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We really enjoyed moving and dancing to some of the different beats and melodies we could hear in music today. We listened to the different instruments used and came up with our own thoughts and opinions about the songs that we had listened too. 

Week ending 17.06.22

Neurodiversity week

This week we took part in Neurodiversity week. We celebrated the fact that everyone is different and thinks differently to one another. In class, we discussed the importance of everyone being different as it makes us unique and special. The world would be really boring if everyone thought and acted exactly the same. Some of the children even shared the ways that they are neurodiverse in a presentation to the class.The children came up with their own ‘superpowers’ and thought about something that they were good at. We then recorded our superpowers on our colourful umbrellas. 


Our new topic in maths is all about telling the time. Some of us found it a little bit tricky to read a clock so we made our own to try to help us remember and understand how to tell the time.

Week ending 27.05.22

Jubilee Day

We had a fabulous time celebrating the Queens Jubilee during our Jubilee celebration day! We enjoyed a whole-school quiz and then had a fun day with jubilee themed activities. We ended our day with a disco and danced and sang with our friends.

Week ending 13.05.22

The children really enjoyed learning how to play Quidditch! For many of the children, this was their first time playing quidditch and understanding the rules of the game. The day started with a sorting assembly and the children then went onto the field to learn to play the game. We have some very competitive quidditch players in our class! 

Week ending 06.05.22


The children had lots of fun during PE! They had to work as a team to play a number of games.

Week ending 29.04.22


In Maths, we came up with our own challenge questions and challenged our partner. We used our understanding of division, multiplication, money, measurement and fractions to create a variety of questions.


Year 3 enjoyed their PE lesson on the field this week. They played games that included kicking a ball whilst it is still rolling. They also worked in teams to kick the ball and act as a fielder.

Week ending 08.04.22

Eggcellent Easter Celebrations

The children worked really hard on their Easter bonnets and took part in a bonnet parade. They also participated in some Easter themed activities in class including drinking hot chocolate, designing Easter eggs and cracking Easter themed maths challenges.


The children played glockenspiels in music this week. They listened carefully to different patterns and repeated them back to the class as well as reading music to play a song.

Week ending 02.04.22

RE group discussion

In RE, the children worked in groups to annotate and explore different extracts from the bible.

Fun Run for Ukraine

The children headed out onto the field to participate in a fun run with Year 4 to raise money for Ukraine. The children also dressed in blue and yellow to match the colours of the Ukrainian flag.

Week ending 18.03.22

Red Nose Day 2022

Year 3 dressed up in red and wore their red noses to raise money for comic relief. Miss McCoy and Mrs Myler even joined in on the action!

Play Scripts

The children really enjoyed their work in English this week. They read through play scripts with their groups and bravely performed them to the rest of the class.

Week ending 11.03.22

Year 3 have had a busy week this week. We are currently reading 'The Twits' by Roald Dahl in Whole Class Shared Read. We also did some research on the life of Roald Dahl and the children used the information they had gathered to write a fact file about the famous author. 

Measuring Perimeter

This week, the children have been focussing on measuring perimeter. This has provided opportunities to be more hands on and measure the perimeter of different objects around class. The children had to decide what unit of measurement would be best to measure the perimeter of different things.

Growing Bulbs

In science this week, Year 3 looked at all of the important things that plants need to grow. We planted our own bulbs and will observe how they grow over the coming weeks. The children really enjoyed this lesson.

Internet Safety With Merseyside Police

Year 3 had a special visitor come to visit from Merseyside Police. Officer Hazel spoke to the children about internet safety and how to remain safe on the internet. We even spoke about cyberbullying and what to do if we ever feel uncomfortable or unhappy about something we see online.

Week ending 04.03.22

Year 3 have had a great first week back. We have come back from half term re-energised and ready to work hard for the rest of the term. 

In maths, we have been learning about measuring length and height. This gave us plenty of opportunity to for practical activities, such as measuring objects from around the class and recording them neatly in our maths books. 

In English, the children finished writing their own shape poems about an animal of their choice. The children had to be very resilient during this activity as it required a lot of trial and error. They amazed me with their perseverance and independence when they wrote their final poem and they were clearly very proud of their hard work!

On Thursday, we celebrated World Book Day. The children then used the information from the book and the videos to write a diary entry from the perspective of one of the characters. The children looked fantastic and it was clear they had all put lots of effort into their outfits. Our class theme was Native American Tales, so we spent some time reading 'Sky Sisters' by Jan Bourdeau Waboose and watched videos of the Northern Lights. The children came up with some fantastic diary entries and used lots of onomatopoeia, alliteration, description and similes. We also took part in a 'drop everything and read' activity throughout the day which gave the children lots of opportunities to read their favourite stories.

Measuring in class!

Shape Poems

World Book Day 2022

World Book Day Diary Entry

Week ending 18.02.22

Year 3 have worked so hard over this term! I am really impressed by how they have persevered throughout the past 7 weeks and developed as independent learners. We have had a number of children earn pen licenses over the past couple of weeks and I can see a big shift in the amount of care and detail the whole class are putting into all of their work. Myself and Mrs Myler couldn't be prouder!

This week in Maths, we have been measuring length. The children have been measuring length in metres, centimetres and millimetres, which has provided us with opportunities to complete some practical tasks by measuring objects in class. We have also been putting a lot of practice into our times tables and I can see a huge improvement already. 

In English this week, we have started preparing to write our own shape poems and calligrams. We have been working collaboratively to identify the different features of shape poems and had a go at creating our own calligrams in class. 

The children have been having swimming lessons for the past 2 weeks and Mrs Hill has been very impressed by how well the children are doing. A lot of the children have persevered to take part in the sessions, as for many this is the first time going for swimming lessons. The children have also had to be responsible by looking after their belongings and taking care not to forget any of their things when going to and from school. 

We finished the week off on a positive note as Year 3 were awarded the Lower KS2 Accelerated Reading Champions trophy. 

LKS2 Accelerated Reading Champions



Week ending 11.02.22

This week in Year 3, we finished writing our stories based on the plot of 'Gorilla' by Anthony Browne. It was really nice to see the children so proud of their hard work. We have started a new topic and are currently looking at different shape poems and calligrams. 

The children have been looking at statistics in Maths and have been using pictograms, tally charts and bar models. This has been quite interesting for the children and they have relied on their understanding of the times tables to work out some of their answers.

In Science this week, we have been looking at fossils as part of our topic on 'rocks'.  It was really fascinating to learn about how fossils are made and even look at pictures of different fossils found in the UK. 

In music this week, we listened to 'Jamming' by Bob Marley and The Wailers. We thought about the style of music, the instruments we could hear, our opinions of the song as well as the songs features. We also played some warm-up games that got the children up out of their seats and moving to the pulse of the music.


Children's Mental Health Week 

In class this week, we talked about mental health and wellbeing. We discussed who we could go to, if we ever felt worried or wanted someone to talk to. We also tied this in with some of the conversations we had during 'Safer Internet Day'. The children completed some mental health and wellbeing colouring sheets and considered ways they could be more mindful.

Reading with Nursery

Week ending 28.01.22

Another fantastic week for Year 3! In our English lessons this week, we have started to write our own story which follows the same plot as ‘Gorilla’ by Anthony Browne. In our Whole Class Shared Reading lessons, we have been reading and answering questions about a new Anthony Browne story called ‘Silly Billy’.

In Maths, the children have been learning all about money. We have been comparing amounts of money and adding different amounts of money together. It has been really fascinating to see how the children used money at home for last week’s homework task!

In DT, the children made their own clay pots with Mrs Alison. They used different tools and techniques to craft these clay pots by hand. The end result of their hard work is fantastic!

In our independent writing lesson this week, the children researched gorillas using a range of different sources. The children then put all of the information gathered into their own non-chronological report. The children worked hard to make sure that their writing was factual and well-structured, but they also worked really hard to build their independence.

Clay Pots

Independent writing

What a fantastic surprise we had this morning! Father Christmas visited us, delivering fantastic gifts for us all! 

Christmas in Year 3! 

Over the last week, Christmas has arrived in year 3! We have taken part in our Santa dash and enjoyed a marvellous Christmas dinner! We have been so lucky to share these fun things together!




What a fantastic week for reading year 3! laugh

We have had such a great week full of learning and fun this week. We have 3 children gaining their yellow belt (50 reads) and 1 child gaining their white belt (25 reads) in their Reading Ninjas! A massive congratulations to those children for their hard work. Keep up all of your fantastic reading.


Alongside this we also regained the reading trophy! Let's make sure we keep up the amazing reading both in school and at home!






Ninja Belts


congratulations to our Ninja belt winners this week, we have 5 white belts this week and our very first yellow belt for 50 reads! Keep up this hard work both in school and at home!


Star Badge Winners


Well done to our 3 star badge winners for this week. You are all stars and thoroughly deserve your award. Keep up all of your hard work and showing our school values every day.


The Stone Age


I have been absolutely blown away with the outstanding work that the Children in year 3 have been completing at home all about the Stone Age! We have so many talented children in year 3 and the work they have produced shows this. 


It has been great to see how much you have learnt during our Stone Age History topic! There were so many amazing pieces, here is a sample of what we have produced!














Stone Age Projects


It has been great today to look at the fantastic Stone Age work you have been producing at home, we have had a range of posters and even a paper chain full of interesting facts! Keep up the hard work at home and I cannot wait to see what else comes in to school! Watch this space for even more examples of our amazing work!


Year 3/4 Harvest video

Still image for this video
In year 3/4 we have been working hard to create this years harvest celebration. We have focussed this year on food banks and how we can help those most at need around us. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we did making it!



We have been working as scientists again in year 3 this week, investigating gravity using NewtonMeters to measure the force of gravity on a range of objects. Here we are using them to measure the weight of random objects in our classroom.


Investigating forces


This half term in year 3 we have been investigating forces. We have been carrying out lots of investigations to measure friction and gravity! Here is a fantastic example of one of our investigations we carried out. You can see how we have begun to present our investigations and carry them out in full.





Well done to year 3 who have spent this half term mastering the art of sewing! They have used these new found skills to create their very own puppets! Here is just a sample of their fantastic work.





Our dancing superstars!


A huge congratulations to our dancing superstars in Year 3! They have made us so proud with all of their success and we were so excited to celebrate this success in school today! Keep up all of your hard work. smiley


Science 4/10/21


We have all enjoyed our science topic so far this half term, learning all about forces! We have been carrying our lots of fun investigations to explore how these forces effect us all. Today we have been learning all about gravity. We used newton meters to measure both the weight and mass of lots of different objects!



Maypole dancing

Still image for this video
Sorry I was not able to watch you at the gala but I know you were all fantastic. Here are the videos taken at the club.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video