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Week Ending Friday 14th January 2022

This week we have continued our learning around the numbers 6 -10. We have looked at how they can be represented on ten frames, looked at the order of the numbers, found numbers that were missing in a number line and numbers that were in the wrong place on number lines! Can your child count out amounts of these numbers. We have counted out different amounts of objects to make groups of 6,7,8,9, and 10 and counted actions silently in our heads in our heads. We have also counted up and down from different numbers within 10.

This week we have continued our learning on Traditional Tales by reading different versions of Little red riding Hood and some of them had some surprises in them! We really liked Little red Riding Hood and the Sweet Little Wolf by Rachael Mortimer and Liz Pichon and Little Red Riding Hood version where she saves herself from the wolf with some good use of flowers, acorns and flowers! We have really enjoyed joining in with familiar parts and we have written sentences to describe Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. We have also been practising our reading by decoding sentences and matching them to characters in the story.

In R.E. we have started our theme of Special Places by thinking about where our special place is. We have talked about them and drawn them. We continued our new PSHE theme of Dreams and Goals thinking about things we have had to work hard at to learn how to do or things we are still learning to do. We have drawn pictures and written sentences about them.

In P.E. we have been playing more games to do with moving around spaces and going at lots of different speeds! We played Stick in the Mud, Sharks in the water and the bean game.

We have been revising the sounds qu, ee and learned two new ones nk and ay this week.


Our Fabulous Star Badge Winners This Week.

Week Ending Friday 7th January 2022

Happy New Year! We hope you have all had a safe and enjoyable Christmas! Thank you so much for all our lovely gifts. It was very generous of you!
This week in Reception we have been learning about the numbers 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10. We have been learning about where they sit on different types of number lines, all the different ways we can represent them and counting out amounts of objects. There have been lots of different challenges and activities to complete around the classroom. We have also been using a new piece of equipment – rekenreks to explore how we can make these numbers as part of the Mastering Number project we are undertaking.

This week we have started our learning on Traditional Tales by reading different versions of Goldilocks and the Three bears. We learned that traditional tales are very old stories that have been told for a very long time! We correctly guessed the story from clues about the setting and the characters and thought of lots of other traditional tales we might know. We have really enjoyed joining in with familiar parts. Today’s story was called Goldilocks and Just the One Bear by Leigh Hodgkinson and is about what happens when Goldilocks is all grown up!

In R.E. we have learned about the new Christian Value of Creativity and re-read In the beginning by Steve Turner. This is a fabulous rhyming version of the Creation story and the illustrations are amazing. We then went off into the classroom to see what we could create! Paintings, models, pictures, books – we are a very creative class! Just look at some of our creations! We introduced our new PSHE theme of Dreams and Goals by listening and joining with the new song and thinking of times when we were very proud of something we have done.

In P.E. we have been playing lots of games to do with moving around spaces and going at lots of different speeds! We played a good game called NOT Bumper Cars! We had to use our steering wheels (quoits) to move around, change direction and travel at different speeds WITHOUT bumping!

We have been revising the sounds sh, ch, th and ng this week to consolidate and secure. The sheet for these has already been sent home but is also available on our class page: Reception – Reading – Phonics.

Our Fabulous Star Badge Winners This Week

Week Ending Friday 17th December 2021

Merry Christmas Everyone! 
This week in Reception we have been learning to describe the position of things using vocabulary such as: beside, in between, above, below, under and opposite. We have described where the elf is, where a present may be found and baubles on a tree. Then we described where things were and our partners had to guess what we were looking at from the position described! 
We have been busy creating some surprises to take home and had a fantastic Christmas party afternoon, with balloon races, dancing and musical bumps. On Friday morning while we were playing in our classroom, we had a very, very, special visitor to our classroom door! We were all very excited to see him! 
Miss Wilson and I would like to say a big thank you to everyone for this term. To the children for working so hard and parents for all their help and support. We would also like to say a very big thank you for all our lovely gifts. We were quite overwhelmed by your generosity. 
Have a fabulous holiday everyone and a Happy New Year! 

Our Fabulous Star Badge Winners This Week and Christian Value Awards

Week Ending Friday 10th December 2021

This week in Reception we have been investigating addition and subtraction using money. We told First, Then and Next stories to go shopping in a toy shop to buy some dinosaurs! We used coins to get us started and then moved to pictorial problems. We even started to investigate different possibilities: For example, We have 5p to spend and we buy 2 dinosaurs. How much could they be each? 

We continued with the theme of dinosaurs this week and enjoyed some fabulous story books. Winnie and Eilbur and the Dinosaur Day by Valerie Thomas and Korey Paul, Dinosaurs in my School by Timothy Knapman and The Really, Really Big Dinosaur by Richard Byrne, We also learned a little bit more about palaeontology and did some sketching of a model fossil. We decided that it was probably a carnivore skull based on the really big teeth!  We also had a go at some palaeontology by using brushes and small tools to dig up fossils in the sand pit. When we had found them we had to try and match them to a chosen card to measure and to make different parts of a dinosaur. We also had to fit parts of a skeleton together to make a T-Rex - they were all jumbled up - so we had to use some palaeontology skills on the making table as well! 

In RE we learned the story of the Nativity and thought about the fact that we are celebrating Christmas because it is the birthday of Jesus. We discussed the presents Jesus received. We thought about what presents new babies get today and also about what we would take today if we were going to the stable. In PSHE we thought some more about friends and what we can do to help if someone is feeling sad and how we can be really good friends. 

We have recorded our Christmas Concert this week after lots of practising! The children sang beautifully and had a great time and although we are very sad that we could not do the concert in the normal way, hope you can still enjoy our efforts! It is on our class page. 
We have also had a great time doing our Santa Dash on the big yard! 

We have learned the letter sounds oo, ar and or and revised all our tricky words we have learned so far. We are going to be revising all the sounds we have learned this half term next week and seeing which ones we need to practise a little more. 

Our Fabulous Star Badge Winners This Week.

Week Ending Friday 3rd December 2021

This week we have been investigating subtraction. We have started to tell first, then and now stories to help us understand when we take away from a starting amount. We have made our own stories and are getting really good at telling and solving lots of different subtraction problems. For example, First there were 5 dinosaurs, then 2 went into the swamp, now there are 3 dinosaurs left. As we got more confident with this we introduced the whole, part, part model to continue to tell the stories we made. We worked some more on the word equation and that this is a quick way of writing down our subtraction stories and learned the minus sign.

We continued with our theme of dinosaurs this week, still looking at non fiction. We revisited our new words: palaeontologist, fossil, prehistoric, extinct, carnivore, herbivore and omnivore and put them into sentences after choosing a dinosaur to write about. We discussed what category we would fit into and decided that we were mainly omnivores, although the vegetarians among us firmly placed themselves as herbivores! Good understanding children! We had a think about what animals are alive today that fit into each category. We had a very lively discussion about what dinosaurs might have looked like with their skins on and will be having our own competition next week to see what we come up with! 

In R.E. we continued our learning about Christmas by thinking about how we celebrate Christmas and why. We drew pictures about Christmas in our homes and put up our Christmas tree in the classroom. In PSHE we looked at houses around the world and how they have somethings the same and some things that are different. We then drew some lovely pictures of our houses. We learned about St. Andrew and Scotland on Tuesday and made flags and books. Blue team came in in their own clothes to celebrate their Saint’s special day.

In P.E. we explored balancing on large apparatus and were very adventurous! 

We have learned the letter sounds: ai, ee, igh and oa. We have been doing lots of cvc word building and reading! 

Our Fabulous Star Badge Winners Last Week and This.

Week Ending Friday 26th November 2021

This week we have been investigating addition using first, then and now stories. We have made our own stories and told them to each other and then we moved on to using the part, part whole model to tell even more stories. The children have got really confident with this and have made lots of different stories in the provision. 

In English this week we returned to our theme of dinosaurs. We had a non fiction focus this week and investigated questions such as: What is a dinosaur? What did they look like? What did they eat? Where did they live? and How do we know? We watched learning clips from a real palaeontologist explaining some of the answers to our questions as well as looking at non-fiction books. We tried to be like a palaeontologist by trying to fit together a skeleton of a dinosaur and decide what it ate and how it moved by looking at the bones. It’s quite tricky! 
We learned a lot of new words: prehistoric, extinct, fossil, carnivore, herbivore, omnivore and palaeontologist.
We were a little bit shocked to discover that animals that are alive today are at risk of becoming extinct.
We went up to the timeline in the juniors to find out how very long ago they lived and created our own dinosaur worlds for our dinosaurs to live in.

In R.E. we started to think about Christmas by talking about celebrations and birthdays in particular. We talked about we celebrate our birthdays and how they are celebrated around the world. In PSHE we read The Huey in the New Jumper by Oliver Jeffers. In this story, all the Hueys look the same, do the same, think the same until one day, one Huey decides to do something different! Another great story that explores being different and shows being different is great.

In P.E. the children explored balancing on the floor and then on some apparatus. The children were very imaginative with their work! 

In phonics we have learned another set of letter sound correspondence: ch, sh, th and ng. 
we finished the week with a Christmas jumper day and movie afternoon with Peter Rabbit.

Week Ending Friday 19th November 2021

This week has been Anti Bullying Week in school. We started the week With Odd Sock Day and by reading Odd Dog Out by Rob Biddulph and then did an online draw along with the author to draw our own Odd Dog Outs! We carried on through the week with other great stories that helped us learn how great it is to be different: Elmer by David McKee, Murray the Smallest Owl - who lives in the village, The Pig of Happiness by Edward Monkton and The Little Hares Play Hop, Skip and Jump. A traditional tale from Africa, in which an elephant and a hippo learn that just because they are bigger than other animals does not mean they can be horrible to them! We had Crazy Hair Day, Crazy Tie Day and focused on this year’s theme of One Kind Word. It has been a really great, fun week! 

We have been exploring one more and one fewer in our maths work this week. We have used concrete resources such as numicon, unifix, counting people and playing games on the board to help us with this. We even had a look at how we move one more or one fewer on a number line. 

We learned a little bit more about all our Autumn finds and where they come from: learning some of the names for the trees they have come from. We sorted them out into groups and then had a go at using them to make portraits after learning about the artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo who painted portraits using fruits, flowers and vegetables.

The children had fun in P.E. with Mr Noblett playing human ‘Buckaroo’ and using different resources to balance, throw and catch. In R.E. we learned the story of Jonah and the Whale to finish our unit on prayer. 

We have learned our next set of Phase Three letter/sound correspondences : q (qu), y,z and zz and another tricky word ‘she’. 

Our Fabulous Star Badge Winners This Week

Week Ending Friday 12th November 2021

This week we have been exploring 3D shapes. We have learned to recognise and name: spheres, cubes, cuboids, pyramids, cones and triangular prisms. We have explored which ones can roll, which ones are good to build with and discovered that cones do something special when you roll them on their sides! We found LOTS of 3D shapes in our classroom and outside when we were playing.

We have started a new theme of dinosaurs this week after enjoying playing with ones outside. We have read Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs stories this week and learned the dinosaur names. We chose our favourite dinosaurs to write a sentence about using a new tricky word ‘he’ and learned about how we organise our words with finger spaces when we are writing. We read and sorted out some muddled up sentences about the stories.  

For the last two weeks in school we have been selling poppies and on Thursday we learned why we wear the poppy. The children were very interested in this. We made our own poppies to remember and there were lots of poppy paintings as well. ❀️

In R.E. this week we returned to our theme of prayer and learned that there are lots of stories of how prayer helped people in our special book The Bible. We read the story of Daniel in the Lion’s Den and wrote some sentences about it. In PSHE we thought about how we are all good at different Things. We have drawn some pictures about our skills to go on our posters. 

In phonics we have started our Phase Three and learned a new tricky word ‘he’ and the letter sounds: j, v, w and x. We are working hard on our cvc blending words as well and getting very good! 

Our Fabulous Star Badge Winners from last week and this week.

Gunpowder, Treason and Plot

Happy Diwali!

Week Ending Friday 5th November 2021

This week we have been exploring and learning about 2D shapes. We have learned the names of the common 2D shapes: circle, triangle, square, oblong, pentagon and hexagon. We have talked about and explored their properties and tried to use good vocabulary to describe them, for example, straight edges, opposite long edges. We then explored how they can be used to make pictures and where we could spot these shapes in our classroom and outside.

We have been very busy this week! We started on Monday by reading a great story: Pumpkin Soup. We talked about the pumpkin faces we had made over the holiday At home and then went outside to pick our very own pumpkin. Then we chopped it up and made some lovely soup for our snack.

We also learned about and celebrated Diwali. We learned the story of Rama and Sita, learned how the festival is celebrated, made a rangoli pattern, cards and diva lamps to welcome Rama and Sita home. We also had some delicious food to taste! 
Then we learned about why we have Bonfire night every year and learned some good facts about the story and some new words: treason and plot! We also learned how to stay safe when we are watching fireworks.

In PSHE we were introduced to our new theme of Celebrating Difference and in RE we learned about our Christian Value for this half term which is Friendship. We thought about what makes a good friend and what qualities are not so good. We wrote about our friends. 

We learned the final set of sounds for Phase Two: l,ll and ss. We will moving on to Phase Three next week and will be really working hard on blending our sounds to read words. 

Week Ending Friday 22nd October 2021

Well we made it to the end of the first half term! Miss Wilson and I would like to thank you for all your support and the work you are doing at home with the children.

This week we have been looking at money in maths. We have been using 1p, 2p and 5p coins to ‘buy’ items from our Snack Shop and looking at all the ways we can combine different coins to make the same amount. 
Money can be a difficult concept for the children to grasp as one item can represent a larger number but the children have been really great and worked out the coins and combinations really well. 


In English this week we have been reading Funny Bones and other stories from the series by the Ahlbergs. The children have loved the repetitive beginnings to these stories and joining in with reading. They have laughed at some of the messes the skeletons get themselves into! We wrote some lovely speech bubbles for the big skeleton!

Following on from our stories this week, we made our large skeleton jigsaw and started to learn the names of some of the bones in our skeletons. We placed labels onto the jigsaw where we thought they would go and then checked to see if we were right. Then we had a go at drawing our skeletons.

We have had a great time this week playing out in the enormous puddles left by the rain this week. It was a good excuse to start up the car wash and give them all a good clean! 

in R.E. this week we have started to learn about prayer and how people pray. We thought about why people pray and what they might like to talk to God about. We learned about ‘Teaspoon’ prayers; Thank you , Please and Sorry. We also awarded our Christian Value Hope certificates for this half term.
In PSHE We finished off our Being Me in My World unit by thinking about responsibility and how we use the rules in our classroom to show we can be responsible. 

In P.E. we continued to learn about throwing and catching using bean bags and target games. We had a lot of fun! 

We learned our next set of letter/sound correspondences: b, h, f and ff. Please continue to spend a few minutes every night practising these with your child. 

Our Fabulous Star Badge Winners This Week

Week Ending Friday 15th October 2021

After our Thrive and Flourish day last week, we have been learning about the five ways to keep our brains healthy and happy. Do Things Together, Learn a New Skill, Be Active, Give to Others and Be Mindful. These are available on the NHS website. We learned about a new way each day and then thought about how we could make sure we were doing them! We read some lovely stories to support each one, including Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers, The Smartest Giant in Town by Julia Donaldson and Elmer’s Walk By David McKee.

In maths this week we have been comparing quantities of all kinds of things and making more than and fewer than sentences. E.g. There are more blocks than teddies. Then we looked at making sentences with counted amounts. E.g. 5 stars in fewer than 3 stars. The children were very good at this and found and made lots of examples around the classroom to show me and Miss Wilson.

We have learned a little bit more about Harvest this week and about Food Bank and how we can help people. This linked in with one of our five ways to keep our brains healthy. In PSHE we learned about rights and responsibilities and played a game of Jailer and Thief. We thought about what if someone told us we couldn’t play, or sleep or eat? Would that be fair? Then we looked at our school rules and why we have them.

We started to learn about our senses this week and started with touch. We investigated hard and soft things and went on a search around our classroom to find things to go into each set.

We have learned our next set of letter/sound correspondences: k, ck, u and r. 

Our Fantastic Star Badge Winners This Week

Week Ending Friday 8th October 2021

In maths this week we have been Busy continuing our learning about numbers 1-5. This week we have been learning with our friends the Number Blocks. We have been looking at the different shapes some of them (2,3,4 and 5) can turn into and trying to find the matching dot patterns. We have also been playing Odd Pattern Out and finding patterns that didn’t belong into a set.

We have been continuing to find out about Harvest this week and have learned the story of The Enormous Turnip. We have listened to lots of different versions and learned that it is a very old story from a country called Russia! The children have loved joining in with the repeated phrases and retelling the story. We have also been spotting similarities between this story and the story of The Little Red Hen we read last week. We have been using our sounds to blend and read words and making a sentence about the turnip.

We have been learning the names of body parts this week and writing labels to make a very large diagram! We have played plenty of games that involve using different body parts such as Simon Says and singing rhymes like Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes and One Finger One Thumb Keep Moving.

We had great fun in our P.E. lesson this week using some brand new resources -Tennis Mitts! They allowed us to learn how to bounce and hit a ball and we even got so far as aiming our hits into targets on the floor! The children LOVED using these and found it easier to start to learn our batting skills than using a racquet straight away. 

We finished the week with a lovely day on Friday. We had a Thrive and Flourish Day as part of our work on Mental Health and Well Being. We came into school wearing something green and had a trip down to our outdoor classroom to plant a bulb each for us to take home. We will be learning about some more ways to keep our brains healthy next week.

We have learned our third set of letter/sound correspondences: c,e,o and g. 

Our Fabulous Star Badge Winners This Week.

Week Ending Friday 1st October 2021

This week we met some old friends the Numberblocks in our maths. We learned about all the different ways of making numbers 1-5 and telling stories about them. For example, First there was 1 bird, Next 2 more came along, Now there are 3 birds. We are really good at these stories and we put them into a part, part whole model as well. We continued subitizing and sorting representations of the numbers as well. Great number work Reception! πŸ‘πŸ»

This week we have been practising our Harvest Festival song and to help us learn about Harvest we have been reading and listening to lots of different versions of The Little Red Hen. We have loved this story and reactions to the end have been varied. Some of us thought Little Red Hen was doing the right thing and some of us thought she should have shared the bread! All the children loved joining in with stories and sequenced the events brilliantly. They then used their sequences to tell Me the story, often complete with animal voices! πŸ”πŸΆπŸ±πŸ¦†

We have been finishing our self-portraits and making posters about ourselves using the iPads and PicCollage. We are getting good with our ICT skills. We have sorted ourselves into groups by looking at our hair and eye colour and practised writing our names on the correct colour sheets.

In P.E. we learned some ball skills - rolling and controlling speed and direction. Everyone had lots of fun and we even managed to find nearly all of the balls at the end of the lesson! In PSHE we talked about our favourite things and how everyone likes different things. This linked very nicely with our PicCollages we are making. 

Our fabulous Star Badge winners this week! 

Week Ending Friday 24th September 2021

This week in maths, we have been continuing to investigate out numbers to 5. We have been thinking about their place in number lines and the different ways we can represent them. We have been playing Number Splat - where we had to subitize very quickly and find the right number on our number lines.

We are getting very good at this!