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11th May

It was lovely to speak to so many of you last week, sorry if I didn’t get hold  you but hope you are well. It has also been lovely to see some photos of our Nursery children too. Don’t forget you can send photos of what you have been doing  to the school email or tweet them and tag us.

This week we continue with patterns and it is symmetrical pattern week. You can explain to your child that symmetrical means is the same on both sides.

You can make symmetrical body shapes e.g. both arms outstretched and maybe try some not symmetrical body shapes too and see if your child can distinguish between the two. This may help them understand this concept.

A great way to make a symmetrical pattern is to paint one side of some paper and fold it in half so the same pattern is on both sides. I have also put some symmetrical butterfly pictures on here so you may like to complete these.

Alternatively, you may like to build a symmetrical model with Lego or blocks or anything else you have at home.

This week as part of the minibeast topic and to fit in with the symmetrical theme.   I have included some activities based around the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  You could explain to you child about how butterfly patterns are symmetrical.  You can watch and hear this story being read on You tube . This is a good story for retelling too and I have included the pictures to help your child to retell the story, as well as some home learning challenge ideas.