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Year 2

Please use the link below to see all the wonderful work completed in our KS1 Spanish lessons.

Week Ending Friday 12th April 2024

Welcome back everyone to the start of our summer term. This week in maths we have been looking at fractions - starting with halves. We have been identifying halves and finding halves of shapes and amounts.

In English this week we have been writing our non-chronological reports on an animal of our choice from Grandad's Island. We have found out lots of interesting facts and information about them and considered how to best present our findings.

In geography we have continued our learning on hot and cold places by looking at the UK and the climate and weather we have. We learned that even though the UK is quite a small country, there are still small climate differences in different parts of the country. Can you match the weather and climate to the different parts of the UK?

In computing we started our learning on algorithms by trying to give instructions to our 'robot' friends. It turns out that giving very specific instructions to a robot to move around is quite difficult! We also tried to make a drawing based on instructions without having a picture to reference! We ended up with quite a few different variations! 

In science we have learned about habitats and micro habitats. Can your child tell you which ones these pictures are? Are they habitats or micro habitats? what might live in a micro habitat?

Week Ending Friday 29th March 2024

What a fabulous end to the half term! Just look at our amazing Easter bonnets! A great Easter Egg hunt as well! Year Two, you have worked so hard this term and I am very proud of you all. Have a very Happy Easter and I told the Easter Bunny that you all deserve lots of eggs and he delivered! 

Week Ending Friday 22nd March 2024

What a great week we have had in Year Two this week! We spent a day with B Tales writing an assembly all about the true meaning of Easter which we performed for our parents in the afternoon. We had such a lot of fun and learned an important message as well.

We had a great Times Table Rock Star day on Friday. We spent the day practising our times tables ready for going on TTRS in the afternoon. Check out our rocking and rolling while we work out the answers to mixed two, five and ten times table questions! 

The Two Times Table Song

Still image for this video

Rocking’ and Rollin’ While We Are Workin’ 😀

Still image for this video

We had a great time in geography using the atlases to find The Equator, the North Pole, the South Pole and the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern Hemisphere. We then found countries above, on and below The Equator. 

In DT we made and tested our final roly polys before evaluating them. They looked amazing and worked brilliantly! 

Week Ending Friday 15th March 2024

Science Week!

What an amazing week we have had in Year Two learning lots more about Science. We started off with practical workshops with a science teacher from OCA, one of our local high schools.

There were experiments around making circuits and testing different materials to see if they were conductors or insulators, microscopes to examine different cell samples, quadrat surveys, colour exploration and fingerprinting: were we whorls, loops or arches? We had an amazing time.

Next up was a workshop where we learned all about carbon monoxide and keeping safe in our houses with Safety Seymour and his friends. We wrote and performed a drama all about what we had learned.  We all got a little Safety Seymour to make at home and a carbon monoxide alarm for our houses. 

We had a great Mad Science assembly where we got to see lots of amazing science in action! 

We undertook a STEM activity to build an elastic band powered car in groups. We had to use lots of perseverance and testing to get these going as the construction was tricky! 

Finally we learned a little bit more about animals and their habitats with our friends from Hackback CIC. Anita brought in Murray and Mango to help! They are both owls but live in very different habitats and have very different skills. One of them is a very good runner. Can you guess which one? Look at their legs to help you figure it out! 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to Green Team! 

Week Ending Friday 8th March

Happy Mother’s Day to all our fabulous mums, stepmums, nans and aunties! We hope you have a fabulous day! We certainly had a lovely time making your cards and spending time with you at our coffee morning! 

We have had a fabulous Book Week this week. Drop Everything and Read, Mystery Readers popping in to tell us a story and of course World Book Day where we read the story of The Rainbow Bird, an aboriginal traditional tale and learned some facts about Australia.

In maths, we have been looking at the 2 times table and how the times tables relate to each other e.g. 2 X 4 is the same as 4 X 2. We have been practising our 2 times table with our 2 Times Table ( google Justin Timberlake) song and doing lots of speed games on the board.

In PE we have been working with a partner to throw and catch a ball and aiming to bounce the ball so it reaches our partner! 🎾🎾 In DT we have been busy drawing our final designs for our roly polys. In science we looked at different types of animals and their different characteristics and body parts.

WHAT a week we have had! Science week next week and we CAN’T WAIT!

Week Ending Friday 1st March 2024

Happy St. David's Day! Yellow team came in their team colours to celebrate!

In maths we have continued with our block on multiplication and division by looking at grouping and making groups. We have learned how these relate to multiplication and used arrays to help us understand that there are two multiplication sentences we can make for each array. We then looked at the division sign and how division is the opposite of multiplication and how they work together in families.

In English this week we have been looking at recounts and what needs to be included to write a good one. We then wrote our own fabulous recounts of our trip to the Blue Planet Aquarium last week.

In P.E. we had a great time learning about attacking and defending using the small balls. In DT we made faces for our roly polys and then looked at how the tubes could roll without the wheels attached. 

We have been learning tis week about Fair Trade in our International work this week and finding out how important it is to help farmers across the world get enough money for their crops so they can send their children to school and improve their homes and villages.

Week Ending Friday 23rd February 2024

What a fantastic trip to The Blue Planet Aquarium we had on Friday! We had two great workshops: on eon plastics in the ocean environment and one on habitats - both of which linked with our science learning this year. We saw some amazing fish, watched the divers feed the stingrays and had a brilliant time! Luckily we didn't really get eaten by any sharks!

In maths this week, we have started our block of learning on multiplication and division. We began by looking at equal and unequal groups, then making equal groups, then adding equal groups before using the multiplication sign. Keep practising those times tables Year Two! 

In English this week we have been looking at instructions to prepare for writing our own instructions for making a habitat for our magical creatures next week. Can your child tell you what order the different parts of the instructions should go in? Can they tell you all the things instructions should include?

We have finished our history unit by comparing rooms in our houses today with rooms in houses in Victorian times. In DT we have been investigating different joining techniques for our roly polys and evaluating which is the most secure and most effective. Another great week Year Two! We started our new block of Living Things and habitats in science this week by investigating and sorting things into three groups: alive, never been alive and dead. We had some very interesting discussions around chocolate cake! Has it ever been alive or is it dead because it is made of things that were once alive? Food for thought indeed!

Week Ending Friday 9th February 2024

We started Children's Mental Health Week with a whole school assembly on Your Voice Matters.

We read a story called 'Speak Up' by Nathan Bryan and Dapa Adeola about  a little girl who stated a campaign to save her library. We thought about how we can use our voices to talk about how we are feeling, help other people and helping to make changes to things we care about. We then learned about the five ways to keep our brains healthy in class. We made our own posters about our learning.

In maths, we finished off our block on money by looking at reasoning and solving two step problems and had some times table fun.

In English we wrote our own finding stories based on the magical creatures we had invented! We really enjoyed writing these!

In History we learned about a Victorian wash day and thought about how it was very different to how we wash our clothes and bedding now. Can your child tell you what all these items are and how they were used?

We completed an end of unit quiz on forces in our science and started our next unit in DT on Roly Polys.

In R.E. we continued to learn about how Jesus was friends with everyone by learning about the miracle of The Paralysed Man.

Have a fabulous half term Year Two! You have worked really hard this half term!

Week Ending Friday 2nd February 2024

This week we have been exploring making a pound using different coins and calculating with money. We also learned expanded column addition and also learned the importance of keeping the tens and ones columns clear! Well done Year Two! We'll soon have this method nailed!

In our English this week we have been looking at the example text and analysing it for vocabulary and features ready for writing our own finding stories. We put everything we found on our working wall. We designed our own class creature and then designed our own individual ones. We had a lot of fun! I can't wait to read the stories about all these different creatures!

In dance this week we had to create our own dance to 'I'm a Barbie Girl'. The children had to create start positions, sequences of movements including a cascade and a finishing position. We then performed our pieces for each other. There were plenty of WOW moments!

In science, we explored how magnets can attract and repel each other. We loved how you could feel the forces but not actually see it! 

In art, we finished our work on Maeve Wright by completing our finished pieces and learned about a famous Victorian Liverpudlian in history, who saved many people from cholera through her generosity. She helped the council set up the very first public wash houses and you can go and visit her grave in the city. Who was this

amazing woman? Ask your children to tell you all about her! We also learned a little bit more about Victorian house work! What is this object and how was it used?

Week Ending Friday 26th January 2024

This week in our maths we have been continuing our work on money. We have been counting in pounds, matching amounts and choosing notes and coins to make amounts. The concept of being able to make an amount in many different ways using our currency needs lots of exploring! Why not have a go at home?

In English we have been exploring the character of The Bog Baby and his appearance. We have written some list poems about him. We have also explored The Bog Baby's feelings at different parts of the story and using conjunctions to help us justify and expand our thinking. 

In R.E. we are thinking about friendship and how Jesus was friends with everyone. We learned the story of how he cured the ten lepers this week and thought about what we would say to him if we were one of the lepers writing a thank letter.

In science we have been exploring magnets and magnetism. We explored different items to see if they were magnetic and learned the words attract and repel. We learned about the north and south poles of magnets.

In art and design we have been using photocopies of our observational house sketches to explore different media - paints on wet and dry paper and chalk and oil pastels.

Week Ending Friday 19th January 2024

Another busy week in year Two! This week in our maths we have been introducing our new topic of money. We have been exploring the different coins and practising counting them. Money is sometimes a difficult thing for children to understand because one thing represents many things and we are becoming a cashless society!

You can help your child by getting out your loose change and counting up amounts - play shop! Or let them use some of their pocket money to spend themselves in a real shop!  

In our English this week we have started our new unit  based on The Bog Baby by Jeanne Willis.

We have been making predictions before reading the story.

What is a bog? What is in it? And what is this strange creature? What is going to happen in the story and what are those two girls doing?

We have been writing setting descriptions using conjunctions.

In our history this week we have started a new topic: Changes in homes since the Victorian times.

We learned about Queen Victoria. What can your child tell you about her?

In Computing we have been looking at the difference between drawn pictures and photographs. We have drawn portraits of our friends and then taken photos of them on the i-pads.

In our science we continued investigating forces by finding out if different forces: pushes, pulls and twists could alter the speed, direction or shape of different items.

We had a lot of fun!

Week Ending Friday 12th January 2024

Happy New Year to everyone! 
We have had a great first week back in school! We started our week with Funday Monday. We revised our knowledge of compasses and the four main directions. We took some compasses outside onto our yard and found North, South, East and West and then sketched what we could see in each direction.

We practised what we preached in our science by re-using plastic and other waste materials to make a super underwater collage.

In the afternoon we were lucky enough to have a fabulous pantomime to watch! A very entertaining performance of Cinderella.

In our maths we have been exploring 3D shapes and their properties. We have counted faces, edges and vertices and sorted out shapes into different sets.

In our art and design we were outside again with our sketching clipboards. This time we were sketching houses we could see ready to explore different media, such as pastels and paints, as part of our preparation for a final piece based on the contemporary work of Maeve Wright. 
We have started our new PE block of dance and had fun making a honey bee dance sequence.

We also finished our Continents and Oceans geography unit by deciding which continent we would like to live on and thinking of the reasons why we would like to live there.

Week Ending Friday 22nd December 2023

Merry Christmas everyone! We have had a fabulous last week of term with our Great Big Autumn Term quiz, finishing our cards, a talent show, a party and breakfast with a VERY special visitor! 🎅🏼 We finished the term with a celebration assembly for our fabulous high attendees and the Twelve Days of Christmas. Thank you to all the children and parents for making this term so great and thank you for all your lovely gifts. You are all very kind. We felt very blessed indeed. Have a fabulous Christmas and a great New Year!

Week Ending Friday 15th December 2023

We have had another great week in Year Two. We had lots of fun at the Santa Dash on Thursday despite the weather's best efforts and the children were so full of energy - Miss Wilson and I couldn't keep up!

In maths this week we have been learning about symmetry and where we can find lines of symmetry in different shapes. Then we had a go at completing shapes using lines of symmetry to help. Some shapes were trickier than others!

In English this week, we have been thinking about the main character William from our vehicle text and wondering what he would write in his diary if he had one. We have been exploring how you write a diary and what features it has: written in the first person and in the past tense. We will be writing a diary as William for our next writing task.

In science this week, we linked to our unit on Plastics in the environment and looked at how we can reduce, re-use or recycle. We decided to investigate how we can change polystyrene blocks into something completely different! We can't show you our finished result because they are a surprise to bring home!

In geography the children had to use all their skills to match key facts and pictures of main landmarks for each continent to the correct continent using only the shapes of each one! We were amazing at this - I bet all the children can recognise the continents if you tested them at home using a world map! We then also learned about human and physical features of the world and sorted them into the two groups.

Stand Back! Year Two are doing Science!

Still image for this video

Week Ending Friday 8th December 2023

What a fabulous time we had on Sunday performing our Nativity play in church for all our families!

The Very Hopeless Camel was far from hopeless. We are so proud of all of our Key Stage One children. They worked hard to learn all the songs and actions. Year Two were especially amazing. They learned the parts and remembered all the songs and all the stage directions! FANTASTIC! 

In our maths this week we have started our unit on shape by revising the names of all the 2D and 3d shapes and making sure we can recognise them all. We have counted sides and made sure we were watching out for any shapes that were trying to play tricks on us! We also learned that quadrilaterals, hexagons and pentagons can look very different to the regular ones we are used to seeing!  

In our English we have planned and written a setting description for a chosen illustration from The Night Gardener by the Fan Brothers. We have thought about similes we can use and noun phrases. We have thought about how you describe setting - starting with the background and then moving closer.

We had a fabulous Christmas Games Day on Tuesday where we went in and had lots of fun playing games on stalls that were brilliantly run by Year Six.

In art and design we have started to learn about the artist Maeve Wright and the type of pictures she produces. Can your child tell you anything about her and her work? 

We had our last road safety session this week with the team from Knowsley and made them some Keeping Safe on the Road posters to show that we had listened really well and would remember how to stay safe near the roads.

Another very busy week in Year Two!

Week Ending Friday 1st December 2023

This week Blue Team celebrated Saint Andrew's Day and we started our work with Knowsley Road Safety team. This very important learning teaches us about traffic and roads. We started out by learning that we need to walk along the pavement away from the kerb and to stand back from the kerb when we are getting ready to cross. We also learned that we need to look both ways and look again before we cross and how to choose a safe place to cross.

In our maths we have been finishing our addition and subtraction unit by looking and mixed addition and subtraction, comparing number sentences and finding missing numbers in number sentences. 

In Design Technology we have been very busy making, tasting and evaluating our sandwiches.

We had a lovely afternoon and some very delicious food as well!

We have also been very busy rehearsing our Nativity play and thinking about the Christmas story. we have thought about good news and times in our lives when we have received good news. We also learned about the messengers that God sent to spread his good news about the birth of Jesus.