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Welcome to our Reading Page

Here at Cronton we do our very best to promote a love of reading right from your child's very first weeks with us all the way through to Year Six and beyond! 

In Reception:

We encourage the children to bring in and share their own favourite books with us at story times as part of our getting to know each other in the first few weeks and throughout the year.

Teachers share their favourite story books and enjoy telling the children why they love them so much.

Topics of learning, both child and adult led, are taught predominantly through stories and non-fiction books and the children are encouraged to develop a range of skills to help them learn to read, through exploring character’s thoughts and feelings, plots of stories and learning lots of new words! (Please see our Reading Booklet for Parents.)

We read and sing a range of traditional tales and nursery rhymes and encourage a thorough knowledge of and familiarity with them by spotting similarities and differences between them. We enjoy comparing different versions - especially those that perhaps have an unexpected twist!

We have a lovely, comfy book area for the children to use in the continuous provision and enjoy celebrating events such as World Book Day.

Relevant books are available in every area of our provision where appropriate.

At the end of every day we have story time all together, where stories are chosen both by adults and by the children.

The children have sound books, tricky word books and word list books to take home. These are updated as we learn new words and sounds.

When the children are ready, they take home reading books that will enable them to practise using the sounds and tricky words they have learned. The children take home two books each time the books are changed, which is on Mondays and Thursdays.

On this page, you will find resources around phonics and word reading and we hope you find them useful. More resources will be added as we progress in our learning.

Mrs Jones and Miss Wilson

Reading Books

To start with the children will bring home:

  • Sounds Book – We learn four new sounds a week. Each day Monday – Thursday we will place a new sticker with the day’s sound in the plastic wallet for you to stick into your child’s sound book on the next page which can stay at home with you. (We are trying to reduce the amount of handling books between school and home currently.) On a Friday you will also receive a sounds sheet for your guidance on the sound, action and saying for each grapheme (letter/s) phoneme/sound correspondence. These will also be placed on this Reading Page.


  • Tricky Word Book – as with the sounds book – this year they will stay at home with you and we will place new word stickers in the plastic wallets on Fridays for you to stick in.


  • High Frequency Word Book – these will have word lists of about 10 decodable words for you to practise with your child. These lists will be sent home as we come to them for you to stick in.


  • Reading Books – once we start with the reading books, please make sure that they are in the plastic wallet EVERY DAY. This is so we can read with the children in school. Your child will have two reading books at a time and they will be changed on MONDAYS and THURSDAYS.


Library Books

These will be fortnightly. The children can choose a book to take home from our class library on a Wednesday. This can be taken home and shared as a story activity with you and kept for a week. Please return to school the following Wednesday. They will then be wiped down and stored for a further week.

The children will then be able to choose another book to take home the following Wednesday.