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Geography Blog Autumn 2021

European Day of languages


Earlier this half term we celebrated European Day of Languages. This exciting day allowed us to learn about and explore both new cultures and new languages from all around Europe. Here are lots of images to show what a fantastic day we all had!






For our European Day of Languages, Year 6 looked at Germany. We looked at the culture, language and tasted a variety of food associated with the country. Some were a hit while the Sauerkraut wasn't the favourite for everyone but they all had a taste. The children researched the country and completed a double page spread to show all that they could find. 

Geography around our school


It has been so good walking around school this week and looking at the fantastic Geography work that has been going on throughout the school! I have been lucky to see lots of learning taking place. I especially enjoyed watching year 1 learning all about their school and creating their own maps! I cannot wait to see the outstanding Geography continuing around school this year!


Here are just a few images of the wonderful displays throughout the school!






Year 1 have been learning about our school and practising our map skills

We have been discovering all the different areas of school by walking around it. We discussed our favourite places as well as looking out for areas that could be improved. We made a map of our school using the blocks, before going outside to have a go at drawing our own maps of the playground. It has been lovely to see all the maps that children have drawn at home too.