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Today was the start of our International art week and the children enjoyed playing African drums. They learnt some different rhythms and beats. We started looking at tie dye and learnt about the different techniques. We also got to complete our violin performance and they were absolutely amazing. I am sure you were proud when you were watching them. Here is the repeat performance for you to watch.

Violin Concert

Still image for this video

Look at the fabulous work created by the children after completing their tie dye practise sheets and then creating amazing African art using the material and patterns they created. We looked at the art and created silhouettes to create the images. Here are the children's pictures with the inspiration art behind the children.

We sent the images of the children with their work to our partner school Arise in Tanzania. We asked them to critique our work and explain what they liked about them. They loved the images and had lots of positive things to say about them. Here are just a few.  They asked a range of children to say how the drawings made them feel and what they liked about them. I think the younger children looked at the colours while the older children recognised the comparison between the actual art work and the children's work. I really liked the eagle eye of the mathematician who spotted the maths work in the back ground. Always learning from each other. 

“I like the artwork and the drawings”

The Masai artwork in the background is great”

“The pictures are colorful”

"They have made their work look exactly like the African art"

“I love the pictures; we can have them on our school board too”

“Pretty pictures”

“I see some decimal math in the background”

“They look great”

“I like the students holding the pictures”

"They have really used the images from the African art well"



African drumming


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Week Beginning 5.7.21

What an amazing class I have. This week we have been completing our assessments and I could not be more proud of every child in my class. They have shown me again how amazing they are. Even watching them through a screen, they have worked so hard to show off all their hard work this year. They have shown determination and resilience. The children have continued to work hard in between the assessments to complete their history and science work this week. 

In History we have been looking at Widnes and how it has changed over the years. We have created timelines to show when it developed at a booming holiday destination and then turned into a very industrious area. 

In science, The children have blown me a way with their double page spreads about saving habitats from destruction and saving the plants and animals that live in them. They were eager to show me some of their work. 


We have been practising very hard for our violin concert next Monday. We can't wait to show you our violin skills.

Week beginning 21.6.21

This week we have continued to learn about persuasive text in English. The children have now analysed what language is used and how it is set out. They tried to persuade a friend to watch their favourite film. 

In maths, we have been looking at properties of shape and how we can use them to describe the different shapes. We have learned about parallel and perpendicular lines as well as the different types of angles and triangles. We even investigated using straws. It was great to see their curious minds trying to work it out. 

In PSHE, the children showed their sensible attitude to learning when we looked at specific parts of the body. Well done everybody. 

In RE, we had a visitor to help us understand about different religions. The children asked good questions and discussed the similarities and differences between a Hindu Temple and a Church. Mrs Soni discussed the building layout and how it was used and answered the children's questions.


In Science, We are looking at the "Destruction of Habitats". The children are really finding the topic interesting and already have knowledge from their work in year 2 on habitats and looking at the Environmental science about Bees in year 3. We looked at how the world has changed over the years through man made and environmental changes. Have a look at these sites to see the difference through the " time machine".

Week beginning 14.6.21

 Another successful week in school. This week we have begun to analyse our persuasion text. In maths we started to look at statistics and data. The children were very good at extracting the information shown on the different charts. 

 On Tuesday, we had a special visit from Al Sylvester, who has been to Antarctica. He talked to the children about resilience and team work. It was a great learning opportunity for the children to discuss and ask questions about the expedition. The children were well behaved and asked some good questions. 


Some of our children shared some of their work from home. We read a book called "The horse with no name" which is a true story to show resilience and how we can free ourselves from things that have happened in the past. Some other children had written a play after we did some work on playscripts. They performed it and they were fantastic.

In science, we have started our new topic on The Destruction of Habitats. We began by looking at what we know and what they would like to know from the topic. 

Week beginning 7.6.21

After a two week half term, we are back in school and rearing to go with our work. The children have worked hard this week immersing ourselves in persuasive writing. We looked a t whether we should pay for bags and the children took a lot of persuading until they realised it was better for the environment. This will continue when we look at our new science topic - The destruction of habitats. In maths we have been consolidating time and I can see a massive improvement. We did a recovery lesson in history looking at Cronton and discussing the vocabulary urban and rural. 

In PE we are starting to lean how to play rounders and some of the children had experience already over the holidays playing with family on the beach. How fantastic, We have some really good throwers and catchers.

we ended the week with a special ceremony to mark our 11th Children's University.  All the Junior classes took part and received their certificates from Reverend Bob. We had John From Children's University present the ceremony and special video messages from some very special people. One of them was Frank Cottrell Boyce who wrote The Unforgotten Coat. The children remembered him straight away. 

The ceremony was great and I am so proud of the children who received an award. We talked about how we can earn hours for next year and we hope to see even more taking part. 

Week Beginning 17.5.21

What a busy last week we have had. We finished our playscripts by creating a drama in our computing titled - The day a dinosaur came to school. The children had lots of fun creating a script and acting it out in their groups using the knowledge they have learnt from our Dinosaur topic in computing. We still have a few to finish but we definitely have some budding actors.

The children also planted their sunflower seed to take home for the Knowsley Sunflower Challenge. I hope they are all doing well and beginning to grow. Remember to take your photographs and  upload your photos and send them by email to and use the hashtag  #knowsleysunflowerchallenge on twitter.

The children also took part in a quidditch tournament. Each colour team was placed in a Potter themed group decided by the sorting hat. We had a great starting assembly and then a great game of quidditch. Miss Unsworth became the Golden Snitch and did a great job. All the children did a fantastic job for their team and some were even chosen for their excellent team work and resilience and determination. Well done everyone. 

Week beginning 10.5.21

In English this week. the children have started to be immersed and analysing play scrips. We are reading The Celebrity Chicken by Anne Fine. It as been quite fun as the children take on the characters of the chickens in the play. 

In maths, we are continuing to use decimals with money by converting between pounds and pence, placing values in order and finding change. 

In geography the children completed some research about Tundra's. They have really engaged in their learning about the different biomes. 

In science we once again had our practical activities to complete circuits. The children had to use different materials to complete the circuit. This indicated what material were good conductors of electricity.

As we come to the end of another fun packed half term I want to say another thank you and well done to all the children as they continue to try their BEST and work hard. As we come to our last term together I look forward to seeing them learn and grow even more. 

Wk beginning the 4.5.21

This week the children began to write their own story with a dilemma and we have lots of imagination in our class. I can't wait for them to be complete. We are editing and redrafting as we go along to make sure we add the right vocabulary, punctuation and sentence openers to make our stories interesting. 

In science the children had been making predictions about circuits. They had to predict if it would work before making it ot test it They had lots of fun and good predictions. 


In PE, The children practised their tennis using the net which helps with their precision. They are doing really well.

Congratulations to our star badge winners

Wk beginning 26.4.21

This week the children have once again had a great week with their learning. They have been working hard on stories with a dilemma and are analysing what is needed in them in preparation to write their own. In maths we have been looking at tenths and hundredths. The children are really grasping the link with the fractions and decimals. 

In PE the children have continued to develop their tennis skills and are improving their aim. 

In science we have started our topic on electricity and the children have explained the importance of being safe around it. 

In geography, The children have been working hard writing about the different biomes. This week we looked closely at a Rainforest biome. 

Week Beginning 19.4.21

What a great first week back. The children excelled in their music lessons and are really progressing well. 

In English we are looking at the genre stories with a dilemma. We have immersed ourselves this week in lots of stories and annotated the different parts. In our Whole class Shared reading we have started a new book called " The Unforgotten Coat". The book takes place in Bootle, Liverpool. It is about two refugee brothers from Mongolia.


In maths, we are continuing to develop our understanding of fractions as tenths and hundredths  as we move towards decimals. The children have really grasped the knowledge and doing well. 


In Re the children have started to look at churches and their significance around the world. 

In PE the children are learning about tennis and have taken to it well. In DT the children have started  new topic called torches which is linked to our science topic of electricity.


Our new geography topic is about the different Biomes and the children were able to research about biomes, vegetation belts and climate zones.

Our red team celebrated St George's Day

Violin lesson

Still image for this video
How amazing are the children. They are not only learning how to hold the violin correctly but also using the bow for the first time. They are picking it up so quickly with only three lessons under their belt. Mrs Cooke is very impressed. Well done Y 4.

Y4 Class Worship on Compassion

Still image for this video
Our class worship is finally ready. The children worked so hard in very unusual times to bring to you a collection of readings, poems and songs to share their understanding of compassion. A big thank you to Miss Hamlin for her technical help. I hope you all enjoy the video.

Week ending 26.3.21

Our last week of the Spring term and it has been once again very busy. We continued with our fractions and I feel really confident that the children can now find fractions of amounts. Why don't you ask them how to do it.  We have been reading our Class novel Percy Jackson and children are continuing to read it over the holiday. Well done. 

We finished our history topic by looking at the legacy and how we know about the Anglo Saxons/ We looked at the findings at Sutton Hoo and the children found and wrote lots of information.

In science, we finished our topic on Vision and movement by understanding how muscles work and completing n investigation on the correlation between feet and hand size. it was a fun way to end the week. 

A model showing how muscles work.

We had lots of fun this week with our Bunny run and getting eggs for Easter. It has been  a fun but very busy week.


Last but not least, the children have spent part of the week preparing for our different but very important class worship. As we couldn't do our usual worship we discussed how we could video and record the class talking about Compassion and share it with parents, school and the community. They worked very hard and after a lot of retakes we were able to produce a lovely video worship that we will share with you very soon. Here are some photos to start with. 

week ending 19.3.21

This week the children started their long awaited music lesson using their violins. They were really excited and did really well in learning to hold the violin properly and also beginning to understand the strings.  A great start.

As it was St Patrick's day, the Green team celebrated by wearing their own clothes. Happy St Patrick's day.

This week we have continued to work hard on fractions in maths and looked at finding a fraction of a quantity.  The children have used bar models to help them. The children have also shown me all what they have remembered and did some showing off work to help identify the areas we need to practise some more. Well done everyone. I know you all tried your best. 

In history we looked at the legacy of the Anglo Saxons and created spreads explaining all the knowledge the children have found out. In science, we looked at the muscle system and how we use the skeleton to help us move using them. 


Wk ending 12.2.21

This week has shown how amazing our children are. They have once again settled into school life with confidence and a smile. We settled back into routines and continued our learning. We have completed fractions in maths and the children have developed their understanding of adding and subtracting them. In English we have planned our explanation text  and continued to read our class text. They completed an independent write about a mystery door. 

In science, we looked at the skeleton and what it does. Ask what the three main reasons are. 

Next week we will begin our violin lessons so please make sure you send your letters back. 

Finally, this week the children have been busy making gifts for their mums for mothers day. I hope you have enjoyed your day and liked the gifts which were made for you. 


This is our first day back as a full class since the 4th January. The children came in with smiles on their faces. We had our whole school worship to start the day. We soon settled in quickly and did some maths and continued to read our class novel. Just as important today, we got to spend some fun time with our friends and extra play and crafts were just what we needed. 

Week beg 1.3.21

Our last week of home learning and the children have continued to make me proud with all their hard work. Whether they have been in school or at home, the children have always tried their BEST and been resilient and followed our school motto with pride.  This week, we continue to develop our understanding of explanation texts by analysing them ready to write our own. In our WCSR we are up to Chapter 8 in our class novel - Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief. I hope you are all ready for chapter 9 on Monday. 

In history, we have continued to look at Anglo Saxon settlements and the children looked at the types of buildings they lived in and created a village explaining what was there. Look at the creativity of the work. 


In DT, which is linked to our history, the children looked at Sutton Hoo and how archaeologist found the treasure that helped us learn more about the Anglo Saxons. The children chose some jewellery brooches and copied their patterns and labelled what they could see.


It was great to see the children get engaged in our World Book Day. We looked at African tales as part of our International Learning. We looked at the continent of Africa and found out about different aspects of the countries culture and life. We focused on African Tales form South Africa that explains about the Sun and the Moon giving the chance for children to explain the story and that they enjoyed. Quill soup was a story about supporting each other and helping during hard times which is so relevant at the moment. The children took part by dressing up or completing the work and even making fantastic homes for the main character. Even the animals got involved in the day. 

We even had a special assembly with David Williams who told us all about how he became an author and read some of his new books to to us. 
The children also sent in lots of drawings and photographs of their drawings in the windows for the special day. Well done everybody, you did an amazing job.
Finally I would just like to say I am really looking forward to having you back next week. I can't wait to have you back in class. Stay safe and I will see you soon.

Week beg 22.2.21

Another great week of learning from all the children. This week we have started new topics. In English we have looked at explanation text and used our science topics to help us. We have used the water cycle and even used the digestion system in our independent write. There were some fantastic writing and understanding of the features of explanation text. Our whole class text is Percy Jackson and the lightning thief. It seems to be a big hit so far and I am excited for the children to read it. 


The children continued to work hard on their equivalent fractions and arithmetic. They are fantastic in their basic skills work and have continued to keep on top of these important skills through their maths meeting. 

In history we started our new topic on the Anglo Saxons. The children researched who they were and found out were they came from and what the different tribes that came to England. 


This week, we started some new topics. In History we are looking at the Anglo Saxons. We began by asking "Who were the Anglo Saxons". The children researched when they came to England and why they settled were they did. They looked at the different tribes and thought about what jobs they did. 
As well as looking at them in history, we are looking at Anglo Saxon art. The children did fantastic jobs of describing the different types of art from their time.
In science, we began to look at vision and movement by looking at the parts of the eye and understanding their function. We began by thinking of the questions we would like to know from the topic. I think the children have lots of good questions. 

Week beg 8.2.21

For the last week of term, the children completed their own advertisement. They planned, edited and wrote out their advertisement using the persuasive techniques. There are some very imaginative minds we have and they created some excellent new products as well as advertising some of their favourite toys and games.


In maths, we have looked at fractions and recapped on what fractions are and we will continue with fractions after half term. 

In geography, we completed the topic by creating a double page spread explaining what we have learnt about the physical features of the UK and one specific part of it. We had some amazing research and  creative work.