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Year 5

As part of Black History Month in October  children in year 5 will be taught about the life of  Nelson Mandela and what he fought for. 


They will continue to develop their knowledge of world history by finding out about life in Ancient Egypt. They will discover who the Ancient Egyptians were and how the River Nile was so important to Egyptian Life.  They will learn about Egyptian religious practices and Gods, and will be able to compare these to who the Romans and Ancient Greeks worshipped.    Children will learn about the earliest forms of written communication by finding out about the Rosetta Stone. 


Children will continue their chronological knowledge of British History in the Spring Term through learning about the Vikings. They will discover where the Vikings came from and how they invaded and settled in England, including their raids on monasteries. Children  will find out what Danelaw was  and will learn about daily life and worship in a Viking settlement, and again have the opportunity to compare this to life in other previously studied periods. 


In the Summer Term children will build upon their knowledge of Widnes taught in Year 4, by learning about the how crossing the River Mersey here has been and still is an important trade route.  They will learn about how this has changed through time, by looking at the different bridges there have been across the Mersey.