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4th May

Home Learning Activities 4th May

I hope you had fun making repeating patterns last week. This week it is time to try to draw some patterns. You could try any line patterns eg zig-zags, loops, swirls, wavy lines…. First get your child make large scale patterns  in  the air with magic finger or using their fingers, spoons, sticks, paintbrushes in flour or sand, and then to trace over some  with a finger  before progressing to their own on paper.  Don’t forget  to encourage them to use a tripod grip.


This half term we would have been learning about bugs and minibeasts. Maybe you could go on a minibeast hunt around the park or garden.  I have put a chart for you to tick them off when you find them if you would like to use it.  You may just want to learn to recognise and name insects and bugs from the pictures.


You could draw a picture of your favourite insect, or maybe colour one of the pictures on here in.


I have added a couple more minibeast activities you make like too. There are some action cards to try and also an I spy  counting activity. 


Also don’t forget to keep practising oral blending. See the advice from last week to help with this. You may like to try minibeast words this week. e.g    sn-ai-l     a-n-t     w-or-m    b-ee .


 I look forward to seeing any pictures or patterns you do.  Have a good week and stay safe everyone. .