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For information on the Sports Premium please see the  Key information section. 

We are very proud to have achieved a Platinum School Games award for our commitment and participation to sport over the past five years last year. We have also been awarded a Recognition Award from Knowsley Schools Sport Partnership for our continued  commitment to school sport this year before the enforced enclosure  due to the coronavirus pandemic.  


The core aims of our P.E curriculum aims are for children to;

1. Develop a positive attitude to participate in physical activity.


2. Make informed decisions about the importance of exercise in their wider life during school, after school and in adulthood.


3. Become skilful and intelligent performers by acquiring and developing physical competence and confidence in a range of physical activities and contexts.


4. Learn how to select and apply skills, tactics and compositional ideas to suit activities that need different approaches and ways of thinking.


5. Develop ideas in a creative way.


6. Set targets for themselves and compete against others individually and as team members.


7. Become a good sports person, who plays fairly and can develop a team spirit


We will provide opportunities for all children to participate in all activities at their own level whilst extending their skills and knowledge to achieve their potential.



Foundation Stage

Physical development in the Foundation Stage includes both fine and gross motor skills. Throughout the  Foundation Stage the children are timetabled for 1 P.E session weekly in  the hall where they will experience the fundementals of games and movement and practice skills. The skills  and knowledge gained through the taught session are also applied in the outside continuous provision in which children have access to various equipment. This is used independently on a daily basis.


Children will have two P.E sessions each week.

Children will have opportunities to develop fundamental movement skills including running, jumping, throwing and catching.

There will access a broad range of opportunities to extend their agility, balance and coordination.

They will participate in team games and engage in competitive (against themselves and others) and cooperative physical activities.

They will be taught to perform, appreciate and evaluate simple dance movements.


The curriculum has been designed across lower and upper KS2 to give children an opportunity to experience, a variety of sports but also allow for revisiting them. Children have opportunities in both the lower and upper juniors, to take part in net games, fielding and striking games, outdoor and adventurous activities, inclusive games, target games and invasion games,.

Each Year group also have lessons in dance, athletics and gymnastics. Years 3-5 have a block of 8 swimming lessons each year as well.