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This term we are looking at measures. Last week we used the balances. We learned that the heavier object went down and the lighter object went up. We used the vocabulary heavy, light, heaviest, lightest, heavier than, lighter then. The children enjoyed finding objects around nursery and estimated which one would be the heaviest and lightest. Then they put them on the balances together to find out who was right. 

Last week we revised syllables. We played a game where we had to fish for words/picture cards. We took turns saying the word and clapping the number of syllables at the same time. This is an important part of our phonics development and we had lots of fun!

This term we introduced Tales Toolkit. It provides interactive, child led resources aimed at early years, using storytelling to engage in quality interactions with children. Tales Toolkit uses easy to remember symbols representing story structure. These are character / setting / problem / solution. The children have absolutely loved it and have taken on the language and structure very well already to tell their own stories. 

It was so nice to see all our dads, step-dads and grandads for our Father's Day morning. I'm not sure who enjoyed the morning more, the children or the adults! Seeing the children proudly showing them around our setting and showing them what they can do was great. Watching the adults have the chance to spend time in the setting with the children was lovely.

11th May - As you know, we have been learning about road safety recently. A very nice lady from Knowsley Road Safety Team brought some books for us to take home and some reflective stickers for our bags. She also brought us something for our small; world area....

11th May - Mr Walker has been very poorly, so we made him a get well card. Mrs Walker came in to say hello because she misses us. She loved the card! She also brought us a colour by numbers book each so that we can practise our colouring and our numbers. Thank you Mrs. Walker!

w/b 8th May This week we were making repeated patterns. Focusing on colours, shapes or objects.

5th May - This week we learned about the Royal Family and what a coronation is. We made crowns and Union Jacks and ended the week with our Coronation Party.

4th May - In Spanish today, we practised vocabulary for minibeasts and then listened to a story about Maria the mariquita and her amigos.

24th April - Some of the children enjoyed doing a shape hunt outside today, as part of our maths topic. .

21st April - Some mindfulness and yoga at lunchtime.

wb 17th April - enjoying the spring sunshine. Practising more of our patterns, looking at the spring flowers growing and developing our ball skills.

18th April - In Maths Time today, we practised making different patterns with the chalk outside.

We had a visit from a very special visitor on our last day of term and he left us some eggs. Can you guess who he was?

This week we have been looking at number 10. Today we played ten pin bowling - counting how many we knocked over, then writing our names with our score.

This week in Spanish we learned the names of parts of the face. The children are really enjoying these lessons and are doing really well.

This week we have been enjoying the first week of spring and looking out for signs that spring is finally here. We have been painting daffodils whilst talking about the parts of a plant and the special job they have.

Our first day of science week. We read the story of 'Who Sank The Boat?' and the children then made their own boats. Then they carried out an experiment to see if their boats would float or sink, while carrying the animals from the story. \

Of course we couldn't have World Book Day without our weekly Story Time visit from Grandad Fielding! This week the story was about an adventure on a train, followed by a song and some colouring.

Following on from our stories based in Africa and all the animals we met in them, we did a wild workout with Andy from CBeebies today.

We had a visit from Mrs Hull, a dental nurse, this week. She talked to us about how to look after our teeth by brushing twice a day for two minutes and eating and drinking healthily.

World Book Day March 2023 The children looked fantastic! We had a great day sharing favourite stories as well as reading stories based in Africa over the week.

8th February - The children enjoyed our Well-being Day today. We planted seeds, did some yoga and drew pictures of things that make us happy. One of the children even brought us a bunch of beautiful yellow flowers to bring us happiness. They certainly did!

2nd February - Another wonderful afternoon with our story telling Grandad Fielding, his guitar and Buddy the dog.

w/b 30th January - lots of creativity this week in nursery. modelling, making, story-telling...

w/b 30th January - This week the children have been identifying, extending and making repeated patterns.

w/b 23rd January - rhyming odd one out!

w/b 23rd January Traditional circle games with Mrs. French at lunchtime.

w/b 23rd January This week we learned all about Chinese New Year; how it is celebrated and why the years are named after animals. Then the children enjoyed developing their cutting, sticking ad folding skills making dancing dragons.

w/b 16th January This week we started going into the hall for our lunch. The children have taken to it brilliantly!

w/b 16th January We have been focusing on squares and triangles this week; talking about their properties and the difference between them. The children made their own squares with the sticks and then worked with a partner to put them together to make a rectangle.

w/b 16th January Following many of the children's interests through their play, we opened a beauty salon in our home corner this week. The children are loving it!

w/b 9th January - This term we are focusing on shapes in maths. This week we looked at circles and triangles. Here the children are exploring nursery to see what triangles they can find.

w/b 9th January Story Time with Grandad Fielding. This week the children made paper aeroplanes after their story and had lots of fun, as you can see!