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Wk beginning 11.1.21

Another fantastic week of learning. I am so proud of the work you are doing both at home and in school. Here are some of the fantastic settings and fictional fantasy characters that you have created ready for your stories.

We started our science topic on hearing and again you have completed the tasks well. I hope you enjoyed using the string telephones.

Wk beginning 4.1.21

We had an unusual start to the new year.  We had the first day back together and we were ready for the term ahead. For your safety we will now continue to learn in a different way. I can see from the work you have posted on Seesaw that you are all ready showing a commitment and resilience to the new routine.  
We can do this Year 4! 

It was lovely to see all your work you have completed and I will begin to post your work on here and share all what you have done at home and in school.

It was great to see some of your interactions from our First News Worship on Thursday. You have some lovely pets.

Remember to take some pics and send them to me on Seesaw and let me know what you have been up to in your work and reading. 

Lastly, I want you to stay safe and try your best. That's all we can ever ask for . 


It was very cold on Friday, so we had hot chocolate to warm us up. Thank you Mrs Myler.

Week Beginning 14.12.2020

The last week of our Autumn term has been very busy and full of fun as usual. The children finished our topics including science, history, computing and PSHE and the children continued to work hard and show me how good they can be in completing their work to a high standard, even with the excitement of a special visit from Santa. The week just got better and better as we got more excited with Christmas dinners, parties and celebrations. 



Thank you Santa for our early treat.

In music, the children finished the term by using instruments to recreate the "Nutcracker" composition. In PSHE we completed our " Celebrating Differences" by creating a paper chain with all the strips containing sentences the children had written explaining why they are special and unique. 

Through the magic of technology we still got to watch the Year 2 Nativity, which was lovely. Well done Year 2.

On Wednesday, the children had their Christmas party and lots of fun was had by all. The children played some games and musical statues and even go to take part in Y4 has talent. We have very talented children. 
We still had lots of reading being completed and one of our children reached 15 100% quizzes on her Accelerated reading. We always like to reward this special achievement with a visit to Mrs Mooney special book store. All safely of course. Well done!
The children became very creative and completed their Christmas card and bauble. They worked really hard and I hope you liked them. 
Our final day was our film day but it wouldn't be right without our traditional celebration assembly and sing a long. The Blue Team were the victors in our team points rewards so well done all the Blue Team. We were also discovered the wreath winners. It was such a hard decision. Well done to everyone who entered you all did an amazing job. We ended the morning with our 12 days of Christmas song led by Mrs Thomson. 
We ended the day watching our chosen film. Thank you to Mrs McGinty for the popcorn. The children really enjoyed it. With treats and gifts galore the day ended with  a few wet eyes as we said goodbye to Mrs Elwell. She has been amazing and the children have enjoyed having her in class. We wish her lots of luck in the next part of her teaching journey. 

I would like like to end by saying a massive well done to the children for coming into school with a smile on their face through what has been a very unusual start to any year I have had. The children have shown great resilience to a new way of working and have never complained about all the new things that has come their way. I have said many times before how proud I am of the children and you should be too. They are a great group and I am really looking forward to starting the new year with them. Thank you for your kind and lovely gifts, I truly am overwhelmed by your kindness and generosity. I loved every present and thoughtful card and especially the homemade card all the children created so I wouldn't miss them over Christmas. You are all amazing and I hope you have the most amazing Christmas. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. 

Miss Roberts 

Finally, here is the long awaited Christmas wishes from the children. They have been eagerly waiting for them to be posted. Happy Christmas everyone.



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Week Beg 7.12.2020

A very busy and fun week has been had by all. I am very proud of all the children.

The week started with a very active music lesson. The children created a musical piece with instruments and then followed the moves to Rudolph using rhythm. 

On Wednesday, the children had a very busy day. They first made their pizza and really enjoyed eating their final product. You can tell by their faces that they really enjoyed their pizza wrap. 
We also had a very special Christingle service. Usually the children would meet up with year 2 in the hall and create a circle and sing the Christingle song and say a prayer. Although we could not get together in person we found a way to come together with the help of Zoom. With Reverend Bob to share it with us and year 2 the children created their Chrstingle and then we sang songs and prayed together. It was a lovely experience to share and the children were very respectful and sensible, especially when the candles were lit. They make me very proud. 
We also did our Santa dash and the children did their daily mile in their festive hats.
There has also been a lot to celebrate this week. Congratulations to our star badge winners for super work all week. We also won back our reading trophy for winning the word count this week. Keep reading and quizzing so we can keep winning. Remember the children now have a password for MyOn reading online where they can continue to read at the weekends and take quizzes along side their reading book. We had lots of winners from the Christmas raffle and we also had a winner for our Stay Safe competition for their back pack design. The Christmas card winners received a selection box each for their wonderful designs. Well done everybody. The children also received their goodies from United Utilities. All in all a very good and productive week.

The Christmas wreaths have all been sent in and displayed in class and they will be judged on Tuesday. Thank you all for taking part they are all amazing and it is going to be hard to judge. 


Have a great week end and we will see what the final week of this term brings.

Week Beginning 30.11.2020

A very busy week as usual. A different week in that the children have completed their end of autumn assessments. They have really tried their best and I am very proud of them.

The children also got to complete their stories with a historical setting and after editing they wrote them out for display. They are amazing and Miss Elwell and I are very proud of their hard work. 

We also had a visit through zoom from  United Utilities. They talked to the children about the water cycle and how to save our precious resource of water. Jane, the presenter, talked about how the water is cleaned to ensure we are able to drink it safely. The children had prepared questions to ask and Jane was very impressed with the standard of questioning from the children. Well done everyone. 

The children completed an experiment about how toilet        

paper dissolves in the water and our volunteers did a great

job.  We also talked about how much drinking water is

available in the world and we found out that out of all the

water in the world the picture shows how much we can

drink which is inside the circle. How amazing is that! That is why the water cycle is so important. 


The children are getting excited as it turned                            

December this week. They started seeing Christmas

trees everywhere and even created their own out of

their outdoor play toys. How creative are our children. 

We put our class tree up to start Advent and that Christmas


We had some children continue with our music tasters. They are really enjoying learning the keyboard. 
A big well done to our chosen school councillors. The class voted for the children and I am sure they will do us proud. 

Congratulations to our Star badge winners and reading word count winner.

This week in history, we looked at what the Ancient Greeks gave us and what their legacy was. We talked about lots of different items from Olympics to alarm clocks and then wrote about democracy. 
Overall a very successful week. The children continue to work hard and show me their fun and resilient nature. Well done everyone. 

Week Beginning 23.12.2020

Another fun filled week of learning. We have been very busy throughout the week. In English, the children are really enjoying the class novel and are really excited to find out what happens to the main character- Magnus - The Anglo Saxon Boy. We have been doing lots of reading and comprehension skills based around the book. In maths we have moved onto perimeter, which can be a tricky concept. The children have shown determination and resilience in their learning. We will continue with this next week before we complete our end of term assessments.

In DT, the children have been tasting lots of ingredients in preparation for making their own pizza's. They enjoyed tasting the different foods and deciding what they would like to add to their pizza. The approached it in a very sensible way. 


In science the children have been looking closely at solids, liquids and gases. They have looked at condensation and how the gas returns to a liquid. In computing the children have continued to work on their presentations and have uploaded their work on Seesaw.

In history we looked at "What have the Ancient Greeks done for us" and looked closely at democracy. We then had an opportunity to put democracy in to place during our School Council elections.  The children who wanted to be part of the election gave their speeches to the children. I am very proud of all the children for getting up in front of their peers. It can be very daunting, especially trying to answer the questions from the class but they all did an exceptional job. Well done to the two children who were chosen by the class through the democratic vote.

We are really focusing on reading and how important it is. We spent a solid 15 minutes reading to highlight the importance of reading for a purpose. The children were amazed that in the time they were able to read from between 15 to 30 pages depending on the amount of words on a page. Fantastic work. Keep it up and remember to time yourself at home too so you are really getting the benefit.
Congratulations to our star badge winners as well as our Ninja readers and word count winner. Kee up teh good work.

Here is a couple of our amazing Anti Bullying leaflets.

Week beginning 16.11.2020

Another busy and jam packed week full of learning. We started Monday with the start of our Anti- Bullying Week with the children wearing odd socks. We watched a video from Andy from the Odd Socks band to discuss why it was important. We are united against bullying. 

We have continued writing our story with an historical setting and we are getting to the point of editing and rewriting for display. How exciting! In maths we have been looking at adding and subtracting different measurements and converting between the different measurement for length. We will be continuing with this and using this knowledge to find perimeter. In history we looked at The Ancient Olympics and what links they still have with our current Modern Olympics.

Tuesday was a day for crazy hairstyles and the children showed their differences. We had a special worship about Anti Bullying and watched the Anti- Bullying alliance video. We also looked at how it made people feel and what we can do to stop it from happening. The children were very sensible and discussed this really well. 


Wednesday the children wore their different ties. We continued with our book The Anglo Saxon Boy and the story is getting very exciting as we build up to the Battle of Hastings. The children did some lovely work in RE and write an acrostic poem using the word LIGHT to describe how Jesus helps us as the light of the world. It was lovely to see this message left for the children by Mrs Allison. They makes me so proud. We completed our Humility display by telling everyone how we had been humble to others. 
In science, the children have been looking at Solids, Liquids and gases and this week they focused on separating different materials. 

On Thursday we watched the Y5 class worship on Humility and it was amazing. The children loved it so much they wanted to watch it again. We will be doing ours on Compassion in the new year so watch this space. A big act to follow but I am sure the children will give 100%.

We completed our  independent write by creating an information leaflet about anti bullying. The children were very engaged and enjoyed adding some art work to their work. We all received our United Against Bullying bracelets today.



The children have been enjoying their computing lessons and are doing well. It has been a busy week as usual but they continue to do their best and that is all I could ask for. 
Well done to our super star badge winners and word count winners. We continue to remain word count champions. Keep up the reading it all makes a difference.
On Friday, we all got a little bit of the Christmas spirit by wearing our Christmas jumpers. A big thank you to all the children who brought in the smartie sweets and even for the extra money given towards the our fundraising. We are truly grateful for all your support. Have a great week everyone. 

More fabulous Christmas wreaths. remember you still have time to enter the competition,

Week beginning 9.11.2020

Another successful week with lots of learning. We have continued to read our Whole class book- Anglo Saxon Boy which the children are really enjoying. In history we continued to look at the Ancient Greeks and the difference between the two states of Athens and Sparta. The children discussed which one they preferred to live in and it was about 50/50. Some like the thought of no school and learning to fight in an army while others explained they would prefer Athens and be educated.  

In maths, we have been looking at subtracting and we are moving on to measurements and perimeter. We are completing some recovery lessons on converting between measurements before we use them to find the perimeter of shapes. In our maths meetings we have been looking closely at fractions and direction as well as continuing on time. Keep asking those questions about what time it is.

We are always completing our times tables as they are important and we our all improving in our challenge and getting faster in our TTRS or maths factor challenge.

   We had an exciting science lesson about solids, liquids and gases. The children completed a fair test looking at melting. They had to check the difference in times between dark, milk and white chocolate, Using thermometers to check the melting point.
The children are really engaging in the computer lessons. 
On Wednesday the children showed their respect for all those that had lost their lives in all the wars. We had a Remembrance Worship and at 11am the children stood for two minutes silence. They were very respectful. We discussed that our poppy wreath had been placed on the Cronton Memorial. 

We ended the week with PSHE and looking at Celebrating Differences. The children discussed about what first impressions we have of people and how we can be influenced from things outside like family and television. The children had a good discussion about being respectful and getting to know people before making judgements and we shouldn't assume things based on others opinions. 

The children are also improving their catching and throwing skills in handball.

Our star badge winners and word count winner.

Week Beginning 2.11.2020

It was lovely to welcome the children back after half term. The children have started positively and ready for the high expectations and targets for this term. We have started reading our new book in English called the Anglo Saxon Boy and the children are really enjoying it. We have discussed the link with the work they did in Year 1 on the Battle of Hastings as the story is about Magnus the son of Harold Godwinson. We have made our predictions and are excited to read on. 

In maths we are completing subtraction by looking at efficient methods and becoming secure in subtracting 4 digit numbers and crossing boundaries. We are doing great and just need a little but more practise before moving on to perimeter. In our maths meetings we have been recovering our learning in fractions and time. We have practised a lot with our new class clocks. You can help at home by asking your child about time in analogue and digital. 

We started our new science topic on Solids, liquids and gases. The children had a lot of fun using themselves as matter and behaving like the different properties. 

In music the children have been practising  their notes and wrote some music. They also became conductors and conducted Mrs Cooke as she played her violin. The children are really enjoying their music lessons. 


Still image for this video
We have started our new history topic on Ancient Greece. We have already learnt a lot about the geography of Greece and this will help as we learn about Greece from the past and how it affects us in the present. In PE we enjoyed our first lesson on handball. We practised finding space with a fun game of scarecrow tag and throwing skills. 

The children are very excited to be creating their own pizzas in DT this term. They have had their first lesson and will be doing lots of tasting in future weeks. Please remember to check out the announcement page for permission. 


A super week for celebrations. Well done to our star badge winners for excellent work this week. 

Our Ninja readers - white belt = 25 times read at home from September

Our Yellow Reading Ninja - 50 times reading at home since September

Look at our word count winner. The more you read the more you quiz and you will achieve

the highest word count in the class. Well done !

Look at the super wreaths for our Christmas competition so far. How amazing are they! You still have time to buy a frame and enter the competition. 
We have had a fantastic week. Have a great weekend everyone.

Week Beg 19.10.2020

The last week of our first term together and what a wonderful start to the year we have had. The children have continued to make me proud with their attitude to learning and engagement throughout the week. 

It was lovely to speak to all the parents this week and talk about how well the children have settled back into school life as well as their hard work. 

This week in English the children completed their poetry work by creating their own poems by creating images using poetic techniques such as similes, personification and metaphors. They created some wonderful imagery with their poems.

In maths, we continued with addition and looking at efficient methods to add when crossing boundaries. 

In science, the children finished the topic by looking at the food chains of different animals. In geography we also finished the topic by looking closely at the Peloponnese Peninsula. The children used google Earth to search the area and identify and sketch the canal. 

Another group of children have taken part in their taster session for keyboards. They really enjoyed the lesson. 

In RE, the children investigated different ways to pray. They blew bubbles, releasing our thanks to God, then holding pebbles while praying releasing them into the water with anything they were worried about using our outside prayer area. Inside we prayed round some candles and began writing our own hands of prayers as well as jellybean prayers. We also looked at how other religions pray.

The children also created a great Harvest Service which you can find under News and Events. They talked about harvest around the world. A big thank you for all the donations received for the food bank and NHS. 



On Thursday afternoon, we had a fun afternoon to finish our half term. The children came dressed in costumes and they looked amazing. We had fun activities and even made a pumpkin out of a net. The afternoon was finished off with some sporting fun.