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Values and Ethos

Our School Motto

Believe     Enjoy    Succeed   Together


Our mission is:

To provide a wide range of outstanding educational and life experiences so that every child can attain their full potential within a happy and Christian environment based on Christian values.


Our Vision

"I can do everything through God who gives me strength”

Philippians 4:13




Based on the Christian faith, we aim to teach every child to be considerate and respectful of themselves, others and the environment with everyone leading by example and demonstrating our belief in the Christian values.


We aim to make school a place of happy memories and enjoyable learning, where all children are given a chance to shine and to leave the school as well-rounded individuals prepared for the future.


We aim to develop the children in our care by giving them wide ranging experiences so that they gain knowledge and understanding of the world around them and value the opportunities that they have.


We aim to give the children a firm foundation in the skills needed to succeed by being literate, numerate, creative and to possess technology skills to discover information for themselves within a safe, purposeful and open learning environment.


We aim to develop the whole child so that they are confident and motivated to learn and develop their own individual abilities and talents in order to achieve success that is recognised and celebrated.


We aim to involve parents in the partnership of their child’s education at our school and foster relationships that will support the development of their child.  We aim to develop our own skills and knowledge as we recognise that learning is a lifelong journey and all staff are committed to their own development to benefit ourselves and the children we teach.




As a Church of England school, the foundation of our approach is the Christian faith. The school enjoys strong links with the church, and this allows everyone to learn about and practice Christian beliefs, and all are invited to take part in its community life. The school is committed to respecting the personal values and beliefs (religious or otherwise) of parents and children.

Our school values are underpinned by our Christian beliefs and values for life. 

The 18 Christian Values chosen by the children are on a three year rota are:

Christian Values

Christian Values Set A                Christian Values Set B                           Christian Values Set C          

Autumn 1: Generosity                           Autumn 1: Service                                   Autumn 1: Hope

Autumn 2: Justice                               Autumn 2: Humility                                 Autumn 2: Friendship

Spring 1: Perseverance                          Spring 1: Compassion                               Spring 1: Creativity

Spring 2: Responsibility                        Spring 2: Forgiveness                               Spring 2: Courage

Summer 1: Truthfulness                        Summer 1: Trust                                      Summer 1: Respect

Summer 2: Thankfulness                       Summer 2: Wisdom                                 Summer 2: Peace



The Governors and staff of Cronton C. E. School have aims for the children linked to our school motto “BEST”.


Believe   – to have faith in God, oneself and others

Enjoy   – to be happy, secure, confident and independent.

Succeed - for every child to be well motivated, develop their potential and experience success.

Together - to be part of the community, locally, nationally and globally; to be well mannered, disciplined, sociable, caring and respectful.


Education at Cronton CE Primary School is a partnership between the home, the school and the church. We aim to make the school a warm, inviting and welcoming place, where children can feel secure and where parents are valued.


We aim to develop children’s spiritual maturity enabling them to take responsibility for their own actions and to understand the needs of others. Giving children opportunities to reflect with awe and wonder on what they learn in school and the world around them and fostering their spiritual development. Throughout their time at Cronton C. E. School children are encouraged to express experiences, feelings, questions and ideas in their own words.


We believe that the school is both happy and welcoming, and that the education the children receive is of an extremely high standard. We try to foster a caring attitude in all who attend the school.