning and knowledge and are able to build on top of what they already know! I could not call myself a Geography champion though without using this as an opportunity to research a case study of the earthquake in Italy in 2016 and discuss why the time of the year and day made difference!



On Wednesday, we discussed and merged our recovery lesson of biomes from Year 4 with our current topic: Texas and by looking at a range of maps, the children were able to say what makes Texas so unique and diverse! Using Google Earth, they were able to begin compiling their own research and I am so excited to see the final product!


This term, we are continuing PE with Miss Morris and the children were able to develop their High Fives skills further; it is so lovely to see from the photos how much enjoyment and team spirit is present in the lessons and I could not be prouder!


In PSHE, the children had a chance to discuss different forms of bullying, ways of helping the situation but also ways that could potentially make it worse; it is so important to be aware of this and discussions like these are a vital part of the children's emotional and social development. I am always impressed with their maturity and empathy and they should be very proud of the work they produced - a game of snakes and ladders, where ladders were tools that can make a difficult situation better. 
It was not all just learning and no fun, though! Imagine my surprise when a VERY naughty elf burst into our classroom, messing up pupils' hair, throwing their pencilcases and even trying to fight some!  

Still image for this video

Finally, look at our amazing STAR badge winners that I could not have done without this week and I am sure the children would agree! Mrs Allison and Mrs Jackson have been absolutely fantastic in supporting the children in classroom, preparing resources and communicating with me about the progress and learning taking place in the class- so from me and the children: thank you!


Also, big congratulations to our Ninja readers and a STAR reader with the most words read this week! Despite Year 6 completely wiping us out when it comes to the total number, I am so proud to announce that every child in Year 5 is not on the ninja reading belts and progressing further. Keep it up - it really shows in reading and spelling tests and when we get to Year 6 SATs, the children will be grateful for all the book they will have read and the vocabulary they will have collected along the way!


Have a fabulous second advent Sunday and weekend and stay safe and warm! 


Mrs Musil

Week ending 27.11.2020


What can I say. VERY emotional week as this was my last week teaching physically in the classroom! From Monday, I will have to teach via zoom, which we have tried and tested and the children have been fantastic. The camera at the top of our screen allows me to see and hear all the children while I can share my presentations on the Smartboard as I would usually do - how fantastic that we have all this technology available!


First of all on Monday, we have continued learning about the structure and layers of our planet; if you have never heard of Alfred Wegener, make sure you ask your children to explain which evidence he used to back up his theory of continental drift and Pangea! 


When we were doing Geography on Wednesday, it was great that the children noticed the tectonic plates fault lines in the atlas! 



If you would like to watch a video we shared in the class about Pangea, here it is on Youtube:

In Geography, we continued to explore the continent of North America and the region of Texas. The pupils compared the size of the UK and Texas and discussed what they already know - some noticed that Texas nearly borders Kansas, which is where Dorothy from Wizard of Oz was from! Don't you just love when the children make links between their previous knowledge in different subjects and what they are learning!

Also, as the photocopier refused to work for me, we decided to try our hand at drawing the map of Texas. I am not going to lie, I was a bit apprehensive, but the children really proved me wrong and their maps were fantastic! This also helped them with the next task, as they noticed some of the borders were in straight lines, whereas some followed the natural shape of rivers!

This Thursday during our Independent Write, the children had to write a speech for School Council. I do this every year with every class and it was amazing to see the progression in the children's work from when they wrote them in Year 3 - I still remember marking them! Then, all the children who wanted to run for the posts of school councillors read their speeches, and we put the British value of Democracy by electing 4 councillors - 2 to represent our class and 2 to represent Reception. I have to say; the speeches were fantastic (and you can actually see them on your child's Seesaw as they uploaded them for me to mark electronically!) and anyone from those who read theirs would have made an outstanding councillor - I felt extremely proud as a teacher and honoured to have such a lovely bunch of children in my class.

Friday was the Day D, when I knew I would be spending my last day physically in the school. I could not believe all the surprises the children prepared for me, beautiful cards, presents for me and the baby and Richard and generosity of you, parents, and the children alike in your gifts and wishes. It really does touch my heart and when I got home on Friday evening and was reading the cards again to Richard, I would be lying if I said that my eyes stayed dry! 


I would like to thank all of you, parents and carers, for your support in this new arrangement, but also I would like to thank all the children - the way the understand how this is to keep me and the baby safe is touching and when we trialled the teaching via zoom, even Mrs Thomson, who came to observe, was extremely impressed with the children's work ethic and behaviour and she shared that with me afterwards.


I feel very confident about the system we have in place, and I can promise you, I will do everything in my power to continue enabling your children to access their full learning potential and support them on their learning journeys alongside the fantastic Mrs Allison and Mrs Jackson. I think it will be a learning curve for everyone, but then again, where else to learn than in school! smiley


As usual, if you have any concerns, questions or messages, please, do not hesitate to contact the school, and we will make sure that we will get back to you! 


Happy first advent Sunday, 


Mrs Musil

Week ending 20.11.2020


Finally! The week of the world premiere of our class worship on humility! 

First of all, I have to say how proud I am of them - the dedication and good sense of humour they have shown were great; it was so lovely to see them get excited about our little project in the midst of all the learning (and hand washing) and I think it has definitely brought us all together as a team! 

Also, big thank you to all of you who helped the children research quotes, write and rehearse their rap and provide costumes and jackets - we all really appreciated and the children were so excited to tell me what you all thought! Thank you for the lovely comments on Twitter and emails, too - I have shared them with the children and they were very excited by all of them! Plus, Mrs Thomson liked it so much, that she awarded the children with an extra play time! Whoop whoop!


In addition, it was really nice to see that there was a positive side to having a worship during lockdown - we were able to make a video which reached friends and families far away, as some of you shared with us, and that is something I have not even thought of - so thank you for highlighting that and finding the positives!


If you have still not seen it, go to our Announcements page and watch it on there!


This week was special for another reason - we celebrated Antibullying Week and we had a lot of great discussions, which tie in with out computing topic about being a youtuber and its possible negative sides and our PSHE topic 'Celebrating Differences'. 



This week in English, we have continued looking at myths and legends and the children worked collaboratively to write, rehearse and then orally share their legend with the rest of the class! The audience then asked additional questions, which really helped to address some possible gaps in the story (how could the hero live under a volcano without getting burnt? Where did the magical stone come from? How could a dragon fit in a small castle? Are there even castles in Brazil?). Then, the children started to write their own legends, focusing on adding cohesion and some beautiful vocabulary to illustrate their story and enhance the imagery. 


As every Thursday, the children had a chance to practise and develop their High Fives skills and work in different positions on teams. I was very impressed with their passion and enthusiasm and both Mrs Morris and I cannot wait to see how much they will progress with their skills!

Finally, on Friday, we had our Christmas jumper day - which I obviously forgot to take pictures of! Oh well! 


I am so so proud of all the children and their hard work; it is so nice to see how much they have matured even since September and rose to the challenge of Upper Key Stage 2! 


As a little treat, this week's homework is to have a great weekend. If your children want to share evidence of that on Seesaw, I am sure it will bring a smile to my face! 


Mrs Musil 

Week ending 13.11.2020

Despite the unlucky Friday the 13th, we managed to complete learning-packed week successfully and without any major injuries and catastrophes!


On Monday, we kicked off our Science topic Geology of the Earth in big style - the children wrote down questions for our Cronton Curious Crow. Using the modelling mode of scientific enquiry, they created models of the layers of the Earth (out of playdough).Mrs Green visited our lesson too and was so impressed with the children's use of scientific vocabulary and the correct terminology when creating their models; they discussed how much of the playdough to use in order to represent the thickness of each layer as accurately as possible, what is each of those layers made out of. 

Have a look for yourself! 

Wednesday saw us researching the landscape of North America, using a range of maps and a fantastic website to discuss man-made and natural landmarks! The children are so confident using the atlases and I am seeing more and more geographical vocabulary being used when they discuss the maps in partners! 

This week, the children have also continued developing their technique and skills needed for playing High fives! Mrs Morris was once again impressed with the children she commented on the difference she noticed compared to last year - the effort and maturity the children are showing are definitely a sign of them being fantastic members of the Upper Key Stage 2 and role models for the rest of the school! I could not have been prouder as a teacher!

In PSHE, we have started looking at Celebrating Our Differences and the children enjoyed it as much as I did - it was interesting to create their own Culture wheels and then compare those with their partners; this allowed them to acknowledge that we are all different. Next, we looked at potential conflicts created by these differences and how to avoid those and instead open up a dialogue; once again, the children made me feel moved by their answers and empathy with which they approached this task. It is so important to allow for them to have a safe space to talk about things and ask questions! 


On Friday, we compared Bible quotes with quotes from Hindu holy texts and with it being Diwali this Saturday, we looked at the story of Ramayana and one of the pupils shared their  knowledge of all the different traditions and meanings linked to Diwali - the children could not stop asking questions and were so amazed by the celebrations and story. 










Congratulations to this week's Star Badge winners and our ninja readers - you make me proud plus we have won the Accelerated Reading Cup this week and beat Year 6! Let's keep it up!


Throughout this week, we have been recording our class worship on the Christian value we live this half term: Humility. I would like to say thank you to the parents for reminding their children to wear the correct outfit on their day, help with props and even assisting when composing rap! 


I will be spending my weekend editing the video and it will be released next week! So watch this space!


Have a relaxing weekend and good start of the new week,


Mrs Musil

Week ending 6.11.2020

It is like we have never been back, right?! 

The children have welcomed the new half term with enthusiasm and maturity. This half term is super-important for our class (if you want to find out why, keep reading!)


On Monday, we have updated our class display on Christian value that we live this term: Humility. It got inspired by a Chinese proverb and make sure you check out class blog next week to see the picture (I forgot to take it today!).



This week, we have started looking at myths and legends and I have to say, I was impressed with some of the children's knowledge of legends. Disney does help, however, I did have to make it clear to the pupils that Robin Hood definitely was NOT a fox! It was brilliant to see the children revisit their learning from Year 4 about Ancient Greece and linking some of the characters and myths learned then to their learning in English. Specifically, we have identified some of the themes, objects of power, heroes and villains and this has allowed us to differentiate between legends and myths. Ask your children to tell you more about it! 

To help us write our own legend, we have began looking at a modern twist on Greek myths and legends; in our Whole Class Shared reading, we are now reading Who Let the Gods Out book, which is absolutely hilarious and full of effective vocabulary! (do you think Cyclops should be entitled to half-price care? Is the nickname 'Goldilocks' suitable for the zodiac sign of Leo?) Children who have been self-isolating or working from home have also been able to access this and keep up with the book through Seesaw, which is fabulous because when they come back to school, they can just 'jump' straight in and know what is happening in the book!


This half term, I could not contain my excitement - we are finally moving onto Geography! Through our recovery lesson on Biomes and climate zones, we started discussing how the Earth is sort of split into 'strips' with similar plants, animals and climate, which led us nicely into our topic Mapping the World: Longitude and Latitude. The children used atlases to search by coordinates and we have also discussed who has ever visited Southern and Northern Hemisphere and where is Tanzania, which I visited in February, in relations to the Equator.

We will also be studying a region of North America, Texas, later on this half term  - how nicely this tied in with the elections in the USA!



In PE this term, we have the privilege of having Miss Morris, who is taking the children through the skills needed for High 5 Netball! She was very impressed with their coordination and ability to do some of the tasks without talking!  
Congratulations to this week's STAR badge winners and our amazing Ninja readers!

Finally, this week, we have started preparations for something big... important...amazing!


It will be something different, fabulous and funny! We have already started rehearsing and can I just say, the enthusiasm with which the children embraced my ideas and added their own is fantastic - what a great little project to have and focus on! Here is a sneak peek:

Have a brilliant weekend and I will see you next week!


Mrs Musil



Week ending 22.10.2020 - Half term!

Wow! What an amazing, busy half term we have had! I cannot believe how fast it has flown and here we are, ready for the long-awaited break.


I don't know how about you, but I know the children and I have found this half term extremely tiring and full-on. It might be the extra alertness, being mindful of the new rules we have to follow to keep everyone as safe as possible or just the 'back-to-work' feeling after nearly 6 months away from school, either way, we have given it our best and I could not be happier as a teacher with their progress, independence and resilience they have shown. 


This week, the children were finally able to take their canopic jars home and having talked to all the parents on our parents evening phone calls, I know they were very impressed with the results! 


Tuesday saw us talking about Black History Month and celebrating our differences; we discussed why it is still very important to talk about equality and different ways to battle racism and we studied the life of Nelson Mandela. It was interesting to see the children realise that not everything is as straightforward as it is in films or fairy tales, and they were able have sensible discussions about if means such as violence are ok to be used to achieve an honourable aim. Below, see some examples of fabulous double page spreads!


In History, we have also reflected on our learning and completed End of Unit Assessment, Talking Task when we discussed Sir Howard Carter and written task where the children could really show off all their knowledge! I was impressed with their knowledge - judge for yourself from this example!
Science was another subject where we were able to synthesise our learning about changing and choosing materials and the pupils did so through Working Scientifically lesson, where they planned, carried out and recorded a fair test to see which factors can speed up dissolving of salt in water!

Finally, on Thursday, I had a chance to speak to all the parents on the phone and report on how the children are settling in Year 5, how have we been addressing some of the gaps that the children might have, how has the recovery curriculum been implemented and how have the children impressed me! It was fantastic to be able to hear the pride in the parents' voices and I would like to thank you all for making the time and your continuous support and good communication that we have! 


This term, I am particularly proud of the children's way of embracing the online learning and Seesaw; I had children who had to self-isolate accessing the learning and work I'd set every single day, and when they came back to school, they knew exactly where they were and what was happening. I also had children contacting me on Seesaw letting me know when they found some learning we did both in school and at home hard, and I was able to direct them to additional resources/record an explanation which ensured their progress and consolidation of knowledge and skills. It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the children grasp a new software or technology! 


While I was talking to the parents, the children had a great day in school, full of fun, games and - most importantly - fancy dresses! To say I was sad to have missed this would be an understatement, however, many of the children have shared their outfits with me on Seesaw before going to school! Have a look at the photos:


Finally, have a nice half term and most importantly, stay safe! Once again, thank you for your ongoing support and great communication, and I will see you in a week's time! 


Mrs Musil

Week ending 16.10.

I wonder whose idea it was to have Art on Monday! Last week, the children went home all muddy from the clay, whereas this week, they went home like Egyptian pharaohs - covered in gold paint! (Which is very hard to scrub off for which I apologise, however, it was more than worth it) This week, we finally painted our canopic jars and yes, I can assure you; the children will be taking them home. If you know anything about canopic jars, you might worry whether they are coming home empty - yes, they are! How you use them at home though, that is up to you!



Fun and games continued throughout this week, which is well-documented on these two pictures! The children know though that I would do anything to make them laugh and make difficult situations easier, so it was well worth it and I have to commend them on being able to complete their work with googly eyes staring at them! 



This week, we have also added our learning to the whole-school display that shows all the places pupils in Cronton 'visit' during their lessons and it was amazing to be able to contribute by scratching off Czech Republic and Italy (which we learned about during Day of European Languages) and Egypt, which we have been learning about in History this half term. 
On Wednesday and Thursday, the children worked extremely hard on 'our' Christian Values display in the hall. Each year group is assigned with one of the six Christian values we are living this year, and the class has to try and capture what it means by creating a meaningful, enriching display. As we have been studying the Bible and its role in people's lives this half term in our RE lessons, I thought the Bible should always be something we always go back and refer to; almost like the roots we have come from. And voila! The pupils loved the idea of a tree and quotes from Psalm 34 as leaves; they chose their own and each child had contributed to the Tree of God's Word! 

Today, we had a special Star Badge assembly as there is none next week with it being LDST training day on Friday. Mrs Thomson told us which colour team was the winner and it was fantastic to see the children's anticipation and celebrations despite not being able to celebrate this special Star Badge in the hall as we would usually do! 

If you would like to see it, here is an exclusive footage!

Still image for this video

And finally, we had another very special celebration in our class this year - our lovely Mrs Jackson celebrated her 40th birthday! (I hope she forgives me for revealing it!) The children clapped and cheered and we gave her some nice presents and wished her a fabulous day! We are very lucky to have her in our Year 5 team and we wish her all the best! 


I hope you will all have safe, relaxing weekend and I will see your children back on Monday!


Mrs Musil 

Week ending 9.10.2020

This week must have been the fastest week so far - where did the days go?! 

I guess time flies when you are having fun; and that, we had in Year 5.


As if Mondays were not challenging enough on their own, I decided to get the clay out on Monday afternoon to let the children materialise their designs of canopic jars and allow them to put to test their pottery skills and all the research they have done so far this term. I was also interested to see how they have progressed, as in Year 3, we made pinch pots (by sticking our thumb inside a ball of clay and pinching it to make the walls thinner) and Year 5's Clay Coil pots is the next step in them mastering the pottery skills and using different tools and techniques. Well, what can I say. There was a lot of clay (sometimes more mud). There was a lot of water. There was a lot of 'Misssss, I have touched my coat and now it's all muddy!', 'Miss, it collapsed', 'Miss, can I start again?', but in the end, we all managed to produce a container! Have a look at the pictures and judge for yourself, if these canopic jars are pharaohs-worthy! 

On Tuesday, we continued our science topic and looked into different ways of separating mixtures! 

Here is a link to a Czech version of Cinderella - ask your child how it links to separating mixtures (clue word:pigeons) (If you click on CC - closed captions, you can watch the whole film with English subtitles!). 

Friday is always so hectic (I feel like I write this every Friday); we are all ready for the weekend! The children continued learning the long jump and I was super impressed with some of their frog-like jumping abilities!