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Autumn 2 2020-2021


Year 3

Year 3 are building on their knowledge of continents from year 2 by looking closely at our continent, Europe. Through researching neighbouring countries and planning routes using a variety of technology and maps, they are preparing for study of Romans in History! 

Year 5

Year 5 have been studying lines of latitude and longitude and how we map the world - this has been complimented by recovery curriculum of year 4 learning of biomes, where the pupils noticed how lines of latitude and climate zones correspond!

They have even turned into cartographers themselves; drawing maps of Texas and annotating its natural borders and neighbouring states!










Texas is the region of North America that is part of our curriculum for its range of environmental regions, which once again allows the children to consolidate their learning of biomes. We have also looked at the history of settling North America, the Native Americans and discussed Thanksgiving! 

Autumn 1 2020-2021


To begin our year with, we had a CPD meeting on fieldwork, where the activities were beautifully modelled by the Year 5 pupils and already, this has had effect on the learning and teaching in our school with many teachers jumping at opportunities to do quick fieldwork investigations! 












This has not gone unnoticed and the president of the Geographical Association retweeted our learning and asked to be kept updates on those #geographyobsessed pupils at Cronton CE. How wonderful!






Fieldwork presented in a book of year 2 pupilIn September, we celebrated the Day of European Languages with each class 'visiting' a country in Europe, looking at and discussing a range of maps and completing some fabulous research too. 


This half term, I had the pleasure of visiting a lesson in Year 1 and in Year 4; Year 1 were making maps using materials from their classroom and discussing the location of their school, their house and which other landmarks should be a part of their map! Year 4 used atlases and iPads to do independent research on some of the Greek landmarks and where those are, building on their knowledge of Europe from Year 3 and preparing for their next topic, World Countries and Capitals. 


All of this learning has been recorded on our whole school Geography display and the countries 'visited' have been scratched off from the map! You know that there is an outstanding learning taking place when you have already nearly ran out of space to write about the learning and it is only Autumn 1!


Finally, this half term I have been very impressed with some of the KEYS homework the children have been posting on Seesaw! It is wonderful to see these young geographers in the making and how they alter their long term memory through continuing their learning at home. 


Well done to all those #geographyobsessed geographers!