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Welcome to Nursery


This is the home of Mrs Simm, Mrs Wilson and Miss Bates.

We have fun in our class and always try to enjoy ourselves and be helpful and kind to each other.  We will be very busy this year  learning how to share and make friends whilst gaining new  skills and independence. We use both the  inside and outside areas daily,  so please remember to bring a warm coat, every day. 


P.E. this year is on a Wednesday, alternately mornings and afternoons. We have already had several successful  lessons and all children have been taking their own jumpers off and putting them on (some with a little help) and our next challenge is  to manage our socks and shoes !


Please can you check your child has their name in everything and also that they have the right uniform on when they get home! We often need to change children and their clothes should be on their peg if we do, however it can be tricky to remember to do this at busy  times. 


Book bags  and library books should be returned  on Wednesdays. They will be returned on Fridays. We love looking at your busy books to see all the exciting learning at  home. 

Enjoy looking through our photographs to show what life is like in our class.


Kind regards,

Mrs Simm, Mrs Wilson  and Miss Bates 



This half term our maths focus of the week  has shifted from numbers to shapes and our shape of the week has been circles.  Look at these fantastic circles some of the children have been drawing. Some  of the things the Children turned their circles into were paper chains, snowmen, sunshine, smiley faces, lollipops and flowers. What else could you change  a circle into?  


Circles 1
Circles 2
Circles 3
Circles 4
Circles 5
Circles 6
Circles 7
Circles 8
Circles 9

Cafe role play

Cafe role play 1
Cafe role play 2
Cafe role play 3
Cafe role play 4
Cafe role play 5
Cafe role play 6

Making and drawing triangles

Making  and drawing  triangles 1
Making  and drawing  triangles 2
Making  and drawing  triangles 3
Making  and drawing  triangles 4
Making  and drawing  triangles 5
Making  and drawing  triangles 6
Making  and drawing  triangles 7

Our shape pictures

Our shape pictures 1
Our shape pictures 2
Our shape pictures 3
Our shape pictures 4
Our shape pictures 5
Our shape pictures 6
Our shape pictures 7
Our shape pictures 8
Our shape pictures 9

Flying our kites

Flying our kites 1
Flying our kites 2
Flying our kites 3
Flying our kites 4
Flying our kites 5
Flying our kites 6
Flying our kites 7
Flying our kites 8
Flying our kites 9
Flying our kites 10
Flying our kites 11
Flying our kites 12
Flying our kites 13
Flying our kites 14
Flying our kites 15

European Day of Languages

European Day of Languages 1
European Day of Languages 2
European Day of Languages 3
European Day of Languages 4
European Day of Languages 5
European Day of Languages 6

Making apple crumble

Making apple crumble  1
Making apple crumble  2
Making apple crumble  3
Making apple crumble  4
Making apple crumble  5
Making apple crumble  6
Making apple crumble  7
Making apple crumble  8
Making apple crumble  9

Colour mixing

Colour mixing 1
Colour mixing 2
Colour mixing 3
Colour mixing 4

Making vegetable soup

Making vegetable soup  1
Making vegetable soup  2
Making vegetable soup  3
Making vegetable soup  4
Making vegetable soup  5
Making vegetable soup  6
Making vegetable soup  7
Making vegetable soup  8
Making vegetable soup  9

Crate Trails

Harvesting our Fruit

Harvesting our Fruit  1
Harvesting our Fruit  2
Harvesting our Fruit  3
Harvesting our Fruit  4
Harvesting our Fruit  5
Harvesting our Fruit  6
Harvesting our Fruit  7
Harvesting our Fruit  8
Harvesting our Fruit  9
Harvesting our Fruit  10
Harvesting our Fruit  11
Harvesting our Fruit  12
Harvesting our Fruit  13
Harvesting our Fruit  14
Harvesting our Fruit  15
Harvesting our Fruit  16

Bonfire Night

Bonfire Night 1
Bonfire Night 2
Bonfire Night 3
Bonfire Night 4
Bonfire Night 5
Bonfire Night 6
Bonfire Night 7
Bonfire Night 8
Bonfire Night 9
Bonfire Night 10
Bonfire Night 11
Bonfire Night 12

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day 1

A special visitor

A special visitor  1
A special visitor  2
A special visitor  3
A special visitor  4
A special visitor  5
A special visitor  6
A special visitor  7
A special visitor  8