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Please use the link below to see all the fantastic work completed in our EYFS Spanish lessons.

w/b 4th March

In maths this week, we focused on number 8. Looking at different representations of 8 and counting 1-8 objects. We counted with Rodd and talked about 8 legs on a spider and 8 spokes on an umbrella.






  This week, we explored African tales as part of our celebration of World Book Day, such as Handa’s Hen

        and Handa’s Surprise. We also looked at the amazing animals and birds who live in Africa.






In phonics this week, we focused on our alliteration cards from last week as well as initial sounds.

We used pictures of African animals to play I Spy.




Continuous Provision






We had a lovely morning celebrating Mother’s Day with our mummies.





w/b 26th February




  In maths this week, we focused on number 7. Looking at different representations of 7, counting 1-7 objects, matching amounts to numerals and playing with the numicon outside.  We counted with Rodd and talked about 7 days in a rainbow and 7 days in a week.







This week, as part of our topic on Julia Donaldson, we focused on the story A Squash and a Squeeze. Reading and retelling the story, using the book and our small world area. We also practised our pencil control and recognising, tracing, copying and writing our names.




In phonics we are continuing with Phase 4 – Rhythm and Rhyme, focusing on alliteration and initial sounds. We played ‘Silly Soup’ looking at rhyming words and ‘I Spy’ looking at initials sounds. We started practising alliteration with new picture cards..








          w/b 19th February




In maths this week, we recapped numbers to 5 and then introduced number 6. Looking at different representations of 6, counting 1-6 objects and playing games counting 1-6 actions. We looked at insects with six legs – drawing them and making legs for them in the drawing area. We made insects with the playdough and went on a minibeast hunt outside.




This term we started reading stories by our new author, Julia Donaldson. This week we focused on The Gruffalo and The Gruffalo’s Child. Reading and retelling the story, using stick puppets and all the key phrases from the story and resources in our wonderful small world area created by Mrs. Wilson.




In phonics we are continuing with Phase 4 – Rhythm and Rhyme. We are particularly focusing on alliteration and initial sounds. The children will be receiving their own special alliteration names which you could use at home too. A good game to play at home would be I spy to focus on initial sounds.



Continuous Provision




January in Nursery


In Maths this half term we have been exploring 2D shapes. The children have loved this topic and have done brilliantly. They have learned to identify circles, rectangles, squares, triangles and hexagons, as well as other simple 2D shapes. We have been doing shape hunts and recognising all the different shapes in the environment around us. They can guess the shape listening to the clues about their properties and can talk about their properties themselves. E.g A triangle has three sides and 3 corners/angles. A square has four sides all the same length. We have also been tracing, drawing, cutting them out and making shapes with straws.




This half term we have been reading and retelling traditional tales. The children have loved the stories and have enjoyed listening to them and telling them to each other in the book corner. We have been learning how to sequence the events and retell them with the key phrases and vocabulary. They have enjoyed making their own masks and stick puppets to help them do this.




This term we are focusing on Phase 1, aspect 4 – Rhyme and Rhythm. Rhyme is important to emergent literacy and learning to read because it teaches children about language. Rhymes help children with phonemic awareness, which is the knowledge that phonemes are the smallest units of sounds that make up words. This awareness leads to reading and writing success. Rhyming can be a difficult concept for children at first but the more they do, the more they will grasp it. Singing lots of nursery rhymes at home, reading stories with rhyming words, playing rhyming games can all help your child with this.




Continuous Provision

Building with the magnetic shapes. Having fun in the snow. Spanish lessons with Mrs. Kimmins. Silly selfies on a Friday afternoon. Developing our cutting skills. We have been very busy in nursery.


It's Christmas!


  Our Christmas Concert.


  Christmas Stay and Play  



Santa Dash 



Christmas Lunch


 Breakfast with Santa 



Christmas Party

  Different ways of representing 5. 



  Getting ready for our Christmas Concert. 



  Creating Winter stories with Tales Toolkit. 





w/b 27th November



Representing numbers to 5 on the tens frame. 



Counting accurately with 1-1 correspondence and matching amounts to numerals. 


  Time to get ready for Christmas.


                          Winter Wonderland - seasonal changes.     


   Voting for our story - never too early to learn about democracy. 

w/b 20th November


In maths we focused on understanding and using 'more than' and 'fewer than'. 





Developing our cutting skills with scissors. 


 Understanding and using pronouns.



Phonics Time - pass the body percussion round the circle. 


w/b 13th November 



Odd Socks Day to start our Anti-Bullying Week. We talked about being kind to each other, how we are all special and unique and how to be good friends.  




                   Finish the Gingerbread Man game. Taking turns and subitising with the dice. 




Understanding and using positional language.




Different ways of representing numbers with our fingers. 



More storytelling with Tales Toolkit.

  8th November




  In Maths Time this week, we have been learning about composition. We picked 3 children and then had to    get 3 things for them so that we had just enough.



  w/b 6th November 




   In phonics education, body percussion is an important part of Phase 1 as children clap, stomp and pat           to stories, music or just in their play.



 w/b 6th November






     We used a new printing technique to make paintings of fireworks. 






Elmer Day 27th October



We had a lovely day celebrating our own Elmer Day. The children have loved the Elmer stories an today made their own patchwork Elmers and elephant masks. They wore their own brightly coloured clothes, just like the elephants did on Elmer Day in the book. 



w/b 9th October

We have had another busy week in nursery. In maths we did more sorting in groups of colour, with pictures, autumn leaves and objects. 



We had great fun looking closely at autumn leaves and doing printing with them. 



In Story Time we became authors and created our own stories with Tales Toolkit. We have special bags with objects in them. First we have a character, who we name and discuss what kind of character it is. Then we have a piece of fabric and think about where the setting could be, E.g. a flowery fabric could be a garden. Next we have a problem. Finally we have the solution. Then we put the story together. This will help the children to create stories orally, which is great for their vocabulary and the foundation for their creative writing later on in school. 



This week we talked about different kinds of fruit and then made our own fruit salad for snack. 


25-29th September



We used pictures from The Little Red Hen and ordered them according to their sizes. We used the vocabulary: small, big, middle sized, smaller, bigger, smallest and biggest.




We looked at height using vocabulary such as: tall, short, taller, smaller, tallest, shortest and the same height as.




We celebrated International Day of Languages by learning about Spain. We dressed in Spanish costume or colours of the Spanish flag. We went to flamenco school, to learn about its music and dance. We made our own Spanish flags. We watched them harvesting oranges in Valencia and thought it was very funny when they wiggled the trees.. 

11th - 22nd September

This term the children are learning how to sit at carpet time. Our rules are good sitting, good looking and good listening. They are all doing brilliantly with this for their first couple of weeks.



This term our author is David McKee and the children have been loving his Elmer stories. We have been learning new vocabulary through them, such as patchwork and herd and in Maths Time we have been focusing on colours and patterns.  




We have been sorting pictures and objects according to colour and size. 




In phonics we have started with Phase 1, aspects 1, 2 and 3. Here the children are having fun with instrumental sounds. 





What a fantastic first couple of weeks we have had in nursery. The children have all settled in brilliantly and have had a great time exploring.

Welcome to Nursery

Welcome to our new class blog for 2023 - 2024. We cannot wait to have some wonderful times learning new things together.


We are really looking forward to the year ahead and all the new and exciting learning, adventures and trips to support our learning with our KEYS Curriculum.


With our Christian Vision “I can do everything through God who gives me strength” Philippians 4:13 I know we will strive to do our BEST.


All the information your child needs will be given on their return in September.


Enjoy the summer holiday and look forward to seeing you in September.