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Year 5

End of Year Five 2022/23


What a year! Time flies when you’re having fun 🤩 

Week ending 30/06/23


Another exciting week in Y5. On Monday and Tuesday we took part in a debate programme. This included looking at how to argue points of view and the rules of debate. 

We researched clouds in Geography and wrote our own dilemma narrative set around our vehicle text King Kong. 

Week ending 23/06/23


Another fantastic week in Year 5 with lots of learning. 

We studied the water cycle in Geography and the role of blood/blood vessels in science. 

We also programmed using a forever loop in computing. 

Finally, we completed our summer term assessments. Well done to all children. 

Week ending 16/06/23


A very busy and exciting start to Summer 2 in Year 5. 

We started lots of new topics this week including water cycles and rivers in Geography, circulation and respiration in science, Christian art in RE and programming in Computing. 

We also loved looking at our new vehicle text in English, King Kong 🦍 


Finally, we had lots of other events for our children last week including Children’s University and a Father’s Day event. 

Week ending 19/05/23


Lots of learning in Year 5 this week. 

In English, we have started to look at writing our own survival guide which started with looking around the school for items which could help us to survive. 

In science, we looked at what photosynthesis is and what it produces. 

Every afternoon from Tuesday, the children were swimming. There are a lot of talented people in our class. 

Finally, we celebrated Eurovision on Monday with a couple of performances and lots of wonderful outfits 🪩💃

Week ending 12/5/23


Another wonderful week in Year 5!

We have written our survival narratives in English ready for our display which the children have really enjoyed!

In maths, we finished our shape topic and have begun to look at position and direction. 

Our history topic looking at how to Cross the Mersey and the significance behind it has also finished!


Finally, in computing we spent a wonderful afternoon looking at microbits and crumble controllers. The children programmed some of these to play music, display shapes or messages and even got an apple to play music too!

Week ending 5/5/23


A shorter week but still jam packed with lots of learning in Y5!

We continued to look at shape in maths, examining angles. 

We continued to plan our English genre survival narrative, we can’t wait to write our stories. 

Finally, we celebrated the King’s coronation on Friday by designing crowns, looking at what the coronation is and the historical significance, ending with a party in the afternoon. 

Llandudno Day 3

Llandudno night 2

Llandudno day 2

Llandudno 2023 Day 1

Week ending 21/04/23


Back to school for the start of Summer term for Y5!

We’ve loved our new English topic in survival narratives and finding clues throughout the week whilst immersing ourselves in the vehicle text. 

It was also exciting to start our new history topic all about crossing the Mersey!


Finally, in science we looked at vascular and non-vascular plants.