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We have been gardening today. We cleared the weeds in the box before planting some vegetable seeds. We planted carrots, beetroot and pumpkins and then watered them.  We know we will have to wait a long time for them to grow.  

The field!

We went onto the field today for PE and had lots of fun exploring new things. We discovered the outdoor classroom, hens and the nature garden. Then we practised our ball skills by passing and kicking. 

Self initiated learning this week


This week in P.E we have been learning how to hold a bat and practising controlling tennis balls. 

Having fun in our garden

The children have been enjoying using our garden area this week. There has been all sorts of delicacies cooked up  in the mud kitchen! 


This week the certificates were awarded for always listening and participating on the carpet, being a good friend and drawing and making the numberblocks. 

Bunny run

We had a great day today although it was a little sad too. We took part in the bunny run with Miss Morris as part of our goodbye to her. Miss Morris has been in Nursery on Tuesday afternoons and is leaving to pursue  a new career involving her passion of tennis. 


This week’s certificates were awarded for being helpful around a Nursery, fantastic use of  the apparatus in PE and being a good friend. 

Easter. Bunny visit

What an eggciting day! We had a visit from the Easter bunny who had hidden lots of eggs around Nursery. It didn’t take us long to find them all!  

This week’s learning

Spring cleaning

This week we have been busy in our playground cleaning, washing and painting. 


We have been learning about Spring and have loved watching the tree at the front of school change and get its blossom. We made our own blossom trees using finger painting to remember it.  

Easter crosses

We talked about the Easter story and then made some crosses to remind us why we celebrate Easter. There were lots of different designs, dinosaur crosses, sparkly crosses, flower crosses and teddy crosses to name a few. 


Mr Noblett and I were amazed at how sensible everyone was using our apparatus this week. There was some fantastic balancing and jumping and it was great to see how the confidence grew as children explored higher and tried different things. 


Our Nursery certificates this week were awarded for always doing the right thing, being helpful and coming in happily and participating more.  

Handa’s Surprise

We have been reading Handas Surprise this week and acted the story out with the different animals trying to take the food without Handa noticing! We tried all the different fruits, pineapple , mango,   orange, banana, guava , passion fruit and avocado. Which was your favourite? 

African Animals

We have been learning about Africa and learning lots of new animal names. Do you know what a pangolin looks like? We drew some of our favourite animals. Can you spot the armadillo, the hyena and the ostriches? 

Certificate award.


We had a fun return to Nursery with a bubble machine. 

Our fantastic learning from this week.


This week we have returned to outdoor PE and enjoyed a game of sharks with Mr Noblett. 

Crazy Creatures

We have been finding out about African animals this week and then we designed some of our own creatures. 


Our first of our weekly certificates have been awarded for great balancing, great listening on the carpet and an enthusiastic return to Nursery. 

World Book Day

Look at our fabulous favourite book character costumes. Today we talked about our favourite characters and stories. We learnt all about Tanzania and read a book called We All Went On Safari. We learnt lots of new African animal names and found out about when Mrs Simm  went to Tanzania last year. We even tried counting in Swahili. 

World Book Day

Look at these lovely drawings of our favourite characters. Can you spot Captain Hook, Gerald the giraffe, Cinderella, Belle, Wally, Rapunzel, The Tiger who Came to Tea, Dorothy, Peppa Pig, Mary Poppins and Batman amongst others. 

Number 7 week


We have been learning about repeating patterns and trying to make out own. 


We have been learning about balancing and been trying to balance on different parts of our body. We made it harder by trying to balance a beanbag on our body too. 


Today we learnt that we live in England and made some flags. 

PE apparatus