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Autumn Term Art Blog 2021 2022

Observational Drawing

Reception picked their own pumpkins from our garden this week and drew them before making them into soup! We tried to look really carefully and used different colours to try and show some light and dark. 

EYFS Self Portraits

Reception have been learning about how we are all unique this term. As part of this topic we looked very carefully at how we were all similar and different and our individual features. We produced self-portraits, learning how to mix a skin tone and adding details using oil pastels and felt tip pens. I think we all did a very good job!

Year 5 Canopic Jars

Building on previous experiences and learning; the clay tiles the we made in Year One and clay thumb pots in Year Three, we have explored using slip and making coil pots to create canopic jars after learning about them during our History learning on Ancient Egypt.

Year 2 Textiles Weaving

We have explored different materials and learned out to do a basic weaving technique using paper and different looms before choosing our materials for a finished piece.

Year 6  Artist Study L.S. Lowry
Year 6 have been learning all about LS Lowry. We have looked carefully at his drawings and begun to practise our own drawing skills in his style. We are building up to drawing our own portrait in his style. 

Year 6 have completed their art work based around the artist Lowry. We used the Bluecoat Chambers building in Liverpool to draw using perspective in his style. Can you spot any matchstick men?

Year 1 Self Portraits

Building on the experiences the children had in EYFS, we have been exploring different mark making using pencils and charcoal before drawing these preparatory pieces for our self-portraits. We have learned about mixing powder paints and about primary and secondary colours and how to mix them, ready for our finished pieces.