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Year 1

Week ending 7.7.23

A busy and fun filled week this week! 


In maths, we learnt how to find out one more and one less of numbers up to 100. We compared numbers with the same tens (e.g 53 and 59) with visuals and digits. 


In English, we started reading the first part of our new book, The Last Wolf. We thought of questions that Little Red and the Wolf would like to ask each other. Throughout the text there are suffixes ending in -ed and plurals with -s and -es. We played a bingo game with a partner using the -ed story words and sorted them into the different sound endings, as not all -ed words sound like they end like that. In another lesson, the children worked in groups to figure out the plurals puzzle. They had to match the root word to the plural and they managed very well. 


In RE, we started looking at My World and Jesus’ world. The children got out and wore some clothes that looked like they are from Jesus’ time. We compared them with our clothes and discussed the differences between them due to different places, culture, weather, materials etc.  


In D&T, the children started to make their car model. They used their plans and began putting together the wheels and axels independently which was great to see! We even got onto painting our base colour in preparation for next week’s designing. 


In PHSE, we continued with our changing me topic. We discussed that our body belongs to us and we should tell someone we trust if anything makes us feel upset or worried. We then watched a video involving the Pantosaurus and listened to the great advice from them! Here is the link so you’re not missing out on the song.


On Thursday we took part in our Sports Day. Everyone did a fantastic job and tried their best! We are looking forward to seeing who won on Monday …


On Friday, we continued with our computing topic. The children managed to change backgrounds and add sprites onto the Scratch app. Once they’ve done this, they added algorithms to make the sprites move. 


See you all on Monday for more fun and learning!

Week ending 23.6.23

Another week gone by with so much learning! The class have all been so resilient and I’m so proud of how far they’ve all come on. 


In maths this week, we continued with our position and direction topic where we looked at above and below, forwards and backwards and ordinal numbers. The children built on their previous knowledge and began to deepen their learning with word problems and applying the instructions altogether. 


In English, we looked at a WAGOLL (what a good one looks like) in writing a postcard. We looked at sentence structure and editing and correcting sentences. 


In Science, we compared the weather in the different seasons and discussed how nature can change due to the weather. In History, we looked at comparing cars from different times and tried sorting them from oldest to newest. The children did a great job at spotting the difference between the cars and seeing how they’ve evolved into the ones to drive today. In D&T, the children experimented putting together wheels and axles and seeing how the chassis shape can be altered. We even had a practise test with one another to see how they worked! In PHSE, we looked at how we’ve changed as we’ve grown up and what other changes have happened to us through the years. E.g. losing teeth, new clothes because we’ve grown, different school years. 


We’ve enjoyed being together and learning this week. Let’s see what next week brings! 



Week ending 16.6.23

A hot and busy first week back after half term! It’s been good to have everyone back together. 


We started our week off with a visit from Reverend Bob, who spoke to us about baptism and explained what happens during a service and after. 


In maths this week, we started a new topic of position and direction where the children discussed full, quarter, three quarter and half turns. We then moved onto left and right and understanding how to move objects and draw shapes. 


In English, we focused on nouns and adjectives. The children wrote down nouns for a picture from The Secret of Black Rock and then went back to edit in adjectives to describe those nouns. We looked at plurals -s and -es, and the exceptions of when to use suffix -es. 


In Science, we started our new topic of seasons and took our learning outside in the shade to observe what summer looks like in our school grounds. In History, we started our summer term topic of Transport through time where we talked about Carl Benz who invented the first petrol engine car in 1885. In Computing, we have now moved onto our last topic of programming animations and we had a little play around on the app Scratch to see how to use the programming area and buttons. In PHSE, we looked at life cycles of humans and animals and tried sorting some out in our table groups. 


We finally ended the week by having a celebration for Father’s Day! It was lovely to see our children hand over the cards they’d made and spend some special time with them. 


Overall, a lovely week back together and learning. Looking forward to seeing what’s happening next week!

Week ending 26.5.23

A lovely busy week as we finish for our half term. 


In maths, we have been recognising and finding half of shapes and objects. We then moved onto finding half of a quantity and understanding that a whole has to be split into two equal parts. The children did very well using stem sentences and a method to split the quantities. We then moved onto recognising and finding a quarter of shapes and objects. The children had to split a whole into four equal parts. 


In English, we began the week by planning our return story. The children got really into creating their character, the world that their character visits and the creature they come across. For the rest of the week, we wrote up our big write. The children did so well and on the Friday we went into Reception and read our stories to them which they loved! 


In PE, we had our athletics lesson outside, where we set up stations for the children to practise the skills they’ve done over the weeks. 

In Computing, the children practised their skills from last week and made a page about themselves. They made decisions about font and what text they wanted in bold, italics or underlined. 

In Art, the children made their animal clay tiles from their planning. They did really well using the equipment correctly and correcting mistakes as they went. 

In PHSE, we ended our relationships topic and had discussions about who is special to us and why. We then made a little something to take to those people in our lives. 
In Geography, we finished our UK topic and wrote about why the UK is special. Some children came to the front to read what they had written. 


During the week, we had a great visit from Zoo2u for our science topic. We were shown different animals from the categories and told about their diets, habitats and interesting facts about them. The children loved petting the animals and understanding more about them. They asked some great questions and were so well behaved listening and being with the animals. 


I’m so proud of how well year 1 have worked this half term. I hope you all have a wonderful well deserved rest!

Week ending 19.5.23

What an eventful week we’ve had!  


We kick started the week with dressing up like a pop star. Thank you to all of your efforts in the outfits, they were amazing! In the afternoon, we had a Eurovision concert and Year 1 sang ‘Can’t stop this feeling’. They sang well and did great actions. 


In maths, we looked at doubling and understanding how to explain that it means it is twice as big as the original amount. The children were good at adding two of the same numbers together in their addition sentences and proving it on ten frames. 


For preparation for our big writes coming up in English, the children verbally practised using different sentence starters. The children chose a scene of a story and used different sentence starters to hook the readers in. Some children read theirs out to the class!  


In Science, we had a visitor come in on Wednesday. The children tried to predict what profession our visitor did and had some clues on their tables to discuss the equipment. Some children predicted correctly that our visitor was a vet! She explained about how she looks after household pets and what she does when they are sick. Some X-rays of animals were shown and we had to figure out the pets and what was wrong with them. We had so much fun!


In Spanish, the children learnt some more songs about the garden and the insects that you may find there. 

In PHSE, we discussed about belonging and what makes us feel like we belong. A lot of children spoke about family, clubs they feel a part of and the school community. Therefore, we made little belonging books to remind ourselves of what we belong to and why it’s special. 

In Computing, we continued with digital literacy and understood about types of font, bold, italic and underlining that can be found on the toolbar. The children managed to create and change texts using these features well. 


Keep up the good work Year 1!


Still image for this video

Week ending 12.5.23

A lovely week of learning together as usual! 

In English, we had a little mystery to solve. The children were given a page from our new book but only had a few windows to look through at it. They predicted what the book could be about using just the window images and then we ended up opening the envelope and revealing the whole page! 

We then looked at verbs ending with the suffix -ed in our book and tried highlighting them. 


In maths, we looked at counting in 5s and then moved onto recognising equal groups. We had an explore of how numbers can be split into equal groups and found that there isn’t always one answer or sometimes you can’t! 


In Spanish, the children first recapped vocabulary they already know and then went onto extending their colours and playing a game with the colour fans. In Geography, we continued to find more out about the countries of the UK. We have already researched and looked at England and Scotland - so this week we looked at Wales. In science, we looked at offspring of animals and humans and how some offspring looks the same as the adult and how others don’t. Ask your child to see if they remember which animals don’t look like their adult! In computing, we looked at writing sentences using the iPad keyboard and using capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. The children are getting very good at typing now! 


I am looking forward to seeing what learning happens next week and what pop stars you come as on Monday …

Week ending 5.5.23

A shorter week this week but it was still packed full of learning and fun!


In English, we finished our information reports on our wild things. The children did a great job explaining what their wild thing’s appearance, diet, movement is like and some added an amazing fact! 


In maths, we’ve started the topic of multiplication and division of numbers up to 100. We have been revisiting counting in 2s and 10s but are now applying those counting skills to problems and reasoning questions. 


In Spanish, we learnt about the garden and what we might find in there. In PE, we focused on aiming and throwing a ball over a net and dropping and catching it quickly. In Art, we practised making patterns and drawings in clay in preparation for making animals in clay tiles. 


On Thursday, Year 1 started the day off by doing their class worship about the Christian value truthfulness. The were confident and amazing to watch - I was a very proud teacher! 


On Friday, we celebrated the King’s coronation. We learned about what coronation means and what will be happening on the day. We made our own crowns, had fun activities, coloured and had a disco where we danced the afternoon away! The sun even came out for lunchtime so we sat outside and had our party lunch together. 

A lovely end to our week - let’s see what next week brings …

Week ending 21.4.23

A lovely week being back together after the Easter holidays. The children loved finding out their new carpet and table places and we got back into the swing of things very quickly! 


In maths this week, we’ve focused on length, height and began learning about mass. The children have been making sure to use mathematical language when comparing length and height. We looked at measuring scales and how heavier objects go down and lighter objects go up. Next week, we will explore measuring and comparing mass. 


In English, we began the week immersing ourselves into kennings. The children learnt that a kenning is a special type of poem that uses 2 word phrases to describe something or someone. We played a game where we had to guess what the kenning was describing and then we started to use those examples to make our own Wild Thing kenning. That class worked in their new groups to create a team kenning and then some groups read theirs out and acted alongside the reading. We had such a fun lesson! For the rest of the week, we explored a WAGOLL information report and started to design and create our own Wild Thing that we will be reporting on. 


In RE, we started our new Baptism topic. We looked at pictures of different people being baptised or christened and the class wrote down questions that they’d like to find out throughout the topic. Some children discussed their christenings or people that they know who have been baptised. 

In Spanish, Year 1 recapped their numbers and continued to learn new vocabulary of animals.

In PHSE, we talked about belonging and family. We looked at what animal families look like and what our families look like. 

In PE, we started our racquet skills and athletics topics. In athletics, the children were introduced to different sports and practised some techniques in preparation for future lessons. 

In Science, we began our animals topic, where we started talking about and noting down animals (including humans) basic needs.  

In Geography, we looked at the United Kingdom and how to find it on a world map. We then looked at what countries are in the UK and where they are located. We will be learning more about each country as the weeks go on. 


On Friday, we said goodbye to our student teacher Miss Mee who has been with us for a number of weeks. The children enjoyed being taught by her and we made her a lovely card to say thank you. 

Week ending 31.3.23

Year 1 had a lovely end to the Spring term. 


In maths, we continued to partition numbers up to 50 using part-whole models. The children were a lot more confident at using stem sentences to help them partition the numbers: First we have 47, then we split it into tens and ones, now I have 4 tens and 7 ones. 


In English, we began to write our portal narrative using Where the Wild Things are and a WAGOLL as inspiration. The children used their plans well and took more ownership in their writing! 


In Science, we ended our topic of plants and explored answering the question ‘Is a plant a living thing?’. The children were able to understand that a living thing moves, breathes, drinks, eats and reproduces and therefore came to the conclusion that a plant is a living thing. In Spanish, Mrs Kimmins began teaching the children masculine and feminine nouns which was tricky but they did very well applying their new knowledge in some games. In RE, we finished our Easter topic talking about Jesus’s resurrection. The children listened to scripture from the bible and drew a picture of what their interpretation of the resurrection looked like. 


On Friday, we enjoyed showing off our Easter bonnets to the school. We paraded around the hall and winners were chosen from each year group. Later on, we had an early visit from the Easter bunny to help us practise our egg-hunting skills. The children did well to work as a team and find them all around the school. Once we had gathered the eggs, we decided to group them into tens to help us count them easier! 


I hope you all have a wonderful and restful Easter break and I am looking forward to seeing you when we are back! 

Week ending 24.3.23

This week we continued our learning linked to British science week. We had two assemblies with scientists who spoke about how science helps us to explore and learn the world around us. 


In maths, we counted forwards and backwards within numbers up to 50 on a 50 square grid. We then moved onto using that number knowledge to help us count larger amounts of objects/pictures in groups of tens. 


In English, we made plans to create a portal narrative next week. The children had great ideas and loved sharing them with their peers. 


In science, we learnt about a variety of local flowers and trees and went on a hunt for them in our school grounds. Some children spotted some flowers that we hadn’t looked at and it led our learning to a bit of research! In RE, the children looked at new life and the life cycle of butterfly. We then compared the life cycle of a butterfly to Jesus’s resurrection and the children made similarities between the two. We then went outside and made our own life cycle of a butterfly with natural resources from things we found. In PE, we continued with some gymnastics and basic skills using the equipment in the hall. In history, we learnt about Norman castles and how William the conqueror built them when he became king of England. The children learnt about the different parts of a castle, what they were called and what they were designed for. 


Another successful week in Year 1 with lots of fun learning together! 

Week ending 17.3.23

Year 1 have enjoyed Science week this week! 


On Monday, we had a whole school assembly about extracting DNA. After that, we had a visit from Miss Melvin, a biochemist from Alder Hey, who spoke to us about what she does and the different strands of scientists. She explained about how she looks at bacteria and blood. The children then performed an experiment about how soap helps fight bacteria on our hands - which the children loved! 


On Tuesday, we compared plants and noticed the similarities and differences about their different parts. It was interesting to see how stems were longer on other plants, leaves were different shapes and how some plants had flower heads and others didn’t. We then learned about deciduous and evergreen trees. The children understood how deciduous trees lose their leaves in winter and evergreens stay green all year round. As it was raining, our exploration of the different leaves will be taken into next week. 


Year 1 also completed our STEM project about being a detective and how forensic scientists can help us detect fingerprints. So we got into pairs and took each others fingerprints. It was amazing to see the different patterns of loops, arches and whorls in our fingers. Things got a little messy! … 


We loved celebrating our Mother’s Day in school on Friday morning for all the important women in our life. Thank you for being you and so wonderful! 

Week ending 10.3.23

Year 1 have been busy this week and have worked very hard as always. 


In maths, we have been looking at how knowing addition facts can help us to work out subtraction facts. We used ten frames and part-whole models to help us explore what that looks like and how knowing number bond facts can be very helpful for quick addition and subtraction knowledge.

On Tuesday, we received some mysterious objects and a letter telling us about our new book 'Where the wild things are'! We read through it and enjoyed all of the drawings and what the wild things looked like. Year 1 recapped what adjectives are and wrote a sentence or two using them to describe a setting from the book. Some of the children came up to the front to read their sentences aloud.


In PHSE this week we continued with our topic of 'healthy me' and discussed about how to keep clean and what safe and unsafe household items may look like. In RE, we took a look at the cress seeds we planted last week and they had grown! So, we decided to try the cress we had grown and put them in sandwiches. The children had such a fun time making the sandwiches on their own and eating something that they had grown and looked after! In Spanish, we revisited numbers and extended our knowledge of learning how to ask and answer questions. In PE, the children learnt about how to defend and use their body to stop balls being passed in games. In Science, we recorded our observations about the flowers in our classroom.


We are looking forward to science week next week and all the fun things we will be getting to do! ...

Week ending 3.3.23

Another great week of learning and lots of characters joining us along the way...


We began the week planting our cress seeds in RE. Our topic of Easter talks about new life, therefore we planted some seeds to document the journey of seeing the new life happen in our classroom and we will see how they develop as the week goes on. In maths, the children focused on subtraction and how to count backwards from 20 and also use their number bond knowledge to help them work out subtraction equations. In English, we continued to write our letter as Hermelin and share our letters with our peers. In Science last week, we discussed about what plants need to live and stay alive and to test out our theories, we placed five plants around the classroom. Four of the plants are missing one of the following; water, soil, sunlight and the right temperature and there is one plant with all of them. So, we did a check up this week on what they looked and smelt like. Alongside our observations, we learnt about the different parts of a flower and a tree. In PE, the children practised their throws from last week and learnt about how to dodge and defend a ball. Later in the lesson, they put it into action by trialling a small game of matball.


On Thursday, we had world book day and might I add, we looked FANTASTIC! Thank you so much parents and carers for all the effort you put in to make your child look amazing and so proud to wear their costume. We had a lovely day reading our books with our friends and looking at a folktale story from India called 'The Tiger Child'. The children listened to the story, learnt where India is located on a map, sequenced the story and re-told it using the construction and animals. 


We are looking forward to seeing what is in store for our learning next week.



Week ending 24.2.23

We have had a great week back after half term and have loved starting all of our new topics.


In maths this week, we have looked at and explored all of the different number bonds to 20. We then moved onto doubles and how we can use our doubles knowledge to work out number sentences that are near doubles. E.g. 6 + 6 = 12 can help us work out 6 + 7 = 13 because 6 + 6 = 12 + 1 = 13. In English, we recapped looking at and using the conjunctions ‘so, because, and, but, or’ and began to plan a letter from Hermelin for our write next week. 

In RE, we have started our new topic about Easter and this week we went outside for a Spring walk to see if we could find signs of spring. The children did so well exploring the field and explaining what they had found and discussing what it looks like now and what it will be like in spring time. In PE, we are looking at how to play Matball. We began our first lesson understanding how to do a chest pass and shoulder pass. This then led to putting those throws into practise with a game at the end in teams. In PHSE, we have started our healthy me topic where we discussed how we can be healthy and what we need to do. We understood how a balanced diet, having plenty of sleep, washing our hands and playing outdoors is good for us. In Spanish, Mrs Kimmins began to teach us numbers in Spanish and the children loved all of the videos and songs that helped them remember how to say them. 

Looking forward to seeing what next week brings!