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Year 1 have been learning about Harvest

To start our topic off we went to see if the seeds we planted when we were in Reception had grown. We found that most had and we excited to find them. However we realised that none of our beetroot seeds had grown, which led us on to discuss what happens when crops fail.  

Year 4 have been writing Helping Hand prayers as part of our ‘What is Prayer?’ RE topic.

Year 5 - Why Christians use the Bible


Year 5 have enjoyed learning all about the importance of the Bible and how Christians use the Bible in their everyday lives. We applied all the learning about values and attitudes to modern day issues such as climate change and thought about how the Bible could guide us. The highlight of the topic was a visit by Mrs Whitehouse who spoke passionately about how the Bible guides her. 

Year 6 have been learning about Journey's and Pilgrimages. We were lucky to have a visit from Mrs Whitehouse, who talked about her journey as a Christian. The children had developed questions and listened carefully to Mrs Whitehouse as she talked about her travels and all the fantastic charities she has worked for . It was inspirational and our children took on board the message of hope and trust that we each have a different journey that is help by our faith. 

Year 2 have been learning all about the Bible and why it is a special book for Christians.  We have read a selection of Bible stories and discussed which are our favourites and why.



Nursery read Jonah and the Whale

We read Jonah and the Whale and talked about a time when we had to say sorry.

Year 4 created their own prayer while studying "What is Prayer"