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Summer Term Art Blog 2021

African art in Nursery

First we used orange paint . We started in the middle and painted outwards like a firework. Then after it had dried we repeatedl it with yellow paint. Lastly we used circles to make the face of our lions. 

First we painted a stripe of yellow and a stripe of red and we mixed rtgem together in the middle to make orange. Then we used charcoal pencils to draw an acacia tree . After that we used a stencil to colour in some animals. The results look amazing. 

Year 3 - Jessica Arrowsmith-Stanley artist study


In Year 3 we have studied the work of Liverpool based artist Jessica Arrowsmith-Stanley, aka Jazz Stan.  We looked at how she uses shape and colour in her art work of famous Liverpool buildings and then created our own paintings in her style.

Pattern making

Symmetrical butterflies

In Nursery we have been making butterflies by painting on one side and folding it over to make it symmetrical. The children loved seeing the patterns when they opened them up.