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Autumn 1 Blog

Year 5 – Parts of the face

Las partes de la cara



This term we are learning about the parts of the face.  We practised them by playing the game Simón dice, the Spanish version of Simon Says.  We drew and labelled the main parts of the face.


Then we learnt how to describe the parts of alien faces with colours.  We had to think about whether the parts were masculine, feminine, singular or plural, and make the endings of the colours agree.



We described one of the aliens to a partner, who had to identify which number alien it was.  Then we wrote our descriptions.



Finally, we had to listen carefully to the description of an alien in Spanish, and draw and colour it correctly, before seeing the written description.



Describing our hair and eyes


We learnt some different adjectives to describe our hair, and joined two together to make the description more detailed.


We practised describing our hair and eyes with a partner.




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Year 4

Cities in Spain

Today we looked at the cities in Spain and talked about some of their features.



Today we practised our key questions


We learnt a different way of asking and saying how we feel.

We practised some different instructions

Baila (dance), camina (walk)

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Baila (dance), salta (jump), camina (walk), duerme (sleep)

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Baila (dance), salta (jump), corre (run), duerme (sleep)

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