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Year 6

Week ending 21.7.23

Our final week. It has been very emotional. Remember to dream big and always try your BEST. You can do it.  
a big thank you for all you kind words and gifts from me, Mrs Gillies and Miss Unsworth. Have a great summer. 

Week ending 14.7.23

This week we have completed our Junior production and what an amazing production it was. Well done everyone for their hard work and commitment. You all did an amazing job. 

Week ending 7.7.23

This week the children had their transition days and by the sounds of it they had a great time. They are really ready to move onto secondary with confidence and excitement. 

they children came back to sports day and had a really great morning. We are also really excited to be completing our production next week and have been doing the finishing touches. 

Week ending 30.6.23

At the start of this week, some of our children took part in a wonderful simmer concert. They were given the opportunity to showcase their talents on the violin or keyboards. We had two excellent narrators to help Miss Ellis introduce everyone. 

We have continued to read our whole class text and answer questions about the intriguing goings on in the hotel. In maths the children continue to excel in their arithmetic and reasoning.

The production practise is also underway and we have been practising our dance routines. In DT the children have now designed puppets.

We have had some children visit their secondary school and I hope all the children enjoy their transition days next week. 

Our amazing keyboard players

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Week ending 23.6.23
Another busy week in year 6. We completed the class text Wonder and started our new book Malamander. The children completed their predictions on our new text and we are ready to read it. 

In geography we have started to look at time zones and began to focus on the rainforest. 
In DT the children are looking at marionette puppets. They have completed research about them and are ready to design their own. 
The children have all started to learn their lines for the production as we begin to rehearse. We are looking forward to sharing it all with you. 

Week ending 19.6.23

A busy start to our first week of Summer 2. We started with Bikeability. The children learn how to ride safely on the road. 
on Wednesday  we visited Children’s University. I am so pleased all our children received an award in Y6. They have worked so hard and continued to complete extra hours.

Our Leaver’s service was held at the Anglican Cathedral and was a celebration of the children’s time at Primary. Our school choir were chosen and we had the opportunity to be part of the service. The children became characters in the story of The Walls of Jericho. We took part in some workshops which focused on moving on to secondary school and how having faith can help us. 

We finished the week by celebrating Father’s Day. We hope you enjoyed the donuts. 

24.5.23 Day1 Robinwood

A great send off by the school to start our journey to Robinwood. We had a great coach ride with lots of singing and fun. We are all ready to walk to the castle. Keep a look out Twitter for updates. 

A great first day. We have completed the crate challenge, trapeze, nightlife and the piranha pool. The children have been amazing and really pushed themselves and shown resilience and perseverance. We had team challenge and hot chocolate before they went to bed. A super first day. 

Day 2 Robinwood

a full day of activities today starting with a good breakfast. We started with canoeing then raft building. The children loved the water sports fun. Their favourite was the sky dive.

They moved on to complete the knights Quest before completing some archery. 
The giant swing was a favourite as well as the caving. 

Day 3

More fun on the zip wire, climbing wall and escape room. The children have been amazing and I am so very proud of all of them. 

Week ending 19.5.23

Another jam packed week.

The week started with our Eurofest. The children looked amazing as rockstars. We watched all the classes perform before singing our own song. 

We have continued with our math by looking at our arithmetic and reasoning. In English, we wrote a narrative story based on a short film called “Alma”. We continued with our WCSR book Wonder and looked retrieval and inference questions. 
We have completed our tennis block and are nearly ready to present our information to the class next week in history.
in art we have completed our Batik and placed them into squares for display. Don’t they look amazing.

On Friday, we got to read our scripts and show of our acting skills with a taster audition by reading out and becoming different characters. We will do more next week to see who gets who in our production. Remember you are all amazing and every part is important. It’s a real class effort to make a great production.


The week ended with a game of Quidditch. It was really fun and everyone enjoyed it. Some were awarded certificates for their performance but everyone played amazing and had fun. A great end to the week. Next week we are on our residential and we can’t wait. 

Week ending 12.5.23

What a very busy week we have had in Y6.  The mornings started with breakfast club. A big thank you to Mrs Gillies and Miss Unsworth for sorting it all out. A nice calm relaxing start to the week ahead.

The children approached the SATs with confidence, resilience and perseverance. They have made me, the school and their parents very proud. A huge well done to you all. We ended the tests with a conga line so everyone knew we had finished. We had donuts and played rounders and also found out what our end of year production will be.

Through the week, we have also continued with our tennis and researched a part of Liverpool and began to create a presentation about it. In art, we have continued to make our Batik design using the wax. We can’t wait to see the final piece of art. 

Week ending 5.5.23

This week we have been continuing our suspense story writing. We continued to read the story Wolves in the wall. The children have continued the story with their own ideas. 
In maths we looked at angles in shapes and looked at nets of shapes. 

In art, the children designed and created their pattern for batik. In PE, we continued to master tennis. For history the children researched their historical place or person about Liverpool. 
it has been such a busy week and we ended the week by celebrating the Coronation of King Charles. We made crowns and had a lovely picnic lunch before dancing the afternoon away.
Next week is going to be very busy so have a great weekend.  

Week ending 28.4.23

This week we have started a new book in our Read To Write sessions. We have started the story of The Wolves in The Wall. It will help us write suspense stories.  

In maths we have been looking at angles on a straight line, around a point, opposite and in different shapes. We have also looked at the properties of circles and answered some reasoning questions. We finished the week by looking at nets of shapes. 

The children are enjoying the class text Wonder and can't wait to read the next chapter.

In science we have continued to look at the reproduction of plants and looked at pollination. 

In history we have learnt about the Irish ansesrors of Liverpool and why we have so many Irish ancestors. Did you know 3 out of the 4 Beatles had Irish ancestors. I am looking forward to listening the children's presentations about an aspect of Liverpool. 

In PE the children are engaging well in their tennis. In DT the children got to race there cars and they dis a fantastic job before moving onto their art topic - Batik. 
The red team celebrated St George’s day. Another productive week. Well done Year 6

Week ending 21.4.23

A great start to the summer term. We completed our balanced argument in English. In our shared reading we have started our new book “Wonder”. The book is about a young boy with facial disfigurement and how he sees the world. In a world where you can be anything... be kind is the famous quote from the book. We have started looking at inference and how to justify and explain the comprehension questions. 
In maths, we have looked at statistics and all the children understand the mean and said it wasn’t mean at all but quite good. 
In history, we have started our topic on Liverpool. This week we looked at how Liverpool was a major port for the slave trade. 
In science, we have started our topic on plant reproduction. We looked at asexual and sexual plants and the male and female parts. We have some very artistic children in the class who drew the flowers beautifully. Well done. 
In PE the children are focusing on tennis and looking forward to our outward bound activities at Robinwood.

In DT the children have created their motorised car s and are doing their finishing touches. In RE, we are looking at God and researched the different names He was given in the Bible. 
We ended the week with the red team celebrating St George’s day and wearing red. 
A very busy week with so much more to come this term. Be in be ready and make every minute count. We’ve got this Y 6. 

Week ending 31.3.23

A very busy last week of term. This week the children had their final game of dodgeball. They used all their skills. It was a very competitive ending. In computing we looked at spreadsheets.

In geography the children have looked closely at Northern Ireland, learning about its landscape, history, links, famous cities and landmarks. The children had been looking at migration and completed some amazing spreads on different types such as the Slave trade, Australia and Windrush. 

In maths we have started to look at area, perimeter and volume of shapes. We have finished reading our whole class shared book and quizzed on it. We start a new book next term. 

The children continued to work hard for their Arch Bishop Award and completed their sponsored run and cake sale. The cakes were a big hit and the children did an amazing run. Well done. 

As we get ready to celebrate Easter, the children looked at the Holy Week in RE. On Friday we had a special Easter Experience brought to us by the Ethos Group. It took the children on a trip through each of the different parts of the story and brought it to life. It was amazing.

The children got to show off their Easter bonnets/ hats. They did a fantastic job and it was hard to choose the winners. Well done everyone. Have a great Easter holiday. 

Week ending 24.3.23
The week started with the children testing their catapults. The children had fun testing which one travelled the furthest. Our science continued with a Mad Science Assembly which was all about sound. A science club will be starting after half term if you are interested. Mrs Dvininov shared her science background and worked with school looking at gases. 

In English, the children wrote descriptive narrative using our new book “The Ways of the Wolf”. We have continued to read our book about Jude - a Syrian girl who has left her country due to conflict to live in America. In maths, we have looked at percentages and secured finding fractions and percentages of amounts. 

In science the children have looked at pitch and worked like a scientist to measure sound and find patterns. In R.E, the children have looked at Jesus and how he is many things to different people. He is a Healer, lamb, saviour, friend, the light and many more. We will finish by looking at Holy Week before Easter. In DT, the children have been creating their vehicles. 

The week ending with the children completing their bake sale for charity. What an overwhelming response we had and the cakes looked delicious. Well done Y6 we are all very proud of you. The money raised will go to the charities RSPCA no the Turkey/ Syrian Earthquake fund. 

Look at the prizes we have had donated for our raffle. A brand new keyboard, hairdressing vouchers, wine, chocolates, puzzles and some smellies. We will continue to sell the tickets after the holidays. 

Week ending 17.3.23

What a fun, busy and exciting week we have had in year 6. Science week took off with Cronton College and Dr Randell sharing their science knowledge with us. We learnt about the different sciences and how to get DNA from a banana and use lemons for electricity. We were also shown the importance of hygiene and how famous scientist have helped in medicines. We continued in the classroom to look at fingerprints and how we can use them in investigations and criminal science.

On Tuesday, we had a variety of science students from Cronton College, who each shared their different science strand. The children asked lots of questions and were encouraged to share their own knowledge. It was amazing to look at the different careers in science and the future.

On Friday, we had a visit from a science teacher at Ormiston Chadwick Academy. They had a carousel of science activities. Favourites were the microscopes, electricity and lung capacity knowledge. It was amazing to see the children immersed in science learning and becoming scientist. Thank you OCA. 

We also completed our STEM activity to make a catapult prototype. The children found the two types tricky at first but persevered to complete them. All in all a great science week. 

This week we have completed our spring assessments and I am very proud of the children. They have shown their determination to be the best they can be and take on their learning and apply their knowledge. Well done everyone. 

Finally, we celebrated Mother's Day with cake, coffee and cards. We hope you enjoyed your little afternoon with the children. Happy Mother's Day!

Week ending 10.3.23

This week we have moved on to fractions, percentage and decimals and looking at the equivalence of each of these and how to change them. 


In English, the children have completed their explanation writing and wrote some interesting facts about camels and cheetahs. 

In PE the children have been practising their throwing skills for dodgeball and had lots of fun trying to aim and move a ball over the other teams line. They have continued to use the apparatus in gymnastics.

science continued to engage them as they looked at how light can be split into separate colours by a prism and how we see colour. 

In computing the children got to create their own game using Scratch. They created a game with a score, sprites and a variety of action. They did extremely well and were very creative. They have continued to make good progress with their Spanish and Mrs Kimmins was very impressed with their written and racy work this week. 

Week ending 3.3.23

On Monday, We had a visit from Reverend Bob to talk to us about the Eucharist. As part of our RE topic we have looked at the Exodus and how it links to the Jewish festival of the Passover. We are now learning how this is linked to our religion through the Last Supper before we move onto Easter. Reverend Bob talked about the service and the children tasted the bread used in the service. 

This week we have continued to work on decimals in maths and making good progress in working out using all the operations. In English, we have started a new book called "Other words for Home" by Jasmine Warga. A story of a Syrian refugee who leaves her home for America. The children have predicted about the story and answered some Viper questions. We have looked at an explanation text in genre and are preparing to write about how animals have evolved linking our science knowledge. 


In DT, the children looked at how toy cars work in readiness for making their own controllable vehicle.  In science we have been looking at light in the first part of our topic. We became scientist and tested how the direction of light changes depending on the angle using a torch and mirror. 


On Thursday, we celebrated World Book Day. The children came in amazing costumes and colours. We looked at the book "The Kapok Tree" from South America. It is a story from the Amazon Rainforest and how it needs protecting. The children looked at Brazil as a county and the Amazon. 

Week ending 24.2.23

A great start to our first week back for Spring 2. Children have now written out their fantastic adventure stories and they are displayed with pride. We will look at explanation texts next. 

In maths we have finished our algebra topic and the children are more confident than ever. 

We completed the Mayan Frieze for display and once again the children have shown their artistic abilities. It looks amazing. 

In PE we are learning to control the ball in dodgeball and our bodies in gymnastics. The children got to experiment on the apparatus. 


I am looking forward to another productive week of learning. 


PE Notice

Please note our  PE days for Spring 2 are Monday and Tuesday. Please make sure both indoor and outdoor kits are available to use in school on these days. Thank you for your cooperation.  

Week ending 10.2.23

The last week of this term has continued to be busy. We have finished our ratio with scaling in maths and started a new topic - Algebra. The class are very excited to finally understand it and they did fantastic. 

in English we have edited our writing and just need to write it up for display. We have nearly finished our Mayan art. It has been a very intricate job and the children have shown perseverance. 

on Thursday, we had our LDST well being day and the children wrote some lovely Thank You cards and special messages to each other as well as planting seeds with our seedlings. We also got to do some chair yoga. 

On Friday, we all came together at St Luke’s for our annual service. It was so lovely to be back together with our church community. The children performed their acrostic poem well. 

Have a lovely half term. Stay safe 


Still image for this video

Our Well Being Worship and our Gardeners supporting our Seedlings on our Well Being Day

Week ending 3.2.23

This week has been very busy with lots of learning and showing off what we can do. The children have worked hard on their assessments and I am very proud of them. 


We have continued to read out class book and are really getting to know the character and explain our understanding using our VIPERS. We have also drafted our first discovery story. The children have become explorers linked to our Darwin book and science topic of Evolution. I cant wait to finish them next week.

In maths, we started to look at ratio. We have been looking a lot at the Mayans and researching about why we should thank the Mayen's. I think chocolate is in there somewhere.

The children continued to create their Mayan art and I can't wait to finish it so it can be displayed in class. 


We also had a visit from the Money Management team. The Year 6 are learning about tax and earnings. An important part of their future. 

Week ending 27.1.23

This week we have been analysing adventure stories and gathering high level vocabulary for our writing. We have continued to develop our reading skills with The Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom. The children wrote excellent school reports as Bradley’s teacher. In maths, we looked at measures and how to convert between different metric and imperial measures. 
In history, we looked at different Mayan artefacts and looked at how they lived. They made predictions before finding out what they were used for. In R.E., we have been looking at the Exodus and how it links to the Passover and the Eucharist. 
on Wednesday we had an exciting Science workshop from the Cronton College students who brought investigative science to life looking at clues found to solve a problem scientifically. 
We looked closely at Chinese New Year and created a fact file about the celebration. 

Week ending 20.1.23

This week we have completed are topic on fraction by using the four operations in word problems. We finished the week looking at measures and their conversions. 
in English we continued to analyse an adventure narrative. We looked at vocabulary and using dashes to add more information. 
in science we looked closely at the advantages and disadvantages of renewable energy. We continued with dance and tried to mirror each other movements. 
we started our computing and using the program scratch. 
In WCSR, the children are enjoying the book “The boy in the girls’ bathroom” which is a story of a young boy who is looking for a friend. In history, we looked at their Gods and in art we continued to draw the Mayan frieze. 

Week ending 13.1.23

This week we have started lots of new topics  in maths we are multiplying and dividing fractions by integers and fractions.

In English, we have started our new genre discovery narrative. We are using the "Origin of Species" the story of Charles Darwin which is adapted for children. In our class text we have started to read "A boy in the girls bathroom" an amazing story of a boy"s friendship and belief in himself. 

In RE we have started to look atthe Eucharistic and the link with the Jewish religion and Passover. 

In science we are looking closely at renewable energy as part of our environmental work. 

In PE we have started to look at dance and moving to the beat. 


Happy New Year

Week ending 6.1.23

What a creative and fun start to the term as the children returned to Art Week. We started on Wednesday by thinking about our theme God’s Green Earth. We looked at Bible quotes and began to plan a piece of artwork based on how wonderful our earth is and how we can help keep it that way. In the afternoon we watched the pantomime Aladdin. 

The children used their plans to create amazing drawings based around renewable energy to help save our wonderful world. They used collage materials to enhance their work. in the afternoon, the children had a workshop from Knowsley Sun and Moon creators. 

On Friday, they researched Mayan art and looked the artwork and recreated a part of the Fresco drawings. What an amazing start. 

Mrs Gillies, Miss Unsworth and I would like to wish all our children and their families a very happy Christmas and a very big thank you for your kind and generous gifts. We hope you all have a lovely break and look forward to seeing you in 2023. 

Week ending 21.12.22
Our last week of the autumn term began with Cronton’s got talent. The children shared their amazing talents and we even had a staff entry. We completed our memory boxes and they look amazing as well as creating web pages in computing. We even had a visit from a friendly elf who gave out selection boxes from the PTA. 
We finished with our Christian value certificates and our favourite song “12 days of Christmas “

Week ending 16.12.22

This week we have finished off lots of our foundation topics and completed our end of unit tasks. We completed our newspaper reports in English genre and began to look at multiplying fractions with an integer. 
We also got to watch the foundation Christmas show which always brings lots of memories flooding back. We also continued to make our memory boxes and we are hoping to finish them next week. 
we had our Ks2 Christmas party and had lots of fun playing pass the parcel and dancing. We finished on Friday with our Christmas dinner. 

The children looked great in their Christmas jumpers ready for their dinner.

Week ending 9.12.22

The children have completed more work on fractions by adding and subtracting them. In writing, we have started to look at newspaper reports and using our vehicle text to use as a back story. 
In science, we had the pleasure of Dr Gillies who talked to the children about genes and how to extract DNA from a strawberry. He was amazing and the children worked like scientist along side him. 
The children have also continued to make their memory boxes and complete geography on Trade and Resources. 
Some of the children represented the school as part of the Ecumenical Service. They did an amazing job as narrators, shepherds and an angel. They spoke so confidently and we are all very proud of them. 

Week ending 2.12.22

This week the children have shown their hard work and perseverance in our assessment week. They have shown the progress and I am very proud of them. 
We continued to look at fractions and began to add and subtract. They did really well even when they had to find common denominators. 
The children finished their story with a flashback and I am really impressed with their description and emotive language. 
In science, we have looked at fossils. We learned how they are formed and how a Palaeontologist can use them to find out about evolution. They became scientist and explained the changes using fossils of horses. 
The children have continued to cut their wood in preparation for their memory boxes. Computing was looking at websites and we even completed a football shoot out as part of our International learning.
A very busy week with lots to look forward to. 

Week ending 25.11.22

This week we have continued to write our story with a flashback. The children have used the vehicle text as an example and used it to write their own. In maths. we have continued with fractions and began to order and compare using the denominator and numerators. 

In geography, we looked at economic activity specific to Cronton. We ended the week by visiting the Imperial War Museum in Manchester. It was very eventful and the children were immersed in the sights and sounds of the war. The artefacts were amazing to see and we were very lucky to be able to speak to Frank, a 101 year old veteran who answered some questions form the children. 

The week ended with the Christmas fair and it was lovely to have everyone back for this amazing event. 

Week ending the 18.11.22

This week we started with Odd Sock Day to introduce anti bullying week. We had a whole school worship looking at the Reach Out theme. We know it is important to accept differences and be able to show our uniqueness without worry of being called names or hurt. 


In English we looked at how authors use flashbacks in their writing. We tried to write our own memory and used senses that could link us back within the story. 

In maths, we have finished our focus on the four operations and have moved onto fraction. We looked at equivalent fractions and will be moving onto ordering and comparing. 

In science we looked at the advantages and disadvantages of some adaptations. The children have started to design their Memory box in DT and had a go at gymnastics and netball in PE. 

We ended the week looking at computing and thinking about how we can stay safe and be kind to each other. 

Week ending 11.11.22

This week we have immersed ourselves in our vehicle text and looked at vocabulary. We wrote a short description paragraph using an image from the text. In maths, we continued with division and moved on to all four operations and BIDMAS.  We are brilliant at sharing our understanding with the class and helping each other.

This week we had more visitors. The first was from the Knowsley Road Safety team. This is to ensure when children become more independent and move to secondary school, they stay safe on the roads. The children were shown clips to show the importance of being aware and vigilant when close to roads. 

In science, we looked at DNA in plants and animals and also inheritance and variation. We learned that DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid. We looked at how offsprings have 50% each of parents genes which make us all unique. We used Mr Men and Little Miss characters to create offsprings and look at inherited and learned characteristics. 

During our Open Evening, our year 6 ambassadors did a fantastic job. They were confident and articulate when talking to parents. Well done 👏.

Week ending 4.11.22

This week we began our new read to Write work using the book A Story Like the Wind By Gill Lewis. 

We are immersing ourselves in the pictures and language used to create the story. In our class reading we are looking at poetry and using the War Poems - Flanders Field to focus on our comprehension.

In maths, we are using am efficient written method for long division. We have looked at using short division, factors to divide,  chunking and using multiples. The children worked hard and are feeling confident with the strategies. I am very proud of your resilience and perseverance.  

On Monday, we watched the NSPCC assembly in preparation for their visit. We watched Ant and Dec talk to us about the importance of "Speaking out and Staying Safe."

On Wednesday, our NSPCC visitor came to talk to us and discuss the important messages from the assembly.