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4th December


Congratulations to all our celebration winners today!  I was so proud this morning as we FINALLY beat Year 4 in the Accelerated Reading competition.  The child holding the trophy was our top word count reader this week, but all the children have been working really hard and doing lots of reading to try and beat Year 4.  Well done Year 3!

4th December


In music today we created and then performed our own compositions using the note C.  We learned all about different note values and used minims and crotchets in our compositions.

3rd December


Today we had a very special visitor in school, all the way from the North Pole!

3rd December


In RE today we discussed the Shepherds' journey to visit baby Jesus at Christmas time.  We did a hot seating activity to ask the shepherds some questions about their journey.

30th November


The blue team celebrated St Andrew's Day today by coming to school in their own blue clothes.

30th November


Today in science we investigated whether everything can make a shadow.  We then discussed whether each object was opaque, translucent and transparent, and why certain objects did not make a shadow!  Can your children remember what we learned?

27th November


Congratulations to our star badge, times table rockstars, and reading certificate winners this week!

27th November


Earlier this week we had our school council vote.  There were lots of great candidates and the vote was very close, but congratulations go to these two children who received the most votes and will be representing Year 3 in the school council this year!

27th November


This afternoon we began learning about Scotland in geography.  We learned where the Scotland is located within the UK and described the location using cardinal directions.  We also found out lots of information including Scotland's capital city, the Scottish flag, and how to travel from Cronton to Scotland and how long it would take!

27th November


Today we had another music lesson and we had lots of fun improvising different rhythms and melodies.

23rd November


Our current RE topic is 'Called by God'.  We have learned about prophets in the Bible, and thought about people today who have been called by God.  Today Reverend Bob joined us (via Zoom of course!) to talk to the children about his calling.  The children prepared questions to ask Reverend Bob to find out all about his experiences.  Thank you to Reverend Bob for joining us and bringing our learning to life!

20th November


It might only be November, but we were feeling very festive in Year 3 today!  The children looked fantastic in all their Christmas clothes and accessories.  "Merry Christmas" from Year 3!


Still image for this video

20th November


Year 3 enjoyed their music lesson again this afternoon.  After learning to identify the pulse last week, this week the children played the glockenspiel to our piece of music for this unit 'Let Your Spirit Fly'.  Today we used notes C, F and G.

20th November


In geography this week we continued our topic 'the UK as part of Europe'.  We identified the UK on a map of Europe and used cardinal directions to describe where it is in relation to other countries and seas.  Then we used google maps to find out how long it would take us to travel from Cronton to some other European countries, and what the best mode of transport would be.

20th November


Congratulations to all our certificate winners this week!  These children have been awarded star badges, reading certificates and times table rockstars certificates.  Well done!

17th November


This week we are celebrating Anti-Bullying week in school.  Today we all came in with crazy hairstyles, to show how unique and different we all are!  The children all looked fantastic.

13th November


Congratulations to our Star Badge, ninja reading belt, and times table rockstar award winners this week!

13th November


Today we started our new music topic.  We listened to the song 'Let Your Spirit Fly' and discussed whether we liked it or not and why.  We also discussed what style of music it was, and which musical instruments we could hear in the song.  Then we had some fun moving our bodies to the pulse in different ways!

9th November


In science today we continued our topic on light.  We discussed how light is reflected from surfaces to enable us to see things, and investigated whether some materials reflect light better than others.

6th November


Congratulations to our Star Badge winners, times table rockstars and reading certificate winners today!

6th November


This afternoon saw our Recovery Curriculum in action, as we learned all about Australia in geography.  Year 3 showed off their map skills and were able to find Australia in an atlas.  Ask your children what we learned about Australia today!

6th November


Our DT topic for Autumn 1 was glove puppets.  We began by looking at and discussing different types of puppets.  Then we learned how to do a running stitch and an overstitch, and we designed our own glove puppets.  After weeks of hard work, today we finally completed our puppets!  The children have worked very hard on their puppets and I'm so pleased with the final results!  We spent a time today evaluating our puppets, and then putting on puppet shows for each other!

5th November


Accelerated Reading time is our favourite time of the day in Year 3!  15 minutes of peace and quiet where we can enjoy our reading books.

4th November


Year 3 enjoyed their PE lesson with Miss Morris this afternoon!

16th October


Well done to all our celebration winners this week!

9th October


Well done to all our winners in today's celebration worship!

6th October


Today in science we learned all about air resistance!  The children were tasked with designing a parachute that would fall to the ground as slowly as possible.  Can your children remember what we found out?  Which parachute design was the best and why?

5th October


In English, we have been reading 'Stone Age Boy'.  I think it's safe to say that the children are thoroughly enjoying the book!  Just look at all those engrossed readers!

2nd October


Congratulations to all our winners in today's celebration worship!

29th September


In science today we learnt about friction!  We investigated how much friction is created by different surfaces.  Can your children remember what we learnt?

28th September


In history today we learned about the Bronze Age.  The children used artefacts, books and iPads to research different aspects of life in the Bronze Age.  Then they created some fabulous double page spreads to show everything that they learned!

25th September - European Day of Languages


Today we celebrated European Day of Languages!  We learned all about Germany, and even learned to speak some German.  The children all looked fantastic dressed in either the colours of the German flag, or in traditional German clothes!

21st September


Today Year 3 enjoyed being archaeologists!  We have been learning about the Stone Age in history, and today Year 3 had the opportunity to examine some Stone Age artefacts.  We discussed what the artefacts might have been used for, and what they can tell us about life in the Stone Age.

15th September


In science we learned about the effects of gravity.  We also learned the difference between mass and weight.  The children then measured the mass and weight of different classroom objects, and discovered and interesting link between the mass and weight!

3rd September


Welcome to Year 3!  This week we have created our own personal shields, thinking about the things that are important to us.  We have displayed our personal shields in the classroom to create a colourful and welcoming display, and so that they are always there to remind us of the things that are important to us.


We also thought about our Christian Value for this half term; Service.  We thought about all the people who have served us throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, and created colourful posters to thank them for their service.