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Being Me in My World

Year One

In Year 1 we have been thinking about what makes good learning and how we can have good learning in our class. We thought about times when we have felt proud of ourselves and I gave the children a note to let them know how proud of them I was for making such a good start to Year 1 . 

Year 1

Year 5

Year 5 have had a huge emphasis on rights and responsibilities in this PSHE unit. We have created our own class charter and understand consequences and why they’re so important to understanding responsibilities. We’ve also applied this to refugees and how they must feel entering a new environment. We used balls to represent their worries and how they would quickly become overwhelmed by these worries. 

Year 6

We have looked at our hopes for the future and what we need to complete them. The children thought about barriers and how we could overcome them. They have looked at the United Nations Charter for their right and discussed their responsibility as part of this. The children have looked at children in Ghana and how they have to work and thought about their wants and needs.