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Welcome to our Reading Page

Here at Cronton we do our very best to promote a love of reading right from your child's very first weeks with us, all the way through to Year Six and beyond! 

In Nursery:

Topics of learning, both child and adult led, are taught predominantly through stories and non-fiction books and the children are encouraged to develop a love of books and how to treat them with respect. We explore characters and their thoughts and feelings, plots of stories as well as learning lots of new vocabulary. We learn what a title is and begin to understand that there are fiction and non fiction books.  

We sing many nursery rhymes and read a range  of traditional tales, encouraging familiarity with them by retelling them and acting them out.  We have a range of story sacks to help with this. 

We have a lovely, comfy settee in our book area for the children to use in the continuous provision and children love to sit with adults listening to them reading books in here.

We enjoy celebrating World Book Day each year, discussing and sharing our favourite books and characters.

Relevant books are available in different areas of our provision where appropriate both inside and out.

We send library books home for you to share with your child at home to help you continue to build their love of books  

At the end of every day we have story time all together, where stories are chosen both by adults and the children.

On this page, you will find resources around phonics and reading and we hope you find them useful. In Nursery we work on developing the children's skills mainly within Phase 1 phonics.  

We will also share photos of children enjoying books in and around Nursery. 


Look at these amazing drawings of our favourite book characters. Can you guess who they are? 

Twenty things to do before reading

We love reading !

We love  spotting  children enjoying reading around Nursery.