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At Cronton CE Primary School our KEYS Curriculum is built around the National Curriculum, enriched to reflect the children and community we teach in. As a church school our Christian ethos and school values are the heart of everything we do.

We believe every child can be their BEST with our Vision statement reflecting this.

“I can do everything through God who gives me strength” Philippians 4:13



How Geography Links with Our KEYS Curriculum

Our curriculum plan sets out the aims of Geography and assures a full coverage of the National Curriculum while challenging the pupils and inspiring their curiosity! 

Geography is a living, dynamic and relevant subject. It is so much more than just memorising place on a map! Our Cronton CE Curriculum KEYS – Knowledge and Skills Empower You to Succeed captures exactly what study of geography is: offering a uniquely powerful view of the world which prepares our pupils for successful future. In order to become global citizens, the children have an opportunity to grasp how the world works and how they fit into it.

Michael Palin said, “Geography is the subject which holds the key to our future.”

Building on their observations of the world in Early Years, the children in Cronton CE Primary develop their sense of place, location and scale. Through knowledge and skills, they gain a better understanding of our world. Furthermore, by the end of Year 6, they are well-equipped to fathom the big global issues and start exploring possible solutions. 


If you would like to get involved with Geography at Cronton CE (maybe you visited exciting places? You are a cartographer? You work in import-export? You did the Three Peaks Challenge?), please do not hesitate to contact the school.




Key attributes of a geographer at Cronton


  • A curiosity and fascination for the world around them
  •  Have a deep understanding of the world’s physical features and processes
  • Have knowledge of the planet’s significant places and be able to make comparisons between them.
  • Be able to collect and interpret a range of data from the world around them
  • Be able to make connections between the physical and human features of our planet to other areas of the curriculum


The intention of our Geography curriculum is to develop a knowledge, skills and understanding of key geographical concepts through the study of significant geographical topics. Geography should inspire pupils’ inquisitiveness, curiosity and through the study of human and physical features, prepare them to become global citizens; aware of our changing world.

By developing contextual knowledge of the location of globally significant places and understanding the processes that shape our diverse settings and societies, the children will be equipped to recognise the significance of the change over time and spatial awareness.

The pupils will be taught how to collect, analyse and present data during their fieldwork opportunities and they will practice their maps skills by a use of a variety of atlases, maps and online resources.


Our Cronton Geography Curriculum has been designed in order to achieve full National Curriculum coverage and allow clear progression of knowledge and skills from EYFS to subsequently KS3 by creating diagonal, horizontal and vertical links, which allow opportunities for the pupils to revisit and build upon their previous learning hence altering their long term memory.

Lesson Structure

Geography lessons have a set format (apart from Fieldwork lessons) that has to be followed to maintain consistency, progression and allow for all the knowledge and skills being implemented.

This lesson structure has been designed to ensure the children learn more and remember, combining recapping with learning new knowledge and allowing children to make links. They will develop an understanding of geographical vocabulary and knowledge. They will be able to use geographical skills to learn about the world around them and be able to present their knowledge and findings in a variety of ways. 

Geography Overview