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Week ending 14.1.22

This week has been another productive week. We have completed our maths work on fractions and I am very proud of the children's work. In English, we have analysed different balanced arguments to prepare for writing. In Science started looing at our Environmental science by looking at renewable and non renewable energy. 


In art and History, we are looking at the Mayans. We looked at the different types of art and crafts and looked more closely at the images and used proportion in our drawings. 

In Computing, we have been looking at money and different currencies. 

One of our children was chosen to be the special host on our Friday Star Bade assembly. They helped Mrs Thomson deliver all the certificates and rewards.


Well done to all our winners from star badges to reading Ninjas. Well done everyone. 

Week ending 7.1.22

Welcome back to all our families. I wish you al a very happy New Year. 

As we enter our Spring term with lots of learning ahead. The children started the week of with a focus on our learning attitudes of perseverance and independence. We have looked at how these important attitudes will help with out learning. We will be looking at curiosity, teamwork and responsibility next week. 

In science the children completed an investigation using the theory of Charles Darwin and evolution. We experimented on different types of beaks using different apparatus to see what was the best for the different food types, just like on the Galapagos Islands. The children had a lot of fun with the experiment. 

In maths, we are continuing with fractions and multiplying and dividing them. In English, we have started to look at balanced arguments by immersing ourselves. IN our WCSR, we have started our new book " The Boy in the Girls' Bathroom" by Louis Sacher. The children are already enjoying it and want to read more each day. 

In DT. The children finished their memory boxes. They have created such wonderful boxes and each with a unique design. I am very proud of all the children and their hard work. 

Week ending 17.12.21

Our final week of the Autumn term and WOW what a busy and fun week it has been. The children are so wonderful and have continued to work hard on their learning to the very end. We have mastered adding and subtracting fractions and also wrote our own flash back story. In geography, we did some fieldwork looking at our environment and the primary and secondary resources we use and the economic activity in the Village. We had to have a working conga at Christmas time. 

We finished our class book Rose Blanche and completed our PSHE on recognising everyone is different and how important it is to accept each other for who we are. 

The fun began with our Christmas party. We had lots of party games such as pass the parcel, musical statues (they were very good at this),  corners and the newspaper game. Lots of dancing and singing and even a dance off. The worm made an appearance and lots of fun was had by all. Sorry some of the pictures are blurred as they moved so fast. 😃

We watched the Ks1 and EYFS Nativity which was so special. 

The end of the term wouldn’t be the same if we didn’t do our final star badge assembly. We had lots of excellent work to recognise. Star badges were given out and reading awards. We also had our 100% attendance winners and the winner of the Be Safe road safety prize. Well done to the Blue Team for winning the team point award. 

As part of the final worship, it is tradition to sing the 12 Days of Christmas and this year didn’t disappoint. We watched every class perform the song on Zoom. I hope you enjoy our version. 


Still image for this video

On our last day we did our Cronton Talent Show. The class were amazing. We have so much talent in our class from singers, dancers, rappers, comedians, gymnasts and magicians. They are amazing. You are amazing 🤩 

Finally, I would like to wish all our families a happy Christmas and a healthy New Year. I will leave it with a song from our wonderful children. Happy Christmas Everyone 🎅


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Week ending 10.12.21

In our penultimate week before our Christmas break, we have continued to work hard and having fun. In English, we began to look at flashback stories and using film we could see how they were woven into the stories. In maths we are continuing with our fractions and are now adding and subtracting them confidently. In WCSR, we have began to read our new book Rose Blanche, which uses pictures to share the story. The children made some great predictions and also expressed what they thought the characters might be saying. 

With a fully packed week the children did lots of their DT work. The had designed their memory box and were now ready to start making it. With lots of measuring, sawing and glueing, the first part of their boxes have been made. I can’t wait to see the finished article. The children worked so well to support each other and used all the equipment safely. 

This week we also had our yummy Christmas dinner. Very tasty and a cracker to start the festivities. The children all looked amazing in their Christmas jumpers. 

This week we also did our Santa dash and some even did a Santa conga. Lots of fun 🎅


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In RE, we have been looking at the symbols and meaning of Advent. That Christians count down to when Jesus will come again. We looked at the passages in the Bible about his coming and wrote some poetry. 

More fun was had when Mr Souter arrived to deliver another important message on money management. He talked about budgets and money diaries and how even when you have money it is important to monitor and manage it well. 

In science, we looked at adaptation and evolution and how animals have changed over time to adapt to their environment. 

Congratulations to our Star Badge winners this week.

With our final week of term here, I look forward to completing more learning and having fun. The Christmas party is on Wednesday so remember to wear your party clothes. 

Week ending 3.12.21

Can you believe we are in December already. This week the children have been showing me all their hard work and progress over the autumn term, and I am very proud of all of them. In between, we have been working hard with our KEYS curriculum. We started the week with St Andrew’s day and our blue team wore their team colour.
In DT, the children began to design their very own memory box, ready to make next week. This will be made from a wood frame. Remember if you want to bring in extra embellishments, please bring them in to school next week. 

We have had a fantastic week of sport with our athletic team winning the Knowsley competition. Well done team Cronton. Here are the Year 6 members enjoying their win. 

In Science, we looked at inheritance and DNA. We found out how we get different aspects of each parent and created some offsprings. Can you guess any? 

We ended the week on a high by winning the reading word count again. The children are reading and quizzing and doing amazing. Well done. We also celebrated our readers gaining their white, yellow and even orange Ninja belts for home reading. Well done Y6. Can we hold on to it for another week?

A big well done to our Star badge winners who have worked hard over the last couple of weeks. Well done to all the winners of the Christmas raffle as the children got to pick some of the winners. 

Week ending 26.11.21

Another exciting week in Year 6. This week we continued to learn all about biographies and began to look at the biography of Anne Frank. This is part of the children's learning of the Holocaust using out class novel Hana's Suitcase which we have been doing our Whole Class Shared Reading with.

In maths, we have been looking at fractions and recognising equivalent fractions and ordering them on a number line.

In geography, we looked at natural resources and if they are renewable. 

It was on Thursday that we had an exciting day out at the Imperial War Museum. It was fantastic to be out again and visiting this as part of our Cultural capital. The children had a great time and they asked so many excellent questions about the artefacts. They were able to immerse themselves in a variety of films that explained what it was like during the war.


Weeks ending 19.11.21

What a very busy couple of weeks we have had in Y6. Last week, we remembered those that had fallen in the war. We made a wreath that would be used at the Remembrance Service at Birchfield Community Meadow. Our class also placed a wreath at the Cronton Memorial. 

In English, we have started to look at biographies. We have immersed and analysed what they have and looked at some famous ones including one on Anne Frank. We are beginning to write one based on the story of Hana from our class book Hana’s Suitcase. This is poignant book based on the life of a young Jewish girl during World War 2.
in maths we have completed our work on the four operations. We had some excellent work this week looking at multiple, factors, cube and squared numbers and finally order of operations, where the children showed excellent understanding. I was very impressed. 
in DT, the children have discussed and  designed their own memory box. In PE, the children have continued with their athletics skills. 

In science, we have started our topic on Evolution and Inheritance.

This week we have been focused on Anti Bullying Week using “One Kind Word” theme. We showed how unique we all are throughout the week. We had odd sock Monday, crazy hair Tuesday, crazy tie Wednesday and Thursday we all received an anti bullying bracelet. The children came up with excellent vocabulary for their kind word hand. Remember “ In a world were you can anything - be kind”. 

Another excellent two weeks of reading at home and in school. We won both weeks with the highest word count. Well done.

Autumn 2 - Our Christian Value this term is Friendship

Week ending 5.11.21

Welcome back after our half term break. The class have returned in great spirit and ready to learn. We completed our science experiment by answering the question “How does voltage affect the component?” We used a voltmeter to measure the lux of the bulb and the sound of the buzzer. 

In art, the children completed and produced their final artwork linked to the artist Lowry. They used his work on perspective to recreate the Bluecoat Chambers in Liverpool. I think they have created master pieces. How amazing do they look. Some even added the matchstick meant made famous by the artist. 

In PE, the children are completing athletics this term. They worked hard in their first lessons and competed in races.

For our Christian Value of friendship we looked at what makes a good friend. The children created hands for the Five Finger Friendship Challenge which shows ways they are good friends. 
in English the children wrote some amazing poems based around our work on the First and Second World Wars. They used imagery and emotive language to create their poems. 
in maths we have continued with division and are becoming confident in the long division method. 

Have a great weekend and I hope you enjoy Bonfire Night.

Congratulations to our Star Badge winners.

Week ending 21.10.21

Our last four days of Autumn 1 and we have been very busy as usual. We have completed our Timeslip stories, which are great. The children linked it to our history topic and created a story with an accidental timeslip to World War 1. They jumped back into the trenches and wrote about what it was like. We finished the week looking at some war poetry such as In Flanders Field and explained how they made us feel. 

In maths, we have been doing some short division and we are ready to move on to long division. 

In History the children completed some excellent writing as an evacuee and wrote a  report about the Battle of Britain. We finished the week again looking at Martin Luther King as part of our Back History Month and wrote a dream speech inspired by his famous "I Have  a Dream" speech. 

We have had a great start to the year and I am sure we will continue to thrive and flourish in Autumn 2. Have a great half term and stay safe. 

Week ending 15.10.21

The week started well with a good game of dodgeball in PE. They are getting better at dodging the ball and their aim is also improving. They did some excellent team warm ups led by a pupil. This helped stretch and warm up their muscles ready to play.
We finished our work on multiplication and we will be moving on to division. The children showed me their application of their knowledge and worked really hard all week.


In art, the children started to think about different mediums and began to complete a self portrait. They had lots of fun colour mixing and using a mirror to draw themselves.

The highlight of the week for the children was having Mr Souter back with us. He helps us to understand how to manage money in his debt awareness lessons. He is very lively and keeps the children engaged while talking about serious issues concerning money management. He discussed needs and wants and the importance of saving. 

Our school councillors sharing information from their meeting.

In computing, the children have been working in groups to complete their tasks. They are really enjoying the sessions.

The week didn’t end well as we lost our reading trophy to Year 5. They had read and quizzed more this week but I am sure we will bounce back and win it again. Year 5 also won the TTRS challenge set, so we have to bounce back and keep trying. Come on Y6 we can do this! 

Well done to our star badge and word count winners. 

Week ending 8.10.21

Another busy week in year 6. In English we have now immersed and analysed different time slip stories ready to star the writing process next week. 
in maths, we have been using the written multiplication method to help with our reasoning and problem solving skills. 
In PE, the children practised dodgeball in preparation for a competition. The children really enjoy this sport and the competitive spirit really came out. They had lots of fun and Mr Noblett has a difficult decision to make. 

In art, the children have continued to develop their drawing skills. They have used different pencil shading techniques to shade and will be looking at using different mediums. They are really developing their knowledge of the artist Lowry. 

This week, the class got to become Gardeners to our Year 1 Seedlings. This is something that the children have been waiting for after missing out last year to restrictions. It is such a lovely sight to see the Year 6 taking the younger children under their wing and supporting them through the year. I can tell they are going to be amazing as they did a fantastic job this week. Well done everyone. 

Thrive and Flourish Day

For mental Health Awareness Day the Children came into school wearing green accessories. We discussed how important it is to be aware of our own mental health. The children were very mature and sensitive to the issues and talked about it being as important as physical health to look after your mental health. We discussed calming techniques and what we can do to help ourselves. The children drew pictures of what techniques they could use. We finished the day planting our bulbs to take home to help thrive and flourish. I can't wait to see them grow. 

Well done to our Star Badge winners and word count winner.

Week ending 1.10. 21

What a busy week we have had. In between all our learning we have created our Year 6 Worship about HOPE. The children have shown our key learning attitudes of perseverance, Teamwork and responsibility hope you have had a chance to watch it and be as proud of the children as I am. 


In  our Whole Class Shared Reading, we started reading a new book linked to our genre of "Time Slip" stories called Tom's Midnight Garden. A book written in 1958 but is still a children's favourite book even now. Ask the children to tell you all about the author Phillipa Pearce. 

In Maths we continued on addition and subtraction as well as our arithmetic skills. Religious Education, we continued looking at journey's and invited Mrs Whitehouse in to talk to the children about her journey as a Christian. The children came up with some good questions and really enjoyed listening to her explain about her belief and journey. 

In Science, we have looked at the electrical symbols for the components of a circuit. We played snap with each other to find the picture and symbol then create our own circuits. We practised making them with the equipment then used symbols to draw them. 

Now that we are back to normal timetables, our Peer Mentors will be taking on their roles in the school. We look forward to them being the excellent role models for the rest of the school. 

Week ending 24.9.21

Another week filled with learning and fun. We started the week with another excellent PE lesson on Tag Rugby. The children are getting very good with their passing and team skills. 

In English, we have used our link with our history on World War 1 and wrote our newspaper report based on the Christmas Truce. The children have really enjoyed watching it re-enacted and looking at different artefacts. One of our children brought in some pictures and treasured medals from his family. They are very precious belongings. The children's work was finally displayed on our display. I am so proud of their first completed work on display. Well done!

In history, we have continued to look at life in the trenches and look at what the conditions were like for the soldiers. The children have taken their curiosity further and researched out of school. This is fantastic to see.  Well done!

The week ended with our European Day of Languages focusing on Germany. The children looked great in the colours of the flag. We looked at the language and culture and found out some amazing facts. The children tasted some tradition German food although I don't think the sauerkraut went down well. I am very proud of your resilience to have a go at something you have not tried before. 

Lots of hard work means star badges. This week we have had some great work from everyone. Well done for our winners for their hard work and sharing their knowledge and understanding of the work. We also have a handwriting award for showing improvement and our wordcount winner. Keep reading as a class to win the class trophy.

The children have finished their COURAGE display for our whole school display. These are the Christian Values for the year. The children wrote instructions to help you be brave when you need it. Thank you to Mrs Jackson who created this amazing display to show them off. 

Week ending 17.9.21

A big thank you to all the parents who joined me for the "Meet the Teacher" meeting. I hope you found it informative. If you need any more information please don't hesitate to contact the school by phone or email.


This week the children have continued to settle well and work hard. Another great week of learning.


In maths, we have continued to look at place value and work on negative numbers. The class have shown their understanding of their strategies in their arithmetic. They are doing great and moving on to challenges and really starting to show their reasoning and  problem solving. 


In English, We have continued to look at report writing and analysing what is used in the genre writing. We have started to plan our own report based on the Christmas Truce of 2014. The children are really enjoying reading about it from the book "War Game" by Michael Foreman. We have Mrs Hill to thank for our amazing display ready for the children's work. 

In history, the children learnt all about how the first world war began. We looked at some artefacts and created an information page. The children are really enjoying the topic and our cross curricular links are really reinforcing their learning. 

In art, the children have been learning about the artist LS Lowry and created a double age spread through their research. They even listed to the song about him. Can you remember how it goes?  

With our worships still on Zoom at the moment, we have been enjoying our worships with Reverend Bob and Mrs White House. This week we have looked at our Christian Value of Hope. We have also been looking at Understanding Christianity and the Big Frieze. We have looked at Creation and the Fall so far. The children were given tasks to create a dress  to link with Creation and also follow instructions and how important it is so we don't Fall.