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Year 3



I hope you enjoyed the KS2 production. Our class made fantastic members of the choir. We have been learning about Humanism in Re this week, as well as completing our orienteering challenge. In maths we have been learning about statistics, interpreting information from bar charts and pictograms as well as collecting data by doing our own survey. We have been learning how to write a newspaper report in English, which we will complete next week.  The  transition day in Y4 went well and children are now looking forward to next year.  as we enter our last week in Y3 , both for me and the children , I would like to thank you for your support over the year. I hope you agree and can see from their reports the children  have made lots of progress this year.   



This week we have been doing more orienteering and practicing our map skills. We have compared Cronton with Edinburgh, learning about rural and urban places. We have learnt about the rules in Buddhism in R.E , as well as taking part in the L.D.S.T Ethos Day.   In maths we have been looking at 3D shapes and enjoyed making some, thinking about the number of edges, faces and vertices in them. We had our try rounders this week, a new sport for most children. Unfortunately rain stopped play! 


This week we have been busy with special work but we have still had plenty of time for other things. We learnt about orienteering in P.E and tried to find all the locations of the markers around school using our map skills. We continued the map skills by using our sketch maps to plot our route around the village. We spotted many of our historical landmarks, before carrying out a traffic survey. 
in science we have learnt about  teeth and digestion, whilst in R. E we found out about another new religion, Sikhism. To end the week we worked on our computing topic, which is using Scratch again. We recapped our learning from last time before  going on to explore new skills.  



What a busy and hot start back for our last term in Year 3!  This week we have continued to learn about maps, by drawing a sketch map of Cronton, which we will use on our forthcoming walk around the village . We found out about ordinance survey maps too and enjoyed guessing what some of the symbols represented. We have started 2 new books in English, Traction Man in WCSR and Into the Forest , which will help us to write a lost story. In RE we have continued to look at rules but this time rules in other faiths. This week it was the five pillars of Islam.We have started looking learning the songs for our KS2 production and are looking forward to being in the choir for this. I have been proud  this week of the children in our class who sang in the choir at the Y6 leavers service  and also those who received awards at Children’s University. Well done.  It was lovely to end the week by seeing so many male relatives come in to celebrate Father’s Day with the children. I hope all families have a good day on Sunday. I also hope that next week is not so hot! 


What glorious weather this week! We used it well by enjoying some outdoor learning, drawing sketch maps of our school . This is the first part of our new geography topic , also about Cronton. This is why I have decided to delay our walk around the village until we have drawn our sketch maps to use on our walk. This will now take place in the first or second week after half term. 
Wr have continued learning about time and durations, having lots of fun using stopwatches and working out durations. I have challenged the children to continue to practice time related activities in the holidays and so you might have lots of questions about how long or what time it is. What can they do in 1 minute?  Can they guess how long a minute is? 
We wrote our diaries about the best place we have ever seen and I was impressed by descriptive language. I can see how much the children have progressed this year. It seems to have gone so quickly. I can’t believe we will be in our last few weeks in Y3 . Enjoy the half term everyone. 


What a fun morning playing quidditch. No broomsticks involved! Well done to Ravenclaw who won the tournament. 


Moving on from  yesterday’s learning about desktop publishing, we utilised our new skills to research and produce an information page about the festival of Holi. 

Today we have been learning about desktop publishing. We used pages to manipulate text, changing fonts, size and colour. We learnt how to make writing bold, underline it and use italics. We learnt how to add photos and pictures from the internet and move it around the page. We even learnt how to screenshot and air drop our results to Mrs Simm. A great afternoon of learning. 



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This week we have been writing our environmental  letters inspired by the book Dear Earth. I have been impressed with the children’s views and passionate ideas to help look after our world. We have been continuing with our money topic  by working out  change which has proved quite challenging for many. I am sure once the children  are spending  their own money, they will be experts in checking they have the correct change! 
We have been continuing finding out about Cronton and this week it was about the medieval justice of the stocks. I wonder if you know what is unusual about  Cronton stocks?



Although it has been a shorter week in school we have packed a lot in. We have been continuing learning about the history of Cronton, this time finding out about our school. We made some comparisons by looking at old photos of school life and walking around school.   In science we thought about  the issues affecting our bee population and how we could save our bees. We have been improving our skills with money practicing adding amounts, whilst in English we have been planning an environmental letter. We have had lots of children achieving 10  x 100% quizzes  on AR and therefore able to choose a book to keep. Well done.  This week we put our tennis skills into practice with the net, attempting  a rally. In RE we have been finding out about the extra commandment that Jesus brought. However  the  highlight  was ending the week celebrating the coronation. 


This week we have begun our topic on money in maths. With our increasingly cashless society , this has been a bit of a challenge for some. I’ve told the children they need to ask at home for some pocket money this weekend to help them practice recognising and counting coins !   In PHSE we have been thinking about stereotypes in jobs, discussing equal opportunities. 


Hope everyone had a good Easter holiday. We have  begun our last term in Year 3. We have recapped fractions in maths, while in English we have started reading two books, Dear Earth and Anisha Accidental Detective. Our PE for this term is tennis and athletics which we started this week with learning and practicing different types of jumping. Our new history topic on Cronton has ignited much interest with children beginning by learning about past trades and change in employment over the past centuries. Do you know why  there is a road called Smithy Lane? 

What fabulous Easter bonnets, well done everyone. 



We had a great P.E  lesson putting all our basketball skills together to play mini games. In RE we have been recapping all the events of Holy Week and thinking about the mixture of emotions linked to them. In maths we have been learning about capacity and reading scales, whilst in English we finally finished our whole class shared read book , The Twits. 
Wishing you all a Happy Easter. 


This week we have completed our science week with another great learning input from one of our school parents. We learnt all about her interesting work as a scientist. I am sure it inspired some of the children into possible future careers. 
we have continued learning about earthquakes in geography, whilst thinking about the recent events in Turkey too. In RE we have been thinking about the mixed emotions of Holy Week, this week concentrating on thinking about if the crucifixion was the beginning or the end.

in English we looked at  letter writing, planning our letters based on our book Jemmy Button, which we will be writing next week. We ended the week with some team building using the parachute to work together. 


Happy Mother’s Day everyone.


Some more fantastic science activities today. We had a visit from  OCA teachers who brought a carousel of activities to take part in. We then had a class challenge, to make a straw bridge. After a few tricky manipulations and troublesome tape issues every group managed to build a bridge and were amazed at how strong they were. 


What a fabulous start to science week. We have already had an assembly about dna , followed by learning about germs, finger prints and a science workshop from Cronton college and there is still lots more to come. 


Another 2 children able to choose a book to keep for achieving ten 100% on their AR quizzes. Well done. 

10 .3.23


Thank you to everyone who came to our class worship this week, I hope you agree the children were amazing and really thought about their responsibilities both at home  and school , as well as with our wider world.   This week we  have set our selves a challenge liked to our PHSE topic of being healthy. We have counted how many skips we can do in 2 minutes and we are all trying to improve. Keep practicing! As well as this we have been looking at the traffic light colours on food packaging. You may notice the children looking for these in the cupboards and shops. 

Another thing you may find children doing at home is looking for digital clocks. We have been learning not only how to tell the time to every 5 minutes, but also using digital and 24 hour clock. Another skill you can help with and to practice at home.

We ended the week with a live lesson from Urban Farm. It was very interesting learning how there is a farm underneath Liverpool city that is growing lettuces. 



What a  fabulous week. Everyone looked amazing in their book day costumes and we enjoyed taking part in the ‘ drop everything and read’ challenge.  We celebrated St David’s team with our yellow team whilst  in maths we have been getting to grips with fractions. We have been learning more about plants, databases and mountains as well as squeezing in time to practice  our class worship. We hope you can come and see it next week. 


Our topics for this half term, include mountains , volcanoes and earthquakes in geography. This week we used the atlases to locate some of the largest mountain ranges in the world. In PE we have started learning some basketball skills. We have started reading 3 new books, The Twits and Jemmy Button. We will be using these more during the term. In computing we have started learning about branching databases and found out that it was similar to playing Guess Who. This term our PHSE topic is healthy me and we have been thinking about the importance  of exercise and healthy diet. In maths we have been continuing learning about measuring and converting mm, cm and m. So many new topics to learn about this half term. 


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We were hoping to perform this in church but although we persevered with learning it, we ran out of time to do it without using the screen to copy.


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What a lovely way to end our Spring half term. We went to St Luke’s church , taking part in the whole school service. 



Todsy we took part in LDSt well being. The children have had a fun packed day. There has been yoga, planting and garden planning, colouring, writing appreciation postcards and an escape room. 


What a fabulous day we had in Chester, learning about Roman life and  being a soldier. Here are some of our photos to discuss at home. 


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We had an inspiring end to the week with a zoom from an author Abi Elphinstone, talking about how she gets her ideas for her books. She gave us some really helpful tips for writing exciting stories.   

31st January


What an exciting week in art. We have been using the clay to make pots. In maths we have learnt how to divide with remainders, whilst in PE we again used the apparatus to practice balancing. We have completed our setting writing and we are getting used to using pens now. There had been a big improvement in handwriting recently. In History we have been identifying Roman Gods and Goddesses and in RE we have found out about Mother Teresa and her work in India. 


This week we have been continuing learning about the Romans and this week we looked at Hadrian’s wall. We have thought about how another person’s life was changed by meeting Jesus, finding out about Zacchaeus. In maths we continued practicing multiplying 2 digit numbers, whilst in English for our whole class shared read we have read Silly Billy. In science we thought about how we can describe and group rocks, looking at their properties. We tested their permeability as part of this. We enjoyed using the apparatus this week in gymnastics and tried different balances on this.  


It has been an exciting  week in Year 3, with several children being the first to gain their pen licences. This week we have started many new topics. In history we have learnt about the Roman invasion and how  Boudicca led a rebellion. In RE we have begun to think about how Jesus changes lives, whilst in science we have learnt about the three types of rocks, sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic and how they were formed. In music we continued to learn about reggae music , listening to another Bob Marley classic, Jamming. We had a fun lesson jamming along to his music with the instruments. In PE we have started two contrasting sports, developing  football and gymnastic skills. In English we discovered the title of our new book for this half term, can you remember what it is? Whilst in our whole class shared read we have started an author focus on Anthony Browne and we will be reading several of his books over the next few weeks. 

Happy New Year

We have had a lovely start to the new  year with our arts week. We had a pantomime on Wednesday, an arts workshop on Thursday and in between we have made bookmarks, calendars and produced posters and pictures relating to our earth,  thinking  about how global warming and climate change is affecting it. We have had fun with our new music topic, learning to sing and playing along to Three Little Birds. We had a discussion learning about Bob Marley and what vinyl and a record player is. Today we have been creative in a different way,  learning about computing coding and using Scratch to move characters and create scenes. The children certainly knew more than me! This is a free coding site and children may like to have another go at home. 

Mrs Myler, Miss Abbey and myself would like to say a huge thank you to all Y3 children and parents for our kind and generous presents. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope you have lots of special family time. We look forward to seeing you in the New Year. 

Today we said goodbye to Miss Abbey who has been with us this term as a student teacher. She is going on to a new placement before returning to Cronton in the summer term. 

Let Your Spirit Fly

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Year 3 having been learning this song in our music lessons this term.

Week ending 16.12.22

Christmas celebrations have been a big part of this week, starting by watching a fabulous concert from Reception and Nursery and ending the week with Christmas dinner , with a party in between!  We have also been fitting our work in too. In maths we have continued practicing our tables, learning our 4 x and 8 x and thinking about the relationship between them. In English we wrote our information report about foxes, trying to change people’s perception of them from being sly. We thought about relationships in PHSE , in particular about  using kind words to everyone. Everyone looked fabulous in their Christmas jumpers today and we are definitely feeling  Christmasy in y3 now. 


This week we managed to find some sunshine to enable us to investigate our shadows. We had fun playing shadow games before drawing around them and seeing how they changed during the day. We were excited to see the snow at the end of the week, with it being the first snowy experience for one of our class. We learnt about Papa Panov in RE, whilst in maths we have been thinking about arrays and times tables. In English we have finding out about foxes , ready to start our information report writing next week. We were especially proud of 2 of our class this week. One got to switch on the village tree lights and one completed the Liverpool Santa dash. 


This week there has been lots of special work going on in Y3. Alongside this we have been continuing learning about light. We  used torches to  test different objects to see if they were opaque, transparent or translucent. We celebrated St Andrews  day in style and then continued to learn about Scotland in out geography topic. This week we made leaflets about cities.  In R.E we have begun to think about Christmas and learnt a new word, incarnation. In P.H.S.E we thought about what makes a family, whilst in computing we evaluated our animations. Well done to our Y3 competition winners, for our recent Christmas decoration, Christmas card and Be safe Be seen competitions. We are so proud that one of our class will be switching the Cronton Tree lights on next week. 


World  cup fever! Starting the week watching England win and ending the week with a penalty shoot out representing our World Cup teams. 


This week in English, we have been planning our own fable, ready to write it next week. We have continued learning about stop frame animation in computing and in geography we have continued learning about the UK. We have started finding out about our chosen countries from the World Cup. There has been some great research  at home and it has been lovely to share this in class.  We have also been thinking about celebrating differences by wearing our odd socks. 


This week in science we have been testing different materials to see which were the most reflective. In computing we have moved on from our flip books, to trying stop frame animations using the IPad. In PE we continued practicing handball skills, learning how to dribble and score. We were happy to welcome Rev Bob into our class to tell us about how he had been called to God, however the best part of this week was when we finished our puppets.  

Autumn 2 4.11.22


What a lovely week we have had. Everyone has come back from half term ready to learn lots of new things and we have started many new topics. In science we have been learning about light sources and how we see objects. In computing we had great fun making flip books as part of our new topic on stop frame animation. We have read our new focus book for English, Fox and are working towards writing a fable. We have even begun a brand new subject, grog. We recapped some continents and thought about where we live. We have been making the distinction between, United Kingdom, Great Britain and the British Isles. I wonder, do you know the




The rain and mist didn’t stop us having fun at Beeston, learning about the castle and roundhouse. 


This week we have been thinking about how to capture the Iron Man, drawing traps and writing explanations. In maths we have learnt how to add 10s and 100s to a three digit number. We have continued with our swimming lessons  this week finishing the week with a fun filled Friday. We went around the school looking for parts of our school computer network and found the server in hidden in Reception’s cupboard! There was  lots to see in Mrs Hooks office too. To add to the exciting end of the week we took part in some Diwali dancing and   then celebrated our hard work and great  start to KS2  this half term   with a little popcorn party break . 


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Week ending 7.10.22


What an exciting week! We have loved our swimming lessons and linked this to our science about water resistance. We had a visit from a tractor and have been busy learning  our songs ready for our Harvest service in church.  We have designed a trap to catch the iron man and thought about the mystery of Stonehenge. 

Week ending 30.9.22

What a fabulous week. We started it by two children recording the story for our stars and space project  for  Knowsley borough of culture. We went on to learning about Switzerland. We learnt about the flag, the capital city, the different languages, as well as the mountain and lake landscape. However the best part was learning that Switzerland is famous for cheese and chocolate, which of course we had to taste! 
This week we have learnt about air resistance and streamlining. We had a go at working out how air resistance affected our paper aeroplane designs.  
We have learnt more about ordering numbers to 1000 in maths, whilst in English we have written more about the Iron Man . There were some exciting descriptions. Well done children, I enjoyed reading them. 
In history we have learnt more about how the discovery of Skara Brae helped  archeologists find out about life in the Stone Age. We ended the week by practicing our Harvest songs in preparation for next weeks service. 

Week ending 23.9.22


This week we have been continuing learning about place value and partitioning numbers to 1000. We have been  working on gathering descriptive language in preparation for our writing about the Iron Man next week. We had a great  history lesson learning about cave art and made our first ever double page spread. In science we have learnt about friction and how it can be a good thing as well as a nuisance sometimes.  We had an interesting RE lesson learning about harvests in other countries, as well as Jewish  Harvest celebrations. The most exciting part of the week came on Friday when  we took part in a creative story making session. This will be part of an event to be held in Cronton in October as part of Knowsley borough of culture.  You can get tickets for this via this link.



Week ending 16.9.22


Another packed week in Year 3. We have been practicing our times tables in maths as well as learning to read scales. In English we have finally discovered the title of our new book . It is The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. We are looking fears to reading this and using it to base our writing on. This week we have recapped different parts of sentences, nouns, adjectives,  verbs and adverbs and have been practicing up levelling out sentences. 

in science we have learnt about Sir Isaac Newton and his discovery of gravity.  In History we turned into archaeologists, looking at artefacts and trying to discover and guess what they could be made from and used for, learning how our ancestors  survived in the Stone Age. We have been learning about inputs, processes and outputs in computing. Can you find a devices at home and think about its input , process and output? 
We have also been continuing to think about Queen Elizabeth II and joined with other schools in LDST for a special  zoom worship . 
Well done to everyone who wanted to be school councillors. You were all very brave standing up to do your speeches. We will find out next eeek who has been elected. 
Lastly I want to say how proud I am of the children who took part in the maypole dancing at the gala. I am sorry I was unable to attend due to a family commitment. The children did themselves proud by acting as true professionals when there was a mix up with the order of the music and I think that  the ribbons had been moved  to different attachments too,  which meant the children were out of their correct places and that the ribbons wrapped around the post instead of the post turning. So with all the issues the children did exceptionally well and they dealt with it all so well. 

Have a good weekend. I hope you enjoy some family time and have chance to reflect together on the significance on our extra bank holiday. 


Week ending 9.9.22


What a busy first whole week back. This week in maths  we have recapping place value, reminding ourselves about tens and ones before we go on to  use larger numbers. We have been excited to start our History topic on the different ages. We went to look at the large timeline to find The Stone Age , Bronze Age and Iron Age, discovering quite how long ago they were. Can you remember what BC and AD mean? Alongside this we have begun to read Stone Age Boy as our whole class shared book. 
In English we have gathering clues about our new text. The clues seem to point towards  scrap metal,  a giant and possibly space? Any ideas what it is going to be? We will find out next week. 
As well as this we have started thinking about Harvest and what this means. We will be working towards leading a  Harvest service next month. 
In science we have begun our topic on forces, learning what contact and non contact forces are. 
it was a sad end to the week, when we learnt about the death of our Queen. We discussed this alongside discovering who our new monarch is. 
Good luck to everybody performing at the gala. Have a good weekend everyone. 

Welcome to Year 3

This year, it will be Mrs Simm and Mrs Myler looking after you! We are both very excited to welcome you into Key Stage 2 and cannot wait to have some wonderful times learning new things together.