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This week, we have been learning...

We have been learning to say our prayers.

All full time children and morning children say a lunchtime prayer.


Thank you for the world so sweet.

Thank you for the food we eat.

Thank you for the birds that sing.

Thank you God for everything. 



All afternoon and full time children say our hometime prayer too.


Lord keep us safe this night

Secure from all our fears.

May angels watch us whilst we sleep

Till morning light appears



Please could you help your child to learn these.

Nursery Curriculum Information Autumn 1  


Children learn best when there is a joint partnership between home and school. We do not give homework in Nursery, however we will provide suggestions of how you may help reinforce and extend children’s abilities and learning by linking activities to those in Nursery. All children develop at their own pace and it is not a simple progression. Much of a child’s learning is very irregular with concepts ‘suddenly clicking’ when they are developmentally ready.  In the Foundation Stage especially there is a very wide range of stages and abilities as children come from many different previous experiences and are different ages. Several months difference at this age is a large proportion of their life. All our concepts and learning in Nursery continues into Reception and your child will progress at their own rate.


One of our topic focuses this term is Colours and we will be having a book focus of Elmer stories. If your child is not yet able to name and recognise all main colours, please spend some time working on this key skill. We will be having a colour of the week theme over this half term.  


I am aware that many children can already recognise and name colours but there is still a lot of learning that you can help with, to extend their abilities. Here are some suggestions that you may like to join in with at home. These are purely suggestions and no-one should feel they need to try them all!


-  Discuss favourite colours with family, model sentences and use because to extend the sentence.. My favourite colour is …. because…

-  Sort and match different coloured/patterned socks.

-  Collect different coloured Autumn leaves.

-  Build different coloured towers in Lego or make an alternating  patterned tower with two different colours.

-  Go on a colour hunt around the house.

-  Try colour mixing with paints.

- Draw a rainbow picture.

- Learn about different shades of colour - light and dark.

- Sing the rainbow song

As part of red week we will read ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and talk about strangers. It may be a good opportunity to recap the story and discuss stranger danger with your child. 


We will also discussing and learning about ‘Ourselves and our Family’ and getting to know our new friends and families in Nursery.


-  Maybe you could draw/ take a photo of family members or pets (and add to the busy book)

-  You could learn body parts by playing  Simon Says point to your neck, leg, shoulder …

-  You could help your child know the relationships of family members eg cousins, uncles, aunties etc

-  Practise self help skills such as putting on socks and shoes, jumpers and coats.

-  You could help your child to recognise their name.

- Some children get muddled with ‘him’ and ‘her’ and you could clarify and encourage the correct use.

- You could practice drawing people and faces.


Remember children learn best through play and when they are having fun.