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Fancy dress day

It was lovely to see such a variety of costumes. We had a lovely day making magic spells and exploring the green witches gloop. 

It’s been black and white week this week and we explored what happens when you mix those colours  together. We used  white shaving foam and black paint and had lots of fun finding it makes grey! 

Making our own vegetable soup

We have been talking about  what Harvest means and been looking at various different vegetables this week. The children helped chop up various different vegetables and we made some soup with them. There were a few mixed responses but I think on the whole most children enjoyed it! 

This week’s self initiated learning

More helpful children - sweeping leaves

There has been lots of den making this week.

The children have been busy this week making dens . Each day they have tried out different locations  and they have been getting more refined . Fabulous creative skills although   I did have to step in I heard  our den is better then your den! 

Autumn art work

We learnt about the Autumn by making collecting leaves and doing some leaf printing and then thought about the lovely Autumn colours to do some finger print Autumn  trees.  

We learnt about hedgehogs and found out that a baby hedgehog is called a hoglet. We learnt another new word , hibernation. 

Another week of fun and learning

More helpful children

Colour mixing

What helpful children we have in Nursery

Lots more fun to be had this week.

Making new friends and having fun.

European Day of Languages - Spain

We have enjoyed learning about Spain. Thank you for all the fantastic costumes you provided for the children. They looked great and hopefully will now know a little bit more about Spain and may even remember a few words. We learnt how to say hello, yes, thank you and goodbye as well as the names of the colours. We made flags and fans and had a go at some flamenco dancing.  

Welcome to all our children.