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Autumn Term Art Blog

Year Four: Pablo Picasso

In Y4 we have been looking at the style and paintings of Pablo Picasso> We tried colour mixing the different shades like Picasso and doing portraits of ourselves and each other.


Year 5: Canopic Jars

This term, we have been researching canopic jars as an addition to our learning of Ancient Egypt in History. After researching the role of pottery in Egypt and revisiting some of the pottery techniques we learned about in Year 3, we produced designs for our own canopic jars. Subsequently, we created them out of clay using clay coils and decorated them in line with our knowledge of canopic jars in Ancient Egypt! 

Reception: Portraits and Self Portraits

As part of our ‘I am Special’ Theme of learning, we have been looking at portraits. We looked at how you can represent faces and explored how some artists use other materials than just paints to create faces and portraits e.g. Giuseppe Arcimboldo. We decided to see what we could make using the Autumn finds and resources on the Making Table and had a lot of fun. We mixed our own skin tones and then looked in the mirror to see what our features were. We added these using oil pastels. Great work Reception.

Nursery: Colours and Colour Mixing

In Nursery we have been learning about colours. We made some blue bubble prints by blowing bubbles into the pot of blue paint and catching them on our paper. We have also been investigating what happens when you mix some colours. We painted one hand red and one hand yellow and then rubbed them together making 2 orange hands. We mixed together yellow and blue paint and found out it made green. We made patterns in the paint and took prints from them. 

Nursery: Autumn Art

Nursery made some hedgehog collages, Autumn leaf printing and some finger painting Autumn trees.