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Year 3

Autumn -  UK as a part of Europe

This topic allows the pupils to build on their knowledge of UK and its relation to other countries. With recent political events and the Brexit situation, the children’s understanding of the UK as part of the Europe is more important than ever before.

Through the use of atlases, globes and digital maps, the children will identify and learn the difference between Great Britain, United Kingdom and the British Isles. Without a doubt, in year 3, majority of the children will have experienced holidays abroad and the scale and distances linked to their travels. Their raw experience of the world will allow them to discuss understand the relationships with other countries and will prepare them for learning about the world countries in year 4 and trade links in year 6.

Lastly, the children will be comparing the changes the UK has experienced over the last two centuries. By looking at the British Empire and remaining overseas territories, the children will get an insight into the scale of the British Empire at its golden age and, furthermore, this will help them understand the multicultural nature of the UK. 

Autumn - UK Knowledge - Scotland

This topic allows the pupils to continue their learning of UK from KS1 and its countries. The pupils will be able to research Scotland using a range of both digital and paper maps and atlases and its location and significance in relation to the rest of the UK. Using their prior knowledge and well-known stereotypes, the teacher guides the children through the exploration of the most northern part of the UK and its many islands; letting the children discover and decide for themselves what makes Scotland special. During this unit of work, the children have a fantastic opportunity to use digital maps such as Digimaps for schools and Google Earth to ‘visit’ places, observe the differences between different locations and report back on their findings. Doing so, they will begin to recognise the differences when using maps of different scales.

The study of physical features will serve as an introduction to the topic Volcanoes, Mountains and Earthquakes studied later on in the year. Research of significant cities and what makes them important will lay base for the students’ learning about trade, natural resources and global links in Year 6, where it will be revisited and build upon.

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