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Year 6

Autumn - Trade links and Natural Resources

This explorative unit of work introduces the students to natural resources by highlighting minerals and energy, food and water. In order to understand modern world, the children will learn and realise that resources are unevenly distributed geographically. The increasing demand for natural resources also links to the study of sustainability and finding a way to live in harmony with the planet that supports us, which is a topic the children will further build on in Spring 1 study of Environmental Science unit of work.

The children will also be introduced to the term ‘economic activity’ as one of the dynamics underpinning modern world. Through evaluating the journey an object has to make in order to arrive to their home/classroom and looking at globalisation, the student will identify the transformation our world has made from people depending on themselves to create resources for survival to different areas being specialised in certain economic activity and how those are linked to other areas.