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Week 16 (10/1/22 - 14/1/22)


Another fantastic week in Year 5! 

We have been working especially hard at maths this week as we used column method for up to 4 digit X 2 digit. This took a lot of concentration, effort and most importantly perseverance which all the children showed. 

In science, we made our own solar system by using different sized fruits to try and show the difference in size between all the planets. 

We continued learning in all our other subjects and have much knowledge to share!

Week 15 (4/1/22 - 7/1/22)


Happy new year to everyone! We have settled back into the swing of things in Year 5. 

It’s been new topics across the curriculum for spring term. We look forward to learning about the Vikings, Jesus the teacher, Viking collage art, Space, Our dreams and goals and much much more across a range of subjects. 

We’ve also spent some time thinking about all our learning attitudes this week and why they’re so important. This was alongside examining our Christian value of creativity. 

Well done to all children for settling back in so well. Here’s to a fantastic 2022!

Week 14 (13/12/21 - 17/12/21)


Well we’ve made it to the end of Autumn term. It’s been a fantastic week with lots to celebrate. All the children have made a fantastic start to Year 5 and we can’t wait to continue learning through next year. 

We hope all families have a fantastic Christmas, see you all in 2022. 

Week 13 (6/12/21 - 10/12/21)


Just one more week left of our term now!


A fantastic week in Year 5, where do we possibly begin?


Sadly, we finished our class reader Who let the gods out, and what a fantastic story it has been. Lots of laughs and interest along the way. I anticipate Maz Evans’ books maybe added to some Christmas lists. 

We also finished our science topic Geology of the Earth. We applied our knowledge through an experiment that also linked to our previous topic. 

We also began our new English topic on Free verse poetry. I particularly enjoyed watching some of the children perform some of this poetry. 

Outside of our curriculum we also took part in a Santa Dash and enjoyed a delicious Christmas lunch. 

Still plenty of learning to be had in our final week as many of our topics will come to a close. 

Week 12 (29/11/21 - 3/12/21)


Assessment week in Year 5, the children worked incredibly hard throughout!


We still continued with many of our curriculum subjects. We explored volcanoes in Science and also how our Christmas celebrations are influenced by the gospels of Matthew and Luke in RE. 

We took an in-depth look at Texas in our Geography topic and all agreed it would be a lovely place to visit. 

In PSHE and computing we explored different ways to safe safe and how to problem solve in situations when we don’t.

Finally, a huge well done to all the children who represented the school in sports this week! We won the curling and athletics competitions with plenty of Year 5 children taking part. Most importantly, we played both tournaments with a great competitive spirit.  

Week 11 (22/11/21 - 26/11/21) 


Another fascinating week in Year 5…


The children impressed by writing their own legend set in Ancient Egypt. We tried to loosely link this to our class reader Who Let the Gods out?  It was a brilliant effort by all and they all tried their best!


In maths, we moved back to looking at multiplication and division. This was done through multiplying and dividing by 10,100 and 1000. 

Our science topic saw us looking at earthquakes and the real life study of the 2011 Japanese earthquake. Whilst we continued to look at North America in Geography. 

Finally, in DT we managed to have a first attempt at creating a shape through nets. We all discussed what we can then improve upon when we create our sarcophagus. 

Week 10 (15/11/21 - 19/11/21)


Exciting week in Year 5! We completed a magnificent collective worship video all about friendship. The children worked so hard and applied all of our values to a brilliant video. The video is on our class worship section on our year group page. 

Despite all the hard work on the video, we’ve still continued with our Autumn topics. We completed an exciting paired write for our English topic of Legends. We look forward to finishing the unit with our own write now. 

Our geography topic has moved onto looking at the continent of North America. Last week we looked at immigration into the USA and the diversity in population. 

Week 9 (8/11/21 - 12/11/21)


A fascinating week in Year 5. 

Firstly, we have continued with our legends topic in English. This included performing some legends in small groups for the class. King Midas and the golden touch was a particularly popular choice. In maths, we have tried to apply our learning of addition and subtraction to line graphs and bar charts. 

We started our new Geography topic by looking at the tricky concept of lines of longitude and latitude. We look forward to moving onto learning about North America next. 

There was also a new topic in computing focusing upon online safety. The new topics didn’t stop there as we also started learning about sarcophagus’ in DT and celebrating differences in PSHE. 

Well done to all children for taking part in the England Rocks TimesTableRockStars competition. 

Week 8 (1/11/21 - 5/11/21)


After a restful half-term, it was back to business as usual in Year 5 with another action packed, educational week. 

This week we visited the World Museum in Liverpool. This was a fantastic experience for the children with lots of learning. The two workshops in the planetarium and on Ancient Egypt were excellent and thoroughly captivated the children. 

The excitement didn’t stop there as we also finished decorating our fantastic canonic jars. We also started a new English topic focusing on Legends and finished our PSHE topic by looking at team work. 

Week 7 (18/10/21 - 21/10/21)


Well we’ve made it, what a fantastic first half term in Y5!

This week has been another action packed week with lots of learning. 

We’ve completed our English topic on instructional texts. The children enjoyed creating the Teacher Pleaser but enjoyed inventing their own gadgets even more and then writing an instructional text on how to use them. 

In History, we looked at Black History Month with an emphasis on Nelson Mandela. His amazing and courageous life inspired us all and we loved creating some fantastic fact files on him. 

Perhaps the highlight of the week was creating our canonic jars in art. We can’t wait to add decoration to them after half term. 

We look forward to a deserved weeks break now and can’t wait to see what else Year Five brings. 

Week 6 (11/10/21 -15/10/21)


Another fun week in Year 5!

We can only start with our famous TTRockstars victory against Year 6! All the children pulled their weight and can celebrate a great win. 

Highlight of the week was undoubtedly the visit from Mr Souttar to talk about money management. This was such an engaging morning for the children and was expertly delivered. 


We’ve continued to work hard in all our topics. Sadly, we have now came to an end of our Ancient Egyptians and Chemistry topics. They’ve been full of learning and intriguing new topics! We look forward to learning about Nelson Mandela in next week’s History. 

We’ve also completed the analyse stage of our English topic on instructions. We look forward to writing our own set of instructions next week. 

Week 5 (4/10/21 - 8/10/21)


Another fantastic week in Year Five!


Where do we begin?


In maths and English we have started new topics. In maths, we’ve moved onto addition and subtraction with a focus on column methods learnt in Year Four. Whilst in English, the focus has switched to instructional texts as our first non-fiction unit. The children followed along with a variety of instructions to try and play some card games. 

Today was also a chance for us to reflect on our mental well-being. We completed a self care plan, meditation and enjoyed visiting the outdoor classroom to collect bulbs that we will allow to flourish. 

We’re also nearing the end of our Ancient Egyptian topic in History which we’ve thoroughly enjoyed!


In RE we took part in a lesson using the Bible as a reference to address modern day issues. The children showed amazing maturity in discussing the subjects. 

PSHE brought us into the hall this week. We were using balls to represent worries a refugee may have and it became apparent that these worries can become tough to handle and was a good representation for the children. 

In music we used the glockenspiel for the first time this year and it was played beautifully by the class to the tune of Bon Jovi’s Livin on a prayer. 

Finally, in science we compared materials and their properties such as transparency, flexibility and permeability. 

Well done to Ollie, Joe and Riley for representing the class superbly in football. 

Over half the class represented the school in cross country and they all did us proud!

Week 4 (27/9/21 - 1/10/21)


An action packed week in Year 5! Can you believe September has been and gone. 

We’re nearing the end of our maths topic on place value and have just finished a fantastic write in English, done in the style of Michael Morpurgo. 

We had a fascinating visit from Mrs Whitehouse in RE. She spoke passionately about the Bible and how important it is for her life. The children were thoroughly entertained and asked some thought provoking questions. 

Another week, another science investigation. This time we looked at irreversible changes, and despite our disgust at what we created with curdled milk and vinegar, we enjoyed learning about irreversible changes. 

We also started our music topic, learning Livin on a prayer by Bon Jovi 🎤🎼

Well done to Jack, Emily E and Charlie who were this weeks STAR badge winners. 

Week 3 (20/9/21 - 24/9/21)


Another fantastic, busy week in Y5!

Friday was European Day of languages and Y5 learnt a little about Italy. We tried some local delicacies and came dressed in the colours of Italy. Some children took their costume to the next level!


We completed a great science investigation looking at how we can separate mixtures which got a little messy at times!


In English, we completed a shared write. The children worked hard creating ideas for a story in the style of Michael Morourgo. We can’t wait to write our own next week!


Mrs Hill has finished an imaginative, excellent history display for the Ancient Egyptians. Much better than anything Mr Bell could produce!

Week 2 (10/9/21 - 17/9/21)


Another excellent week in Year Five complete! 
In maths, we have been continuing our place value topic and are now looking at numbers into our millions. 
In English, we’ve continued analysing stories written by Michael Morpurgo. We also completed an interesting independent write. Images below of some of our proud children showing their work, the whole class worked well and have completed a fascinating mystery write. We’ve also updated our wall display to include our grammar chants. We also continued reading Kensuke’s Kingdom and in related reading news, we managed to beat Year 6 in our word count challenge. Well done Y5!


We’ve continued our Ancient Egyptians topic by looking at how the Egyptians went about their everyday life. Another science investigation is also underway, focusing on the rate of evaporation and whether certain independent variables can change the rate. In RE, we looked at the Bible and how it’s been translated overtime. The children even got to listen to Mr Bell’s attempt to read a passage in many languages!
Excitingly, sports clubs have also returned with a number of Y5 children taking part. 

Well done to Gabriella, Aiden and Esmee for being awarded this week’s STAR badges. 

Keep up the good work Year Five. 

Week 1 (6/9/21 - 10/9/21)


Week 1 complete! What a fantastic first full week it has been in Year Five. The children have settled fantastically and settled into their new year group, hitting the ground running.


In English, we have been looking at stories written by Michael Morpurgo (significant author) during our immerse stage. We have enjoyed reading some of his stories, including our new class reader Kensuke's Kingdom.


We have also been practising our grammar chants (video below). Hopefully it doesn't stick in your head as much as it has for our children and staff in the classroom!


In maths, we have been looking at place value and moved onto six-digit numbers. Our maths has also included a recap of the four operations in preparation for the year ahead.


We have started our topics in R.E (The Bible and why Christians read the bible), History (Ancient Egyptians), Art (Canopic jars), PSHE (Being me in my world), PE (invasion games) and also science (Chemicals and physical changes). Some pictures from our exciting science experiment looking at whether different substances were soluble or insoluble are included below.


Well done to Anais, Lucas and Ethan who were this week's STAR badge winners (I could have chosen any of the 30 children again!)


Still image for this video