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Merry Christmas Everyone

What a term we have had. Despite all the difficulties we have managed lots of learning, lots of fun and made lots of memories. Happy Christmas everyone. We will see you all in the New Year. 

Talent show

We ended our first term in Year 1 with a talent show. There were some great talents on show including magic acts, gymnastics, reading, tap dancing , hip hop and contemporary dance with music choices ranging from Men In Black to  Somewhere Over the Rainbow. It was lovely to see every child have the confidence to perform in front of the class knowing they had the support  a great audience, their class mates. Well done everyone. 

For our last maths lesson this year we have been practising all the skills we have been learning about this term. We worked around a carousel of activities, including weighing, counting in 2s, ordering numbers, reciting days and months, using money and making numbers with tens and ones. One of the favourite activities was using our new rekenreks. 

Poster competition winner

Here is our winner for the poster competition that Mrs Whitehouse set in worship.  

Star Badges


Be Safe Be Seen

We used our knife skills to cut up our fruit to make our fruit salads. Delicious! 

Christmas dinner

Year 1 winning bauble

Santa Dash

We went exploring today. We looked at the large timeline, finding Rosa Parks and the Gunpowder Plot before going to the library. Then we went down to see the outdoor classroom and had our a little outdoor picnic  snack.  

Here is one of our songs. The others can be found on seesaw. 

Whoops a Daisy Angel

Still image for this video

We looked at lots of different toys as part of our History topic and compared old toys and new toys. We had lots of fun trying out some of the older toys. 

St Andrews Day

Blue team celebrated St Andrews day by wearing blue. 


We have been watching the trees outside change since we have been in y1. Today in science we talked about how  animals adapt to winter. 

We have been planning our fruit salads in DT and today we practiced our knife skills ready for next week when we make our own. 

We have been learning about odd and even numbers and some  children made this fantastic visual demonstration. 


This week's certificates

Check out story telling on our reading blog. 


We have been learning how to use the iPads to film events. We acted out the right thing and the wrong thing in different scenarios and filmed them. 

One Kind Word

This week we have been thinking  about  being different and being kind to everyone. Our crazy ties and hair and our odd socks have helped us discuss this. Don’t forget to say   one kind word to someone today. 


We painted our self portraits.  

Being Anatomists

Today we learnt what an anatomist is. We worked in groups to see how many body parts we could name. 


As part of our PHSE topic on Being  me , we talked about things we have done that have made us feel proud. The children recalled many things including getting trophies, certificates, lesrn8ng to swim, ride bikes and score goals. I gave them a note to tell them how proud I was of them all for making such a great start to Y1 and working so hard this half term. Well done all of you, enjoy your half term. 

We have been looking at different parts of our school as part of our Geography topic. We have also been finding out about maps. We combined the two today by making our own map of our school using the blocks. We all helped and even wrote labels for it. Can you work out where the hall is? Year 1 ? The Nursery and it’s  playground? The offices? 


It was raining and we were unable to get in the hall for our P.E lesson so we learnt  a new game , Kurling  instead. It was great fun.  We had a mini competition,  that involved all the tables playing against each other, with Sycamore being the unbeaten winners. Well done Sycamore table. 


We had lots of certificates awarded this week , star badges, brilliant handwriting, white belt Ninja reading, as well as for displaying our  Christian value,  Hope. 


We had our first go at composing music today. We made a lovely tune using several different notes, which we all agreed sounded great. However we soon realised when it was our turn to play it , that it was quite tricky to play when there were so many notes to find on the glockenspiel and so  we simplified it.  We hope it still sounded good! 


Still image for this video

Playing PacMan in PE

We had to stay on the lines and avoid being caught by  ‘PacMan’. 

Certificates this week

Thrive and flourish day

As part of world mental health day we took part in a thrive and flourish day where we wore something green and planted bulbs to look after at home. We read ‘The Huge Bag of Worries’ and talked about what things we could do if we felt worried or sad. We came up with many things including walking the dog, watching TV, cuddling teddies, going swimming and playing with friends. 

Map making

We have been drawing maps of our playground as part of our Geography topic about our school. 

Using greater than, less than and same as symbols

Hey You!

We have been enjoying our music topic learning about rap and singing Hey You! We found out what a pulse is and had trying to find the pulse., copying the animal actions.  The best part was trying to play along with it on the glockenspiel. 


As part of our Geography topic about our school we went off exploring some new parts of school we hadn’t seen before. We found the library, Mrs Felton’s office and even the music cupboard! 

Wood or Paper ?

As part  of our science topic with have been finding out about how paper is made. Today we sorted out lots of different objects into 3 groups, wood, paper and not wood or paper.  Can you find anything made of wood or paper at home?

European day of Languages

We had a lovely day learning all about Italy. We found out that Italy looked like a boot on a map and that the capital city is Rome. We found out about some famous landmarks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa, The Coliseum as well as finding out about Venice and Pompeii. We tried some Italian food, the pizza was very popular, the olives less so! 



This week we have been looking at maps and finding out about Keys and symbols . Next week we will be trying to draw our own maps. Maybe you could have a practice at this at home by perhaps drawing a map of your garden , route to the  park, a room in the house or anywhere else. 

We have continued learning  about how paper is made and learnt the word pulp. Maybe you could ask the children if they can remember what this is or anything about how paper is made. How. Any different things can you find made out of paper can you find around the house? 

We have been learning about how we can help others if their Harvest fails. We have also started learning a. We song to Thank you to God. 

We learnt how to use the IPad to take and delete photos, as welI taking selfies. I hope you enjoy looking at the photos the children took. 




Thank you for listening to  the Year 1 meet the teacher meeting on Tuesday. If you could not make it then all the information should be in the booklet given out. If  have are any questions please let me know. This week we have started to think about Harvest. We talked about what Harvest and Harvest festival mean.  We went to see if we could find some fruit and  vegetables growing in school and the children were excited to go back and visit the Foundation playground for this. We found blackcurrants, apples, strawberries, carrots, pumpkins and beans. Maybe you have grown something at home and would like to share a photo with us of your Harvest.  

We had our first spelling test and the children did really well. Thank you for your support in helping them learn these. 

We have been drawing self portraits in art. I hope you enjoy looking at them,   I think they have done a really good job. You could see who you recognise from the pictures!

In science we have started our recycling topic by thinking about wood. We will be moving onto learning how wood is made into paper. You could see what wooden things you can find around the house.   

Looking for fruit and vegetables

As part of our Harvest topic we went to see if any of the seeds we planted last year had grown over the summer. We were excited to find beans, pumpkins, blackcurrants, apples and carrots. We were even more excited when Mrs Simm said we could have a play in the Foundation playground! 


Welcome to Year 1. It is great seeing some familiar faces and seeing how they have grown and I am looking forward to getting to know the children I didn’t have in Nursery more. This week has been our first full week in Year 1 and what a busy one it has been. As well as joining in with whole school worship now and continuing with daily maths and phonics, we have also started learning several different subjects.  We have started our Geography topic about Our School.  We have learnt the name of our school and talked about what an address is.   Maybe you could see if the children remember the name of our school. I set the children a challenge to find out their own address. If they haven’t already asked you about this maybe you could help them learn where they live. 


We have started an ongoing Science topic about Seasons, building on what the children already know. We went outside and saw that although many tress have green leaves some have started changing colour. We decided that it the end of Summer and the beginning of Autumn. We learnt about thermometers and took the temperature. It was nearly 30 degrees, it certainly was a very hot day!


We have also started listening to a song in our music topic called Hey You which we will be working on and appraising. The children seemed to really enjoy this song and you may hear the odd line or two from it added their singing repertoire in coming weeks. 


Our Christian Value for this half term is hope. We talked about our hopes for the year in terms of our class. Maybe you could discuss the children’s individual hopes for home and life with them.     


The children have got used to all the routines and are already becoming much more independent. All the children have been allocated classroom jobs. You could check they know what theirs is!


There will be a meet the teacher meeting next week on Tuesday at 4 pm. This will be via Zoom and I will put the link on Seesaw. I will be going over the curriculum and expectations for the Year as well as providing information on class routines and the Statutory Phonics Screening Check that children will take part in at the end of Year 1.  If you are unable to make the meeting I will send all relevant information and documents after the meeting.  If anyone needs a reminder of their Seesaw login please let me know as we will also be using Seesaw for Homework and notices this year.



This week’s certificates