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Week Ending Friday 24th September 2021

This week in maths, we have been continuing to investigate out numbers to 5. We have been thinking about their place in number lines and the different ways we can represent them. We have been playing Number Splat - where we had to subitize very quickly and find the right number on our number lines.

We are getting very good at this! 

This week we went to France for The European Day of Languages. We counted to ten in French and ordered our numbers to 5. We tasted some French food and learned the names in French as well as how to say hello and please and thank you. We made flags and sang some French nursery rhymes. Une bonne journee! 

We continued with our topic I Am Special and thought about all the ways we can be the same and different. We thought of all the different things we are good at and drew pictures about our skills. We read lots of fiction and non fiction books about how we are all special including We Are All Wonders. 

We have started to finish our self portraits. We had to look very carefully in the mirrors to draw what we could see. What colour are our eyes? What colour is our hair? How can we draw our mouths? There were LOTS of things we had to think about! 

Finally, to finish off a fantastic week we went to church on Sunday for our Welcome Service. We sang a song for everyone and then did some activities with our mums and dads. We all got a special present - a Bible for us to keep. It was a lovely service. 

Week Ending Friday 17th September 2021

This week in our maths work we have continued to think and explore numbers 1-5 a little more. We have looked at lots of different ways they can be represented and gone on number hunts around the classroom.

We matched numerals to amounts and did lots and lots of counting. We have introduced our maths meeting every morning, where we practise skills such as learning the days of the week, recognising shapes and subitizing. 


In English this week we have started our theme of 'I Am Special.' We began by looking at families and all the different types of family we have. We read lots of books about families and a story called Charlie's Checklist. In the story a little dog writes a list of the things that a family must be to look after him. We thought about what our homes and families must have and what we would put on our own checklist. We have drawn our families.

We also sequenced and wrote labels for the stages of an apple tree from pip to tree.

R.E. and PSHE

We continued thinking about families by learning that we are all God's children and that he cares for us all. We wrote our names on post it notes and stuck it on a giant hand. " See I have written your names on the palms of my hands." Isaiah 49:16. We also started our PSHE theme being Me in My World and were introduced to the Calm Me times. We had our second P.E. lesson and played games such as Shark in the Water using mats as islands to help us think about negotiating spaces safely at different speeds . We had a LOT of fun!

Our Fabulous Star Badge Winners this week.

Week Ending Friday 10th September 2021
From Tree to Table

This week we discovered our apple trees had grown lots of apples! We went out to pick them and had some for snack. What to do with all the others? Apple crumble of course! We had lots of fun making the crumble mixture and despite the cooker in Nursery deciding to cook at an extremely hot temperature all on its own.. managed to have crumble for our snack today! Reviews were very mixed!

We continued our Apple theme by using apples and apple trees in our maths work this week. We counted amounts, subitized, spotted missing or mixed up numbers and found trees with more or fewer apples. We learned a new word ‘equal‘ and found trees with equal amounts of apples on! 🍎🍎
in English we looked at some non-fiction texts and learned a little bit more about the seasons and how an Apple tree grows and makes its own apples.

We read the story of Noah’s Ark and thought about what a rainbow means and the rainbows we made in the first lockdown. We learned about our Christian Value for this half term which is Hope and made a giant rainbow using our handprints. We talked about things we hope for.


To add to the fun, we had our first P.E. lesson in the hall in our P.E. kits. Miss Wilson and I were VERY impressed by how independent the children were in their dressing skills and hopefully everyone made it back home with most of their own clothes!  We have also had lots of fun playing and exploring together. 
It has been a great first full week and I am so proud of all the children as they get used to all the new experiences and routines. They have all been total superstars! 🌟🌟🌟

Friday 3rd September

What a fabulous first two days we have had in Reception. It has been lovely to welcome the children in and start to get to know them properly! We have had a great time.