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This page gives information on after school clubs. If there is a cost for the club please pay via ParentPay unless otherwise instructed.

Virtual After School Sports Clubs – Weekdays 5.00pm

Every weekday at 5pm until the end of term (18 December), Youth Sport Trust are  running a 30-minute online club for all children and young people to do some sport, develop skills and, most importantly, have fun!



Many children across the UK will be missing out on their usual sport clubs. The Youth Sport Trust are helping all young people feel part of a club that helps them develop skills and learn something new. The Youth Sport Trust’s After School Sport Club is about much more than physical fitness. It will help children develop physical literacy and confidence to try lots of new sports, helping all children find a sport for them.


The After School Sport Club will be led by Athlete Mentors from different backgrounds, abilities and sports. Every day at 5pm until 18 December, children can join in with the live broadcast for free on our YouTube channel.



This week there is:

Jenna Downing                  Mon 30th Nov 5:00pm - 5:30pm

Jenna is the world’s number one female inline skater and ten times British Champion. Equipment needed: A ball and some paper and pens.


Rachael Mackenzie          Tue 1st Dec 5:00pm - 5:30pm

Rachael is a British, European and World Thai-Boxing champion. Equipment needed: Two small hand towels or pillows and 10 socks or soft toys.


Alistair Patrick-Heselton Wed 2nd Dec 5:00pm - 5:30pm

Alistair is a former professional footballer. He played CP football, for Cerebral Palsy or brain injury sufferers, and competed at the London 2012 Olympics. Equipment needed: A small soft ball or ball ...


Nolli Waterman                Thu 3rd Dec 5:00pm - 5:30pm

Nolli is a professional English rugby union and rugby sevens player.Equipment needed: A box or wastepaper bin and 12 balls made from scrunched up paper or socks.


Toby Garbett                     Fri 4th Dec 5:00pm - 5:30pm

Toby is a two-time rowing World Champion and a former Olympian. Equipment needed: 10 soft items such as toys, toilet rolls or rolled up socks, plus a long broom handle, walking stick or hockey stick.

Unfortunately we have been advised that due the current lockdown restrictions we are unable to hold our current after school clubs. Therefore all clubs will be suspended until further notice.  

Autumn 2 clubs

Y6 club will continue to run on Mondays with the same children. 

Y5 club will now be held on Thursdays , the same as PE day now and therefore there is no need to bring spare clothes. Places have been reallocated.

Y4 club will now be held on Tuesday. Children will need to bring PE clothes in a small bag to change into. Places have been reallocated. 

Y3 club remains on Wednesday but places have been now been reallocated.  .



After School Clubs We are currently looking at and hoping to start After School Clubs in a couple of weeks. However, due to current circumstances we have had to make some changes to our usual clubs:

 The clubs will initially only be for Junior children.

 Apart from Computing, there will be no outside providers running any clubs, school staff will run Multi-Skills clubs

 There will only be 1 class per club with limited numbers

 The clubs will be held outside except in bad weather when it will be held in the relevant classroom

 The clubs, except Year 5, will have their club on the same day as their PE lesson. Year 5 will have their club on Tuesday  and will need to bring in suitable clothing to change into.

Letters for Multiskills after school clubs for KS2 have gone out. You can also find them here. Please reply by Friday 18th if you wish to be considered for a place. If any year is over subscribed places will be allocated by drawing from the hat. You will be notified if your child has been allocated a place.    
All after school clubs are now up and running and are full.