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Let's continue our trip around school.  Here we are in our Nursery.

Welcome to our Nursery, children can either attend 5 mornings , 5 afternoons or  all day if they qualify for the 30 hour offer.


Our indoor area

Don't forget to put your name on the board when you come into Nursery.
Our painting area. Remember to put on a yellow apron
What can you build with our blocks?
This is our snack area.
This is where we put our water bottles.
This is the small world area where you can use your imagination to create stories.
Our water area. Remember to put on a blue apron.
This is our mark making ara where you can draw and write.
We have lots of jigsaws in Nursery.
Read a book on our comfy sofa in our book corner.
Our Nursery fish.
Kipper looks after the lunch boxes.
Our  lovely large  white board waiting for your pictures and writing.
Our Ipad table and our home corner.

We share our outside area with Reception.