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Week beginning 30.11.20


I'm sure you have all heard about our special visitor this week. He was a very naughty Elf indeed! The children loved getting to meet him (even if he did throw their books on the floor...)



The children have continued to work hard this week across all our subjects. They particularly enjoyed our music lesson as we continued to find the pulse in a song. We listened to different genres of music and found a song which was a big hit amongst the children, Miss Dunn and Mrs Soni. 

Week beginning 23.11.20


This week we investigated different tastes in DT and we found some fruits we loved and some we didn't like! But it was great to see the children giving everything a go!


We finished of our English topic by going on our very own bear hunt! We had some wet, muddy shoes but nonetheless we had a great time.


In Maths we have been recognising and naming 3D shapes. We enjoyed making trains with the 3D shapes and spotting 3D shapes in our surroundings.


This week we voting for our student council representatives. We zoomed Year 6 and listened to their wonderful speeches and then we anonymously voted for who we thought would best represent our class. 

Week beginning 16.11.20


We had a very busy yet exciting week as it was Anti-Bullying week. The children really enjoyed showing how they are all unique by coming into school in odd socks, with crazy hair and different ties. We had lots of discussions about how we are all different and how we can unite against bullying. The children used this as a stimulus to write a list of rules to prevent bullying for their Independent Write. It was lovely to read what they had written. 


In English we have continued with our topic on familiar settings and looking at "We're Going on a Bear Hunt". The children particularly enjoyed our lesson when we did some story mapping, showing that they were able to recall and sequence the story. We are now almost at the stage were we will plan our own story about a familiar setting. 


Our PSHE lesson this week closely linked to Anti-Bullying week as we celebrated our differences. We looked at things that are similar and different about ourselves and our peers, we discussed why it is important that we are all different and ways we can show kindness to others. We created a lovely PSHE display for our classroom which will hopefully be completed next week!


The children have worked extremely hard this week and I have noticed great progress since the beginning of the year. I hope you have all had a relaxing weekend and I will see you on Monday for another exciting week of learning!

Miss Dunn

Week beginning 2.11.20


We had a great start to our new half term. The children have shown great enthusiasm and a love of learning which has made me very proud to be their teacher!

We have started reading a new book in English called We're Going on a Bear Hunt. The children really enjoyed being able to join in when reading our new book. 


In our maths meetings we have been recovering our learning from Reception focusing on positional language and have been working very hard to secure our number bonds. We still have a bit of practise to do on time!

In Maths the children showed perseverance with addition and subtraction equations.


We started a really exciting topic in History this half term which is focused on The Gunpowder Plot. The children really enjoyed talking about their plans for Bonfire Night and told me how they planned to enjoy the night even considering the current situation. We spent time understanding what the Houses of Parliament is and what the Government do. I was very impressed with how the children were able to tell me everything they know about Boris Johnson! 


We had a lovely Friday afternoon learning what the pulse is in music. Mrs Jones even got a sneak peak of Miss Dunn's singing (lucky her!)


Congratulations to the children who received a star badge this week, they were very well deserved!

Well done to all our Ninja Belt readers this week. It is great to see you all taking the time to read every night and I really enjoy getting the opportunity to hear your wonderful reading. Keep it up!

Week beginning 21.9.20


We are starting to settle into our class and have had a great week.

We have been finding one more and one less in Maths and have had great fun using different resources, such as number lines and dice, to help us with this.


In English we have been learning how to write captions and labels. The children helped Miss Dunn to find out where her dog Chester had explored in Cronton and they were able to label a map showing this. The children really enjoyed this and we got to work on our map skills. Mrs Musil would be impressed!


We have been working hard in Science to find out where our paper comes from. We were able to identify the differences between paper and wood and recall the process of how paper is made.


In RE we have had lots of fun investigating where our food comes from in the lead up to Harvest. The children were tasked with the job of making posters to show where the food in their homes are from. I have enjoyed seeing these posters on Seesaw. Check out our Twitter page (crontony1) to see some of these wonderful posters.


Our school celebrated European Day of Languages on Friday and Year 1 looked at the country Ireland- I wonder why...

We had an amazing time learning some of the Irish language, watching Gaelic football, listening to traditional Irish music and completing a puzzle on countries in Europe. 

Week beginning 7.9.20.

We had a lovely week and it was great to see the children settling in to their new classroom.


In English we have been looking at labels and captions. The children did a great job at identifying labels and even being able to use their own labels.

We have been practising our Phonics everyday and are working hard to consolidate digraphs that they learned in Reception.


In Maths we have been focusing on Place Value up to 10. The children have worked extremely hard this week on sorting objects. They found this quite tricky at first, but practise makes perfect!


In Geography we have been looking at Our School. We learned why we use a postcode and an address. It would be good to talk to your child about your address and why you need to know your address.


In Science we have been looking at recycling. The children did a fantastic job explaining how paper is made. Test your child's knowledge and ask them if they can recall this process.