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Year 2

As part of Black History Month Year 2 children will learn about the life of Mary Seacole and compare it with that of Florence Nightingale, in the Wartime Nursing topic. Our English text has enabled a cross curricular learning.  

They will learn about the events Great Fire of London and what lessons we learnt from it, comparing aspects of buildings and homes from then with now.   We will find out about two famous people from this time, Samuel Pepys and Sir Christopher Wren. 

In November children will gain an understanding of the significance of Remembrance Day and some of the traditional ways in which we commemorate it. 


Following on from previously learning about how homes and houses have changed since the Fire of London, the children will go on to further study changes in homes.  This time comparing houses today to those in the Victorian era.  They will use artefacts to compare household appliances with today and learn how inventions and discoveries from that time have affected us today. Children will learn about the life of a significant local person Kitty  Wilkinson and  the affect she has had on life today. 


In the Tudor Monarch topic children will be able to recap on their knowledge of the English monarchs they have already learnt about and extend this by finding out about some of the Tudor monarchs.  They will continue to develop their use of timelines and begin to develop their understanding of  chronology.