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Week Ending 22nd October 2020

Money Week

This week has been money week. We have explored 1p, 2p and 5p coins. This is a difficult concept for many children as they have one item e.g. a 2p coin that is worth more than one. We encourage them to tap the coin as they count so a 2p would be counted 1, 2. We have made amounts using the coins and counted them in piggy banks and 'bought' items from our 'Snack Shop'. Everyone did really well! Super work Reception! Any practise at home making amounts using these coins would be really helpful.

We have continued our work around our ‘I am Special’ topic this week by placing ourselves into sets based on hair and eye colour.


This week we have read Funny Bones. It is one of my favourite stories and we used it to write speech bubbles for the Big Skeleton. The children have ordered the opening of the story in the house area and assembled a picture of the Big Skeleton from a jumble of bones! The children have really enjoyed the story and it was a great link to our work on learning the names of some of the bones in our bodies. We have learned: skull, spine, collar bone, ribs, pelvis, hip and shin bone. We have also learned the skeleton dance!

To go along with our Harvest and Skeleton work this week and as part of our Halloween Fun Day, we read Pumpkin Soup. We decided to make our own pumpkin soup. We chopped up a pumpkin, made observational drawings of our pumpkin and then had it for snack. Some children loved it – others not so much! We finished off the day with some lovely cakes made by Ellie and her nanny. Thank you Ellie and Nanny!


We have got our fourth set of sounds under our belts this week. We have learned b, h, f and ff and learned new tricky words: to, no, go and into. Please make sure the stickers are stuck in the sounds and tricky word books and practise these with your children for a few minutes every day. We suggest that you do not always do them in the same order though to ensure the children are recognising the letters and not just remembering the order.

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