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Year 1

Please use the link below to see all the fantastic work completed in our KS1 Spanish lessons.

Week ending 12.04.24

We have had a fantastic week in Year 1 this week! The children have welcomed me into school and we are having fun getting to know each other. 

In maths this week, we have been measuring length and height. We started with comparing height and length using taller/shorter and longer/ shorter. We explored measuring length and height using cubes. The children liked measuring different body parts with cubes! Then we moved onto using rulers to measure length and height. 


In English, we introduced our new book ‘The Secret of Black Rock’ and predicted what we thought was going to happen in the story. We came up with lots of amazing ideas and shared them with the class. 


In PE, we practised our underarm throwing skills, using beanbags to hit targets. We started with big targets then moved onto smaller targets. We found hitting the small targets a lot trickier! In computing, we explored keyboards and what the different keys do. We then used the keyboards to write our names. 


Overall, a great first week back and we are looking forward to our full week next week!

Week ending 22.3.24

What another wonderful week in Year 1!


We started off our Monday by receiving the attendance award which we were very excited about! Well done ⭐️


In maths this week, we have revisited partitioning of numbers but this time up to 50. The children liked using the concrete resources of dienes to see the tens and ones move in the part whole models. We then moved onto making groups of 10. We first explored counting a group of objects in ones and twos to find that we would get different answers. However, we then tried grouping our counters into tens and found that that was the most efficient method when counting a large group of objects. 


In English, we wrote parts of our portal story each day using our plans. The children did well to use word mats and modelling to shape their own piece of writing. We are becoming more confident and neat as a class - I am very proud at how far we have come along since the beginning of the year. 


In RE, we looked at Jesus being triumphant in death. The children thought about what that looks like to them and drew a piece of artwork in a stained glass window template to reflect how they felt about it. In PE, we played a game of volley ball using the receiving and passing skills this half term. The children loved the competitiveness and enjoyed working as a team. In History, we recapped what castles looked like and how the Normans built castles once William become king of England. We talked about what it would be like to be in one and attack one! The children then made their own castles using the resources and talked about the parts of it. In science, we discussed about local and wild plants. We then explored the local in our school grounds to see what we could find and if there were any other plants we could spot!


On Friday, it was our maths day. The children looked FABULOUS! We continued with our maths topics and also explored more of our multiples of 2s, 5s and 10s. Not to mention we had a little dance in the afternoon to show our rock star moves!


Overall, we’ve had another jam packed week of learning. We are looking forward to what learning we are going to do in our last week of spring term! 

Week ending 8.3.24

What a lovely week it’s been! So much has been going on… 


Throughout the week we had some mystery readers come in. The children loved trying to work out who was coming and what book they were going to bring. Thank you mystery readers, you made quite the impression on the children as they couldn’t stop talking about all of you when you went! 


In English, we looked at the suffixes -ing, -ed and -er. The children recapped verbs and then did freeze frames from Where the Wild Things Are. In those freeze frames the children had to think of what verb they were acting out and whether to add -ing, -ed or -er to it. E.g The wild things were roaring and gnashing their teeth. Max was crowned king. He was the best stomper on the island. 

 We have also been enjoying our writing mornings with different pictures to write about each day. 


In RE, we planted some cress seeds to remind us of new life and that Jesus rose again. In PSHE, we looked at safe and unsafe items we may find or see in the kitchen and bathroom and talked about the importance of asking an adult about anything we are unsure about. In science, we looked at comparing plants. The children chose two types of plants and spotted the similarities or differences between the two. 


On Wednesday, we had a stop and read day. The children brought in a book from home and throughout the day got to read and share it with their peers. There was a lot of excitement and joy when the children showed their books. 


On Thursday, it was world book day. Everyone looked FABULOUS! Thank you to all the parents and carers who spent their time making their child look and feel amazing on that day. As you can see from our class photo there was a variety of characters who came into school. We looked at the book ‘Tiger Child’ which was written in India and is a folk tale. The children loved listening to the story. We found India on the map, sequenced the story and looked at the culture in the book. 


On Friday, we had our Mother’s Day morning. The children got to see the special mums, nans and aunties in their lives and give them their cards. It was a lovely morning with lots of happy faces. 


Overall, we had another great week. Looking forward to science week next week!

Week ending 1.3.24

A lovely packed week for Year 1! 


In maths, we have been recapping our skills so far and understanding more about subtraction. The children were working equations out using a number line to take their time and check their answers. We also used another method of counting backwards to work questions out. 


We had another visit from Cronton college students to help us with science. We were set a new project this week testing out how absorbent materials are. The children tested this with fake snot! In the lesson, the children ordered the materials from least to most absorbent. It helped us understand to use certain materials to cover germs and keep healthy. They will be returning soon with another test for us to carry out!


As it was Fairtrade week, we learnt about what that means and about how to spot the fairtrade logo on fruit in the shops. The children learnt about the journey of a banana from where it’s grown to how it arrived packaged in our shops. We also looked at what fruit comes from what trees. 


In history, we looked at the battle of Hastings and learnt about William and Harold’s battle for the crown. In Design and technology, the children looked at levers and sliders and had a practise making both using some of their own designs. In PSHE, we thought about what we do or choices we make in our daily lives to keep healthy. 


Overall, we had a good week and have been putting our skills to the test. Looking forward to next week’s busy events! 

Week ending 23.2.24

It’s been great to see our Year 1s get straight back into things after a nice half term break. We’ve loved being back together and learning again! 


We started our morning off our week with a visit from two students from Cronton college who delivered a science lesson. Our science project was based around Matty the mouse. Matty the mouse needs a warm place to stay as he lives amongst a scrap heap. We were told we needed to use materials from the scrap heap to make him a home that would stay warm for the winter. Each group were given a bottle that Matty would stay in and told to create something around it that would keep it warm. The children worked in teams to design and make their mouse home using the resources provided. After that, each bottle was filled with hot water and left for 10 minutes. On returning, the students measured the temperate of each bottle to see how much the temperature had dropped. All designs were very successful and it was great to see the children be proud of what they’d made! 


In maths, we looked at using our doubles knowledge to work our near double number sentences. E.g. knowing 3+3=6 will help us work out 4+3=7. We then moved onto using our number bonds to 10 to help us work out number bonds to 20. Finally, we subtracted ones from 11-20 and used concrete resources to explain our reasoning. 


In English, we immersed ourselves into our new book ‘Where the wild things are’. We took a sneak peak at some illustrations and wrote sentences to describe what we saw. Some children even came to the front to read their sentences aloud to the class. 


In RE, we went on a spring walk around school and looked for signs of spring. The children were great at spotting buds, shoots, insects and nests. We were excited to see new life and to know that spring is around the corner! In PSHE, we started our healthy me topic and began with a game of what we thought healthy and unhealthy things are for our bodies. We then went onto learn what keeps us healthy and learnt a little action poem to remind us. In history, we started our new topic and started our series of lessons discussing what a monarch is. We talked about our current monarch King Charles and how he ascended the throne after his mother, Queen Elizabeth passed away. 


Overall, it was lovely to be reunited and have a good first week back! Looking forward to seeing what learning we will be doing next week…

Week ending 9.2.24

A lovely week to end a fabulous half term!


We started off the week with a visit from road safety. We talked about what to do in different situations and answered questions from a quiz. The children were very knowledgable and could recognise how to be safe. 


In English, we looked at the conjunctions ‘because, and, or, so and but’ and how to use them correctly in a sentence. The children worked in groups to read sentences and write the correct conjunction that made sense. Later on, we looked at correcting and re-writing a letter from Imogen Splotts (from our Hermelin book). Imogen struggled to use capital letters in her writing so we worked hard to help her spot her mistakes and re-do them. 


This week we managed to read our detective stories to reception. The children loved having the chance to read something they had created and the reception children really enjoyed listening to them and asking questions. A very wonderful morning! 


In maths, we concentrated on adding numbers together within 20. We used concrete resources to figure out what method was easiest for them to work out how to add two numbers together. Some children counted on from the largest number, others made 10 in the ten frame and it was easy for them to subitise the ten and ones. 


In Spanish, Mrs Kimmins taught the children different animals and how to pronounce the names for each of them. In computing, the children learnt about routes and how to program the Beebots to go from one place to other via different routes. The children worked hard to find the quickest routes from one place to another. In RE, we looked at our earth and discussed ways in which we can look after it. We looked at how our earth has been spoiled and decided to create posters to save the planet. The children worked in pairs to draw and write about the most important ways to prioritise looking after our planet. 


Hope you all have a wonderful and restful break this half term. I look forward to seeing you all when we go back! 


Week ending 2.2.24

Another lovely week in Year 1! As always, lots going on and much learning to be done. 


In maths this week, we have been continuing our work with number lines and began estimating where numbers would go on blank number lines. This skill helped us to understand more about place value and which numbers are more or less than others. We then moved onto addition within 20 and used the ten frames to work out how we would add single digits together by making ten. 


In English, we wrote our big independent writes, probably our biggest one yet! The children loved writing about their animal detectives and had a really good go at making sure their sentences made sense and presentation was neat. I am very proud of their final results! 


A question was raised in the week about how Hermelin finds lost items in the dark. This led us to a little experiment in science using torches. We found out that if a material is shiny it reflects the light and lights up, whereas dull objects don’t reflect light making it harder to spot in the dark. 


In PSHE, we talked about dreams and goals and how reaching them can sometimes be challenging and stretch our minds. We made hand flowers to remind ourselves that our goals are in reach and we may have to stretch our minds at times but it’ll be worth it in the end. 


In PE, we did some dancing linked to the weather. The children chose their own dance moves and put them together in a short sequence. We then split up and managed to watch one another’s performances and participate as an audience. 


In our RE God and creation topic we looked at God’s detail in creation. We took our learning outside and used magnifying glasses to see if we could zoom into parts of creation and notice the detail. The children liked having the chance to explore and wonder - it was really fun! 


In Computing, we continued our topic of moving robots. After making programs last week, this week we followed some using shape mats. The children had to place their Beebot on a starting position, follow and type the program in and then some tried predicting where the Beebot would end up! 


Overall, a successful week and we can’t believe we are into our last week of our first Spring half term on Monday. Looking forward to more learning and being together next week!

Week ending 26.1.24

A busy week of learning in Year 1 this week!


In maths, we looked at number lines up to 20 and used them to work out more or less than a given number. The children have been working on using and understanding the correct mathematical language of ‘greater than, less than, fewer than’. The children have been practising and recapping their tens and ones knowledge when talking about the numbers from 10-20. 


In English this week, we planned out our own detective story inspired by our Hermelin book. The children had wonderful ideas on who their detective animal will be, what street they live on and how they help the residents. This is in preparation for their big write next week! We are working on clear finger spaces, neat handwriting, full stops, capital letters and most importantly checking if it makes sense. 


In Science, we looked at objects and used words to describe its properties. The children then worked in groups to see how they would sort the objects. Lots of great discussions went on about whether certain objects fit in a group or if it should be left out. In Geography, we recapped our learning from last week and looked at different coastlines. We then shared our own experiences of what specific coastlines we’d been to and with who or some of us spoke about why we would want to visit a certain one. In PSHE, we began the lesson with a mirroring activity where the children paired up with someone and had to work alongside one another and copy movements. We then worked with a partner to design a welly and discuss one thing they’d like to work on together as a team. In music, the children played the glockenspiels along to a song to see if they could keep us with the pace and rhythm. In computing, the children worked in groups to use all of the buttons on the BeeBots to create a program and watch their program unfold before them when they clicked ‘go’. The children were excited to see the BeeBots move how they had commanded them too. 


The children had another library trip this week to swap last week’s books. It was so lovely to see them read and share what they’d loved most about their book with a partner of their choice before handing it back! 


I’m looking forward to seeing what next week’s learning brings! 

Week ending 19.1.24

Another jam-packed week of learning for us in Year 1! 


In maths, we used a new resource called ‘dienes’ which helped us to understand the separation of tens and ones in two-digit numbers up to 20 more easily. The children were good at saying how many tens and ones numbers had. Eg. 14 has 1 ten and 4 ones. 


In English, we focused on grammar skills this week. We looked at plurals and are now understanding that when we are describing more than one of something we add the suffix -s or -es. We also looked at the prefix un- and how that can change the meaning of a word when put in front of it. For example, happy and then when the prefix un- is added, it becomes unhappy. 


In science last week we looked at naming materials for our new topic. This week, we were beginning to describe the properties of these materials using word mats to assistance us. In PE, we continued with developing our ball skills and this week the children worked on throwing. On one day, they focused on throwing into a target using the some of the skills learnt from last week. The following day they then practised a butterfly and basket hold with their hands to help them catch a ball throw. In art, the children used paint and objects to create stamp patterns. In computing, we looked at a BeeBot robot together. The children analysed the button and predicted what they’d do and then we tried each button out. 


On Friday, the children were taken to our school library where they chose a book of their choice. It was wonderful to see them so excited about which book to take home. They will be able to change them each Friday from now on! 


Hope you all have a restful weekend and see you on Monday!

Week ending 12.1.24

Happy New Year!

It’s been so lovely to reunite this week and catch up about our Christmas break. We’ve had a busy first week and quickly got back into our routines. 


We started off the week with our Monday Funday. The children made and decorated their own treasure chest to keep their achievements and things that they are proud of in there. They also got creative and made a piece of work of their choice. This linked to the start of our RE topic about creation. In the afternoon, we watched a Cinderella pantomime!


On Tuesday, we had an unusual suitcase delivered outside our classroom. It had no name on so we had a peek inside… we found a magnifying glass, notebook, pen, maps and binoculars. We had a discussion about who the suitcase could belong to, we came to the conclusion that it could either belong to an adventurer or a detective. Later on in the week, we found out that the suitcase belonged to a detective mouse called Hermelin! We’ve started to read our new story and we are loving it. This week we’ve written sentences describing what we can see in the illustrations and also wrote down some questions to ask Hermelin. 


In maths, we’re now focusing on numbers up to 20. Understanding the words before and after and how double digit numbers can be broken down into tens and ones. 


We started our new Seaside topic in geography. We looked at a map of the UK and talked about its coastline and tried to draw around it independently. The children were also great at using maps to figure out the seas surrounding the United Kingdom. 

In music, we started our new topic ‘In the groove’. The children listened to a piece of Blues music and used the glockenspiels to play along. In Art, the children started their new topic and went outside with Mrs Hill to create different rubbings. Some children chose trees, benches, leaves, they liked exploring the different patterns that came about and practising the skill. In PE, we focused on our rolling technique linked to our new ball skills topic. The children learnt how to take a good stance with their arms and legs in the correct position in order to roll the ball accurately. They then put their skills into practise with a rolling game. 


Overall, we’ve loved being back together this week and I’m looking forward to seeing what this term brings! 

Week ending 22.12.23

What a fabulous week to end on for our Autumn term. We have had lots of fun and activities throughout the week which put big smiles on our faces. 

We had our final computing lesson and learnt about the artist Georges Seurat who made paintings using dots of paint. The children then worked on creating their own flower using his style of painting - I was very impressed! 

Later on in the week, we got creative and made our snowmen Christmas cards and personalised baubles. We hope you enjoyed hanging them on your tree! 

On Thursday, we had our Cronton Talent Show in the morning. The children voted the song they wished to perform to the school and chose ‘Last Christmas’. They did a wonderful job learning the lyrics and actions and some of us even did some dance moves and used bells. In the afternoon, we had our disco. The children loved dancing and playing games. Finally, on Friday, we had breakfast with Santa and were able to see him and receive an early present! 


Thank you so much so your cards and gifts, you are all so generous and kind. Myself and Mrs Hill have been very blessed. 


Overall, we’ve had a wonderful first term together and the children have worked so hard. I’m looking forward to seeing what our Spring term looks like. I hope you have a lovely Christmas break and see you in the new year!