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Year 4

As part of Black History Month children will  learn about the life of Ruby Bridges and how her school life was very different to their own.  


As well as learning about British History, children in Year 4 will start to develop their knowledge of world history. They begin by learning about the Ancient Greeks and discovering some of their many legacies on the world today.  Children learn about daily life and worship in Ancient Greece and are able to compare this with their knowledge of the Romans.  Children will read some of the many Greek myths and legends as well as having opportunity to write their own.    


Children continue to develop their chronological knowledge of British History by learning about Anglo Saxon Britain. They will discover who the Anglo Saxons were and how we know so much about their life through the archaeological site of Sutton Hoo. Children will use artefacts to learn about daily life in Anglo Saxon Britain and find out about how some of our language today has links to this time.  Children will be able to compare life in Anglo Saxon Britain to that of Roman Britain. 


In the summer term children will build on their local history by moving onto discovering how the past is still reflected in our town of Widnes today through industry, sport and religion.  Children will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the Victorian era studied in Year 2 by learning about how the Victorian Widnes chemical industry was of national importance.