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We had lots of fun today. We had a go at archery and some of us even managed to hit the target. Then we did some throwing, followed by some racing on our track. 


Our certificates were awarded this week for great dancing, good work on plastic in the sea and being helpful. 

African dancing


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We really enjoyed learning some moves to the African music.

Lion pictures

We found out about African animals.Mrs Simm was pleased because  the children had remembered lots from before , including a pangolin. Then we made some lion pictures during art week. 

Animal masks

We have been practising our cutting skills by making African animal masks. We remembered lots of their names from when we learnt about Africa on World Book Day. 

African drumming

What a fantastic morning  we had playing the African djembe drum. The children learnt all about what it was made from and how to play it in different ways. We even learnt how to make it sound louder! The children made lots of animal sounds by playing it in different ways, for example slitting like a snake and a lion footsteps when it’s running. We also learnt a song that we sang and played along too. 


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Come on England!

We made England flags and biscuits today, hoping that England will win. 

We read The Wide Wide Sea and discussed how we can look after our sea creatures.  I was proud of how knowledgeable the children were about looking after our planet. 


We had lots of fun in P.E today playing pirates . We had to collect as much treasure as we could.  

Finding out about money

This week we have been learning about money with the children learning to recognise some of the different coins as well as their value.  They have had lots of practice of paying for the things they want to do, so if they wanted to play outside they had to pay by finding the correct coins with the correct amount.  The children also wanted to set up their own shop which they really enjoyed encouraging lots of imagination and language skills. 

Busy building

The children have had a fabulous day building using as many resources as they could find.  They all worked hard together to build different parts, adding other sections later so it all connected together showing some great teamwork.


This week the certificates were awarded for being brave, great creative skills and always doing the right thing. Well done. 

Parachute Fun


The certificates this week have been awarded for  some  great drawing, building, thinking, reasoning and being all round superstars. 

This week’s self initiated learning in Nursery.

We have been busy building pirate ships, learning about sea creatures and enjoying being outside even in the rain, 

Fish pictures

We used a fish stencil to make some fish paintings. 

Strawberry picking


We have been thinking about different types of boats this week. We learnt all about lifeboats, submarines, rowing boats, sailing boats,  canoes and ferries. We remembered that Noah built a special boat called an ark.  Can you spot any of the different types? We also made our own boats with tinfoil and tested them with some passengers. There was lots of boat building in the blocks too, both with Noah’s Ark and pirate ships. They were great boats that  even survived a shark attack. 

This week we have been ...


This week’s certificates were awarded for enthusiasm and interest on the carpet, great drawing of Jonah and the Whale and being a good friend.  


Under the sea

We have been drawing some of the creatures you may see under the sea. Can you spot the mermaid, octopus  angel fish, sea horse, puffer fish, whale and jelly fish? 

Jonah and the Whale

We have been reading Jonah and the Whale and thinking about a time when we were sorry. Here are some of our photos and also some of the things the children remember saying sorry for. 

Not tidying up, being mean to my sister, fighting with my brother, shouting at daddy, hitting mummy, not sharing, biting someone, but my favourite one was “getting out of bed and eating a donut and then getting back into bed! “. 



We have been making repeating patterns out of all sorts of things! 

Fun in the sun

This week’s self initiated learning

The Fish Who Could Wish

What lovely wishes the children thought of. 


This week the certificates were awarded for participation on the carpet, writing their surname, retelling the story of Rainbow Fish and good pattern work. 


We have been practising our ball skills again. This time we worked on throwing and aiming. 


This week our Nursery certificates were awarded for being helpful around Nursery, practising and improving when writing letters and numbers and good concentration. Well done girls. 

This week’s learning