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Week beg 12.10.2020

Another busy week once again and the children are working very hard. 

We finished writing our newspaper reports and edited them. We began to look at poetry and what language features we could see. Our first one was personification. Ask your children what it means. 

In maths we started looking at addition. We recapped on different strategies and the children remembered a lot from Year 3. We are moving on to adding 4 digit numbers crossing boundaries which can get a but tricky but I have faith that the children will try their best. We have been doing a lot of learning in our maths meetings and learned some new mathematical terms such as perpendicular, parallel, vertical and horizontal lines. We also looked at nets of shapes and lots, lots more.

In geography we looked at landmarks of Greece and we had a special visitor come and share with the lesson. Mrs Musil was very pleased with the children's knowledge and enthusiasm for the topic. 


We also visited the whole school Geography display and placed information about the Mediterranean and Greece. We had looked at the Mediterranean as part of our geography topic and tok a closer look as part of European Day of Languages. 
PE was a game of basketball. The children have developed their skills and played confidently. They passed and found space and worked well as a team. Well done!

With everything else to do, the children completed RE, Music and art. 

We looked at Ruby Bridges as part of our Black History. The children discussed about segregation and were very informative and sensible with the subject. The children completed a non chronological report about Ruby. 

In our first news worship, the children also showed maturity when talking about the climate and how we should all be looking after the planet.

Another fantastic week for everyone. Next week is the last week of term and we finish on Thursday. We still have a lot to do but we will be making time for fun on Thursday afternoon with our Treat Afternoon.  

Stars of the week

Word count winner

White reading Ninja winners. Reading 25 times at home.

Week Beg 5.10.2020

What a busy week the children have had. They have continued to work hard with all aspects of their learning. We started the week by finishing off our class novel "The Iron Man" and we are beginning to write a newspaper report using the story as a stimulus. We are still working hard on our handwriting and making it a neat cursive join. We focused on fronted adverbials in or grammar and the children soon got the hang of them.  Why don't you ask them to explain what they are to you. 

In maths this week we have finished our Place Value and will be moving onto addition and subtraction next week. The children have worked hard on the 3 aims of maths which include fluency, reasoning and problem solving. We practised our 4 times table and will be moving on to our 6 x table. We will soon be confident in answering all our tables to the 12 x table. Here is a good website for a great site that has a times table check.

 In PE the children began to compete in teams in basketball and I saw some children show lots of skills and sportsmanship. 

The children have continued to practise their Spanish and have even looked at adverbs. They have been giving instructions and following them in Spanish. Well done everyone. Have a look at the work completed and watch them show their knowledge. 

Music was once again fun and interesting as the children learnt some Italian words linked to their music. They listened to music and discussed and appraised it. They then had to use instruments to create an emotion and describe a movement in an animal. There were lots of good ideas from the children.


In PSHE, the children looked at two of the United Nations Children's Charter and looked at adults and children's responsibilities to have an education. There was lots of good discussion about how some children in some countries work and do not have free access to education.  The charter says it is the right of every child.


We ended the week with our science topic and looked at all the different kingdoms including animals, plants, fungi, bacteria and protist.  We looked closer at plants and used them to create our own classification key. 

All in all a very busy week. I am so proud of all the children and their hard work. 


Well done to our Star badge winners and word count winner.

Wk Beg 28.9.2020

Another great week with lots of fun and hard work. This week we got to complete some assessments and I am so proud of the children and how they approached them. They worked hard through the papers and showed determination and resilience.   

We continued to look at our whole class shared reading book The Iron Man and we are nearly at the end of the exciting story. We will be using this to begin to write our own newspaper report now the children know all the features. 

In maths we continued to compare 4 digit numbers and focus on arithmetic skills. 

Basket ball was a lot of fun again and we continued to learn about skills needed in the competitive sport. 

In music the children got a chance to use their music skills and play along with Mrs Cooke with an instrument to show dynamics. 

In science the children became identifiers in our scientific enquiry by working on classification keys. 

We have started looking at our online life in computing and created our front page to our book maker app.

In PSHE the children looked at Democracy and our school council. They looked at what the council does and how they are appointed. they then created a ideas they would like to do if they were chosen to be school council representatives.  

All in all a very productive week. Well done everybody.

A very special day for last year's BEST award winners. Miss Hamlin chose them for BELIEVE, ENJOY, SUCCEED, TOGETHER. Well done everybody.


Star badge winners

These are the word count winners from our Accelerated reading quizzes for the last three weeks. They have the highest word count out of the class. Well done. Keep reading.

Week Beg 21.9.2020

What a great week the children have had. 

We started the week looking at newspapers and reading Iron Man in English. We are on Chapter 4 which is getting very exciting. 

We have started to look at quotes in report writing and how to use inverted commas and punctuation correctly. We are practising our handwriting to ensure we are forming our letters correctly and resting the words on the line. Keep practising!

In maths we have been looking more closely at 4 digit numbers and comparing and ordering them. we have looked at strategies for our arithmetic and of course practising our times tables. 

In geography the children completed a double page spread with facts all about Greece. They did a fantastic job and some children continued to do more work at home. Well done. During our European day we continued to look at Greece. We tasted some of their popular food and learnt more about the language, culture and land.

In art the children painted their portraits. They were very focused and did a great job. 

In PSHE, we looked at eh people in our school community and how they help us. 

Music lesson looked at timbre and the children got to use percussion instruments to show this. 

All in all lots of fun while learning. Well done everyone. I am so proud of all your hard work and effort. 

In PE the children continued to develop their basket ball skills with more small game activities.  

European Day Of Languages

The children celebrated by wearing clothes in the colour of the Greek flag. We looked at modern Greece and tasted some of the food including: olives, pitta bread, humous, taramasalata,  tzatziki dip and feta cheese. Most children had a go and tasted some of it or everything.  Well done! 

They created a fact file and also looked at some of the language.  Here are some to try.

Yiassou (Yah-sue)


Good morning
Kalimera (Kah-lee-meh-rah)


How are you?
Ti kanis (Tee kah-nees)?

Some children got their first taster session for keyboards this week. All children in the class will get a chance to try keyboards out his term.

Stars of the week

Week Beg 14.9.2020

This week we have continues to look at newspapers and all their features. We looked more closely at the language features such as time connectives, third person and quotes. 

We have continued to read the story of the Iron Man and learning new vocabulary and using VIPERS to answer.  questions. We have focused on word classes in grammar and practised our cursive join handwriting to make it rest on the line and be the correct size. Why don't you practise a bit more at home by copying a passage from your book?

In maths we have continued to look at place value and how we can round to the nearest 100 and then counting in thousands. By the end of the week we had got all the way to 10,000 and were partitioning them. Well done everyone.

In RE the children  the children continued looking at prayer and how other faiths pray.

In art they began to do a self portrait ready for their Picasso drawing. 

We had another great PE lesson around basketball and the children completed a tricky routine as a class. 

In science the children looked more closely at classification and at vertebrates and invertebrates.  

In geography the children used atlases to find out the countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

We had our first music lesson with were the children looked at dynamics and Mrs Cooke shared her violin playing to help.  

In MFL the children continued to learn new words in Spanish.

IN PSHE we look at "Me in My World" and What we did that made us happy. Lots of fun activities and sport were mentioned.

A very busy week. Well done everyone.

Stars of the week


Week beginning 7.9.2020

We have had a great first full week back in Year 4 and I am very proud of all the children and how they are coping with the new routines. They have been working very hard on  their work.



We have been looking at the features of  a newspaper report.  We have identified the main features like the headline, opening paragraph, pictures, captions and the main body of the article. Why don't you look at some newspapers together and discuss what articles you like to read and why. 

Whole Class Shared Reading.

We are reading The Iron Man as a class. We have been answering comprehension questions using our VIPERS. Follow the link below which will help you use them at home when you hear your child read.


Home reading

Reading books were given out on Friday. We enclosed some information explaining how you can help your child at home with journaling. Please keep these at home for your information as they do not need to be returned to school.



We have been looking at place value in maths and recognising the value of a number based on its position in the number. We have also been rounding numbers to 10 and 100. this can be tricky to start with so we need a little bit more practise. 


The children have been looking at prayers and even wrote their own class prayer together. Have a read on our RE blog.



We are looking at the geography of the Mediterranean. We have found all the countries surrounding the Sea. Have you been to any of the Mediterranean countries? Can you discuss what the weather is like and some of the different foods you can find there?



We have been looking at the classification of animals.



The children are studying the artist Picasso. They have started by learning about the artist and his style.


This wee we started our basketball lessons. They did a fantastic job as it is quite tricky to run forward and backwards while controlling a ball. Well done everybody.

Can I remind you that the correct PE kit must be worn for PE.




Stars of the Week for Friday 4th September and Friday 11th September

Wk Beg 2.9.2020

We have had a great start to our school year. We have settled in quickly and the children are starting to remember all the rules and expectations of school. It was lovely to hear all about what they had been doing during their time away. We did a class display called "Reach For the Stars" where the children wrote what they wanted to achieve by the end of the year. They also completed some lovely art work on our Christian Value "Service". They drew a picture and wrote a sentence on how they had helped someone. 


We did our Time Table Challenge and the children are ready to improve on their scores. The children also completed their reading star test which will indicate what ZPD they are on for their home reading accelerated reading books. Please be patient while we sort these out next week for the children so we can send them home to start their journaling.