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Week ending 24.9.21

Another week filled with learning and fun. We started the week with another excellent PE lesson on Tag Rugby. The children are getting very good with their passing and team skills. 

In English, we have used our link with our history on World War 1 and wrote our newspaper report based on the Christmas Truce. The children have really enjoyed watching it re-enacted and looking at different artefacts. One of our children brought in some pictures and treasured medals from his family. They are very precious belongings. The children's work was finally displayed on our display. I am so proud of their first completed work on display. Well done!

In history, we have continued to look at life in the trenches and look at what the conditions were like for the soldiers. The children have taken their curiosity further and researched out of school. This is fantastic to see.  Well done!

The week ended with our European Day of Languages focusing on Germany. The children looked great in the colours of the flag. We looked at the language and culture and found out some amazing facts. The children tasted some tradition German food although I don't think the sauerkraut went down well. I am very proud of your resilience to have a go at something you have not tried before. 

Lots of hard work means star badges. This week we have had some great work from everyone. Well done for our winners for their hard work and sharing their knowledge and understanding of the work. We also have a handwriting award for showing improvement and our wordcount winner. Keep reading as a class to win the class trophy.

The children have finished their COURAGE display for our whole school display. These are the Christian Values for the year. The children wrote instructions to help you be brave when you need it. Thank you to Mrs Jackson who created this amazing display to show them off. 

Week ending 17.9.21

A big thank you to all the parents who joined me for the "Meet the Teacher" meeting. I hope you found it informative. If you need any more information please don't hesitate to contact the school by phone or email.


This week the children have continued to settle well and work hard. Another great week of learning.


In maths, we have continued to look at place value and work on negative numbers. The class have shown their understanding of their strategies in their arithmetic. They are doing great and moving on to challenges and really starting to show their reasoning and  problem solving. 


In English, We have continued to look at report writing and analysing what is used in the genre writing. We have started to plan our own report based on the Christmas Truce of 2014. The children are really enjoying reading about it from the book "War Game" by Michael Foreman. We have Mrs Hill to thank for our amazing display ready for the children's work. 

In history, the children learnt all about how the first world war began. We looked at some artefacts and created an information page. The children are really enjoying the topic and our cross curricular links are really reinforcing their learning. 

In art, the children have been learning about the artist LS Lowry and created a double age spread through their research. They even listed to the song about him. Can you remember how it goes?  

With our worships still on Zoom at the moment, we have been enjoying our worships with Reverend Bob and Mrs White House. This week we have looked at our Christian Value of Hope. We have also been looking at Understanding Christianity and the Big Frieze. We have looked at Creation and the Fall so far. The children were given tasks to create a dress  to link with Creation and also follow instructions and how important it is so we don't Fall.

In PE, the children continued to develop their skills in tag rugby. They played small games and practised their passing skills.

Well done to our Star Badge and Word Count Winners

Week ending 10.9.21

Welcome to the class blog of Y6 2021-22.  We hope you enjoy seeing all the amazing things we get up to this year. We have had a fantastic start to the year and the children have settled in well. 


We started the year by thinking about our Hopes and Dreams for the Year. The children have lots of hopes and dreams linked to the class this year and we also discussed how we can achieve them through hard work, perseverance and always trying our BEST. 


In English, we started to immerse ourselves in journalistic writing by reading lots of reports and finding out how important headlines are to grab our attention. We have also started reading our class novel "War Game" written by Michael Forman. This links in with our history topic of Britain at War. 


In art, we started by researching about the artist L S Lowry, who the children will be learning about and creating artwork in his style. 

IN RE, we started our topic "Life as a journey and Pilgrimage". The children described their journey's so far and drew the road they have taken so far and all the important events they have had. We looked at the quote from Psalms and discussed how God can help us on our journey. 

In Science, we started our topic on electricity. We began by recording all what we remembered and what we would like to find out using out Cronton Crow Post its. We then began to research all the electrical discoveries and people behind them. 

Finally, We have all received our home reading books to start this year's Reading Challenge. This year the children will be writing their synopsis after each section of reading. This is really important to help with their summary skills and their quizzes. Enjoy Reading!

Well done to our Star Badge winners. Well done!