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Welcome to our Reading Page

Here at Cronton we do our very best to promote a love of reading right from your child's very first weeks with us all the way through to Year Six and beyond! 

In Reception:

We encourage the children to bring in and share their own favourite books with us at story times as part of our getting to know each other in the first few weeks and throughout the year.

We have a Bedtime Bear, called Ziggy, who loves to go home with the children for a sleepover and to share their favourite bedtime story. Unfortunately due to Covid, he has had to stay in class with us but hopefully he will be able to start to go home with the children soon!

Teachers share their favourite story books and enjoy telling the children why they love them so much.

Topics of learning, both child and adult led, are taught predominantly through stories and non-fiction books and the children are encouraged to develop a range of skills to help them learn to read, through exploring character’s thoughts and feelings, plots of stories and learning lots of new words! (Please see our Reading Booklet for Parents.)

We read and sing a range of traditional tales and nursery rhymes and encourage a thorough knowledge of and familiarity with them by spotting similarities and differences between them. We enjoy comparing different versions - especially those that perhaps have an unexpected twist!

We have a lovely, comfy book corner for the children to use in the continuous provision and enjoy celebrating events such as World Book Day.

Every week the children choose a library book to take home and share with their grown -ups.

Relevant books are available in every area of our provision where appropriate.

At the end of every day we have story time all together, where stories are chosen both by adults and by the children.

The children have sound books and red word books to take home. These are updated as we learn new words and sounds.

When the children have mastered the first sets of sounds – they take home reading materials that will enable them to practise using the sounds and red words they have learned. The children take home two books each time. One for the children to read themselves to their grown ups and one for the grown ups to read to share with their child. The books are changed on Mondays and Thursdays.

On this page, you will find resources around phonics and word reading and we hope you find them useful.

Mrs Jones and Miss Wilson

Set 2 Letter Sound Sheets to Help at Home

These two girls were having a great time today reading The Gingerbread Man today. They knew the story well and were joining in with all the phrases together.

”Run, run as fast as you can!

You can’t catch me - I’m the Gingerbread Man!

And the little old man, the little old lady, the boy, the girl and the dog could NOT catch him! “


One class member was reading Winnie and the Dinosaur Day today to her friends. She read with great expression and knew the story well.

”The dinosaur didn’t like cakes. The dinosaur didn’t like sandwiches. What the dinosaur DID like was…GRASS! Winnie was very happy because she never had to cut her grass again!”

The boys were in the reading corner today and looking at a non fiction book on dinosaurs. They were looking at the different pictures and talking to each other about what they could see in the book.
“This is T- Rex .. this big one here..” pointing to an illustration.. “But no one knows if it was that colour..”
 “No one knows what colour because there was no one to might have been pink..a pink dinosaur..” All the boys started laughing.
 “T- Rex was big, very big but spinosaurus was bigger ..’s much bigger and it’s got that massive spine down its back.”
“All these ones are meat eaters.. carnivores.. all on this page ..and look..turn over.. you can see the fossils .. the skeleton of the spinosaurus.. look turn over..” 
They turned over the page and there are clear pages with the skeletons on that you can lay over the illustrations..
“Wow! That’s so good.. are there more?
The boys then continued to go through the book, finding the skeletons pages and flipping them back and forth.

Some great cvc word building going on this week in Reception.